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About Pet Selector

Pet Selector

Pet Selector is designed to help Hunters choose the best pet from the ones they have available when in a party or raid. Pet Selector scans the current party/raid (note: you must be within inspect range of all members for this to work properly) for buffs they could potentially provide, then, using a priority table, selects one of the Hunter's pet to fill a gap in the available buffs. If there is no gap, or if the Hunter does not have a suitable pet, Pet Selector will select a random pet.

Pet Selector can also be used outside a party/raid to select a random pet. It can also be used to call a specific pet or Pet Selector's choice using a key binding. Please note that for specific pets, key bindings are bound by pet slot not pet name, so if you tame another pet, stable one or generally do anything to change the order, the binding may change to a different pet - you'll need to recheck this through Pet Selector's menu.

Using Pet Selector

Pet Selector will place a moveable icon on your screen. When left-clicked it will force Pet Selector to rescan the party/raid or select another random pet. It will also create a macro that you can drag onto your action bar to make it easier to dismiss your current pet and summon the selected one (just keep clicking the macro). Right clicking will bring up the options screen.

Please note that as of version, the macro can be found in your character specific macros - it was moved from general to avoid taking up space there.

Please also note that since the spec changes to pets after patch 5.0 Pet Selector will now only record pet specs once the pet has been summoned. This affects suggesting a tenacity pet for solo tanking. This change was introduced in version

As of version the pet selection can also be made in your own macro using:

/click PSFrame

Pet Selector can also display a list of who can potentially provide a raid buff. The list is displayed in order of priority. Note that this is only a list of who could potentially provide the buff not who is actually providing it. This addon is not a fully featured raid buff addon - it is only interested in buffs that could be provided by Hunter pets. You can right click on someone's name in the buff window to ignore that person for that specific buff if you wish.

As of version Pet Selector can display a list of pets capable of providing buffs that the hunter's current pets cannot provide.

Pet Selector also supports Button Facade / Masque

Bug Reports / Change Requests

If you find any bugs or have any new feature requests, please use this link to report them:


Pet Selector is currently localised for all WoW locales. If you would like to contribute to translating Pet Selector, please use the following link:


Many thanks to Wheelz13 for features and testing, Winddancer123 for testing and the German translations, Woodson22 for the Korean translations and subsequent debugging, tss1398383123 for zhCN translations.

Changed: Updated for 6.2
Changed: Updated for 6.1
Changed: Tagged to pick up new Spanish translations, courtesy of Valdesca
Added: Ability to call the selected pet from a macro using /click PSFrame
Changed: Updated for 6.0
Changed: ToC update for 5.4 Added: Direhorn Changed: Update ToC for 5.3 Changed: Update ToC for 5.2 Changed: Update ToC for 5.1 Fixed: Missing table Fixed: Ticket 7 reported by Chasim Fixed: Ticket 6 reported by sir_ewing Fixed: Ticket 5 reported by AnthonyB
Changed: Macro moved from general to character specific Changed: Code optimisations
Fixed: Priority for BM pets Changed: Initial MoP update
Added: Full current locale support Added: Option to select Tenacity pet when solo, requested by tjrunion Changed: ToC updated to 4.3
Fixed: Macro icon code updated to reflect Blizzard's latest lua change Changed: French locale updated, thanks to Araldwenn Fixed: French locale error corrected, reported by Araldwenn Added: zhCN localisation added, thanks to tss1398383123
Fixed: Minor bug in bindings.xml Fixed: koKR localisation added, many thanks to Woodson22 Fixed: koKR localisation added properly, honest, I mean it this time Fixed: koKR localisation added properly this time Added: koKR localisation added Added: Option to hide Pet Selector's button, requested by Tordenflesk
Added: Key binding option to call Pet Selector's selected pet, requested by Tordenflesk
Changed: Support for Masque added (new name for Button Facade) Fixed: Addon taken out of test mode - oops, reported by 00288476
Added: Data broker support and key binding support added, requested by Tordenflesk Changed: Button redesigned to enable support for Button Facade, requested by Gabriel
Added: Option to show a list of pets that can fill any gaps in the buffs the hunter can provide, requested by Todger Changed: ToC updated for 4.2.0 Added: zhTW localisation Fixed: Buff bug Added: Facility to exclude players from the buff scan - suggested by Wheelz13
Fixed: Localisation issue - thanks Winddancer123
Fixed: Missing buffs - thanks Wheelz13, Winddancer123 Added: More buffs
Added: French translation thanks to Vorschluck
Changed: Macros are now localised Changed: ToC updated for 4.1.0
Fixed: Packager externals issue
Changed: Debug flag turned off >.<
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