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  • Updated Sep 5, 2017
  • Created Jan 25, 2009
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  • Newest File: 3.1.4

About PetLeash

PetLeash makes sure that you always have a non-combat pet summoned. It tries to only summon a pet when you are not busy, and can dismiss them when you go into stealth, camouflage or invisibility.


  • Automatically summon a pet when you are not busy.
  • Optionally summon a pet only under certain predefined conditions, or dismiss a pet under certain predefined conditions.
  • Allows you to configure which pets to use, including by location or with different weighting.
  • LibDataBroker launcher to quickly summon pets.
  • Randomly summon a different pet on a timer. (Note: This feature can potentially interfere with non-combat pets summoned via other means, such as using the Bloodsail Admiral's Hat)

/petleash enable : enable/disable auto-summoning
/petleash togglePet : summon or desummon pet (and switch auto-summoning)
/petleash resummon : summon a new pet
/petleash desummon : desummon pet
/petleash config : show configuration

PetLeash has several key bindings that can be set via the Blizzard Key Binding interface.

About 3.0 and newer

The way pets are handled has changed internally, so it has to upgrade the saved settings. There may be bugs with this. If you have issues with the alpha version, you can downgrade to the latest 2.x version and your old settings will still be available. However, also due to how this is done, if you reset a profile, it will re-upgrade settings from the 2.x version profile (if one exists). I plan to fix this, but for now it is convenient for causing an upgrade to occur again.

This also features a new trigger and filter system.

  • Filters let you select pets by some criteria. For a pet to be in a set, it must match any filter.
  • You can create additional sets of pets under Pet Triggers, and a set of pets is used when all triggers in that set is true.

You can build more complex conditions by adding (Or) and (And) groups. I intend to add some sort of help to the configuration UI to help explain this, but I haven't decided how I will do that yet. I also intend to add new triggers and filters, and any suggestions are welcome.


3.1.4 (2017-09-05)

- Fix pet selection to work with 7.3 client patch.

3.1.3 (2017-03-29)

- Fix options screen creation to not break with 7.2 client patch.

3.1.2 (2016-11-26)

- Allow setting of class in the Class Specialization trigger.  Only
  checking specialization and not class was confusing when the profile
  was not set to be specific to class.


- Don't overflow scroll frame for pet triggers.
- Don't disable ready for haunted momento.
- Update localizations (deDE)


- Provide the DataBroker plugin as a minimap button, which is disabled
  by default.
- DataBroker plugin display tweaks.
- Add currently disabled/enabled search filter for pet selection
- Add class specialization trigger.
- Detect going afk or eating food as the sitting state, which lasts
  until the player moves.


- Update localizations (deDE)


- Add support for 7.0 client:
    - Update summonable pets to check for "needs fanfare", which seems
      to be a pet unwrapping animation.
    - Update readiness checks for changed spell ids.


- Fix luacode example trigger.
- Fix luacode trigger handling.
- Don't dismiss pets when going into stealth.  Pets now stealth with
  the player.
- Add another Nagrand quest for checking readiness.


- Update localizations (ruRU)


- Update localizations


- Default to enabled in PVE instances.


- Add enabled/dismiss option for PVE instances.


- Add tooltip to pet selection, to help distinguish between different
  pets with the same species.
- Make pet selection sorting consistent.


- Update spell ids for eating readiness check.
- Don't try to dismiss a pet while flying.
- Allow summoning pets while mounted.


- Be more chatty when summoning a pet, to help users detect problems
  with readiness checks.
- Update spell ids for eating readiness check.


- Minor bugfixes.


- Dismiss pets when in Camouflage and Feign Death, as they no longer
  break when a pet is dismissed.


- Disable readiness when the Oshu'gun quest is active.  It is doing
  something weird with pets.


- When in autoswitch mode, don't try to summon a pet if we get extra
  zoning events.


- Minor option bugfixes.


- Fix search box "Search" string handling.


- Update spell ids for camouflage readiness check.


- Add new triggers and filters functionality to dynamically select
  pets or conditions to summon pets on.
- The pet selection screen has been rewritten to more easily search
  for pets and for improved performance.
- Update spell ids for camouflage readiness check.

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