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  • Updated Nov 11, 2016
  • Created Apr 22, 2009
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About PitBull4_AuraBar

This is a continuation of PitBull_LifebloomBar, but more flexible, to use with ckknight's new PitBull4. Since botch AuraBar and PitBull4 are still beta, do not expect everything to work all the time.

AuraBar allows for additional bars to be displayed, each tracking the duration of your buff on the unit, to allow you to quickly assess the status of your hots/dots.

-Watching all of your buffs and debuffs on all units PB4 provides
-Limit the timer bars lenght, to have all hots/dots an the same timescale
-Choose a custom bar color, or have it green/yellow/red depending on time remaining!

Feedback of any kind is very welcome!
-Vaeyl of Nozdormu

2016-11-11  Vaeyl of Nozdormu  <Vaeyl of Nozdormu>

[4cd7e8ad958a] [0.57]
* .hgtags, PitBull4_AuraBar.toc


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