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About PetBattleMaster

PetBattleMaster: See the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent and never miss any "blues" again

See the details of your and your opponent's pets in a tabbed view. You get a notification if the enemy pet is missing in your collection or if it has a higher quality than your existing one.

  • Team view with quick selector and portraits of your mighty teams
  • Team manager docked to the pet journal showing all pets of all your teams
  • Tabbed view with details about the pets in a duel
  • Colored border according to the rarity of a pet
  • Information about the damage modifiers of the pets
  • Notifies to catch a pet, if it's missing in the player's journal
  • Notifies to catch a pet, if it's quality is higher
  • Tooltip information whether a pet is missing (incl. Minimap)
  • Many other features following

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Udorn (Blackhand Europe)

7.0.4 * Version update

7.0.3 * Team view only visible with pet journal * Fixed debugging method

7.0.2 * Some further fixes for patch 7.0.3

7.0.1 * Fixed lua error caused by patch 7.0.3

7.0.0 * Adapted to patch 7.0.3

2.1.2 * Adapted to patch 6.2.

2.1.1 * Fixed reset of team icon when editing team name.

2.1.0 * Fixes for patch 6.1.

2.0.1 * Fixed team icons.

2.0.0 * Updated for Patch 6.0.2, fixed by some lines of code provided by Agramonia here:

1.11.4 * Updated LibPetJournal-2.0.

1.11.3 * Fixed handling of empty teams.

1.11.2 * Tried to fix another bug with invalid pet ids.

1.11.1 * Tried to fix a bug with invalid pet ids.

1.11.0 * Added first fix for Blizzard's petId modifications. It's still not perfect, but some pets are restored automatically.

1.10.4 * Possible fix for error occuring with missing pets.

1.10.3 * Added configuration option for disabling tooltip attachment.

1.10.2 * Added PetTracker as optional dependency.

1.10.1 * Print some information for missing pets, which where lost by ID changes introduced with patch 5.4.2. Contributed by dratr.

1.10.0 * Fixed a bug introduced by path 5.4.2

1.9.1 * Updated simplified chinese localization.

1.9.0 * Added the ability to change the ordering of the teams.

1.8.2 * A different fix for the tainting issue introduced by Blizzard with patch 5.4.1. This time the error message is just hidden, so resetting talents should be working again. Addons like Buggrabber will still show the errors unfortunately.

1.8.1 * Fixed a bug introduced by Blizzard with patch 5.4.1. I had to overwrite Blizzard's function C_StorePublic.IsDisabledByParentalControls for doing that. Don't know what that may cause. So don't use PetBattleMaster if you are in need of parental control!

1.8.0 * Patch 5.4.0

1.7.3 * Fixed internal bug.

1.7.2 * Patch 5.3.0

1.7.1 * Fixed tooltip.

1.7.0 * Increased size of icon/name editor.

1.6.4 * Updated version in toc.

1.6.3 * Fix for Blizzard's petId change. Once more they showed their professional handling of incompatible API-changes...

1.6.2 * Patch 5.2.0

1.6.1 * Added heal button to pet team view.

1.6.0 * Number of pet teams is now unlimited.

1.5.1 * Added catch-indicator to Blizzard's pet unit frames.

1.5.0 * Added minimap tooltip support. Missing pets will be prefixed by Blizzard's need icon and the other ones with a check mark. * Hide Blizzard's "always up frame" during pet battles or while the pet team view is opened.

1.4.0 * Added new team manager view to the pet jorunal. * Made the pet journal movable.

1.3.1 * Fixed catch notifier.

1.3.0 * First fixes for patch 5.1.0. Apparently the teams are lost, because Blizzard changed the pet ids.

1.2.7 * Added drag&drop support for arranging pet position directly in team view.

1.2.6 * Added owned pet information to battle pet tooltips. * Added battle pet tooltip for team portraits.

1.2.5 * Optimized memory and cpu usage.

1.2.4 * Save abilities for the pet teams.

1.2.3 * Changed the catch indicator for wild pets. Instead of the cage-icon the level and quality of the own pet is shown. See the tooltip of the indicator for more details.

1.2.2 * Added configuration option to not open the team view automatically. * Optimized pet-info-update.

1.2.1 * Prepared support for Blizzard's next patch.

1.2.0 * Added out-of-battle view for managing up to six pet teams. * Added minimap and bar-button to toggle visibility of team-view.

1.1.6 * Fixed incompatibility with some tooltip addons.

1.1.5 * Beautified portrait tabs. The qualities are by far better visible now. * Added game-tooltip information whether a pet should be caught or which identical pets are already owned.
* Also considering the level of the owned pets, when triggering the catch-notifier.

1.1.4 * Fixed missing default options.

1.1.3 * Added health bar to duel view for a better overview.

1.1.2 * Fixed issue with searching in pet journal again. This time for real, promise. ;-)

1.1.1 * Fixed issue with searching in pet journal while fighting.

1.1.0 * Displaying two pet setcards at once. * Hiding tabs for dead pets.


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