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  • Updated Jan 25, 2017
  • Created Jan 14, 2008
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Support development! **

About Pawn

Pawn calculates scores for items to help you easily find upgrades for your gear. It's completely customizable, and applicable to any class and situation: for example, it can help you decide whether to equip the ring with a higher item level but one stat you don't want (say, strength for shamans), or the ring with the lower item level but all good stats.

Pawn can be used by new players right off the bat without needing to change any options, or by advanced players who plan out their gear upgrades, build Excel spreadsheets, and run simulations.

Language support

Pawn works with English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish (European and Latin American), Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Unlike most addons, it's NOT possible to use the English version on a language that it doesn't support. (If you're interested in helping translate Pawn into other languages, let me know!)

Staying in touch

Become a fan of Vger on Facebook and get updates of new versions and stuff like that. You can also leave questions or comments there if you don't have an account on this site.

Prerelease alpha versions of Pawn are occasionally available on CurseForge.

Getting started

Pawn will automatically set itself up to work with your characters, but there's a lot that you can do to customize it. See the readme file included with Pawn for more information on getting the most out of Pawn.

Found a bug?

If you think you might have found a bug, you can file an official ticket on CurseForge or comment here. In addition to a description of the problem, please make sure to include: (1) the language that you use Pawn and WoW in, (2) the specific items that don't work as expected, and (3) your class and spec if you're using the built-in (not custom) stat weights. Screenshots are usually very helpful as well.

Missing stats on lots of items?  Bad upgrade suggestions?

A few people were experiencing a problem where too many items show up as upgrades.  If you saw the problem in the past and don't anymore, let me know!  And, same thing if you are still seeing it in current versions, with or without the workaround I mention below.

Helping me debug

If you want to help me debug, try typing this in-game with at least Pawn 2.1.10:

  1. /script PawnCommon.DebugCache = true
  2. /reload

Let me know if you see a lot of messages printed out to the chat window that start with "*** Pawn debug cache."  You can use "false" instead of "true" to turn it off.


If you're still seeing this, here's a workaround that should help:

  1. Open up Interface\AddOns\Pawn\Pawn.lua in your favorite text editor, such as Notepad
  2. Find the line "local PawnItemCacheMaxSize = 200" (it's line 30, near the top)
  3. Change 200 to 0
  4. Save the file
  5. Restart WoW or /reload

You'll need to do that again each time you upgrade to a new version.

Version 2.1.15

  • Updated default stat weights from Ask Mr. Robot for The Nighthold and the latest hotfixes.
  • When the Pawn button is set to the left side, it will now appear in its usual location on the right side of the item socketing window.  (It was originally intended to not be visible at all if the left setting was used, but that hasn't displayed properly in ages and no one complained, so I guess it probably doesn't cause any problems there.)

Version 2.1.14

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.1.13 where the list of scales in the Pawn UI wouldn't show or hide immediately upon switching between Automatic and Manual mode.

Version 2.1.13

  • Scales that are imported with both Class and Spec included will use spec icons and class colors by default, just like the built-in Automatic scales.  (Pawn will automatically include them when exporting any of the built-in scales.)
    • Scales you've already imported in previous versions need to be re-imported for this to work.
    • There's currently no way to change a scale's class, spec, or icon in the Pawn UI other than through the export and import features.
  • Pawn scale tags can now specify a spec using its English name instead of just a number.  For example: ( Pawn: v1: "Hunter: Beast Mastery": Class=Hunter, Spec=BeastMastery, Agility=10 )
    • Scales exported in this version can't be imported into earlier versions of Pawn, so for the next few weeks while people may not have updated, if you share scales with others, you may need to remind them to upgrade.  (Or, change Spec= to its old number form: 1 is the first spec listed in the game's Specialization window, 2 is the second, and 3 is the third.)
  • When using the "show item IDs" option, Pawn will once again show item IDs for items that can't be equipped (food, relics, crafting reagents, and so on).
  • Fixed a bug where the color picker would disappear too soon when choosing a scale color.
    • There's still a bug where the initial color that appears when choosing a new color is incorrect, but that's a problem with the game itself.  (For example, you can see the same issue with the chat window color options.)
  • Worked around a problem where the item level display that appears when hovering over the Pawn button while inspecting another player would undervalue off-hand artifacts (including weapons, shields, and frill).  (The game shows the item level of off-hand artifacts as 750 regardless of their actual level, so Pawn works around the bug by assuming that the off-hand artifact is always the same level as the main-hand artifact.)

Version 2.1.12

  • New updates to the default Ask Mr. Robot scales for patch 7.1.5.

Version 2.1.11

  • Added some new unverified changes that will hopefully eliminate the problem a few people are seeing where items are missing stats and causing other items to show up as upgrades when they aren't.
  • Fixed a bug where the Template button on the Scale tab didn't work.
  • Made some minor changes that should slightly improve performance with certain items that can never have stats, like artifact relics and tabards.
  • Updated all of the default Ask Mr. Robot scales with new stat weights.

Version 2.1.10

  • Additional minor changes to help debug a problem some people are having with items missing stats.

Version 2.1.9

  • Performance enhancements based on suggestions from rowaasr13 of Garrison Mission Manager.
  • Pawn's Bag Upgrade Advisor will no longer show green arrows on items in your bags that aren't equippable yet because you don't meet the level requirement.  (You'll still see them if you hover over the item.)
  • Added support for the comparison tooltips that appear when holding Shift over the point-of-interest icon for a world quest that rewards an equippable item.
  • The "compare item left" and "compare item right" keybinds now work on world quest rewards.

Version 2.1.8

  • Updated stat weights from Ask Mr. Robot for changes in patch 7.1 and recent hotfixes.

Version 2.1.7

  • Fixed a mistake I introduced in version 2.1.6 that caused characters to become undying servants of the Lich King if they use Automatic mode (the default), which caused Pawn to not show anything on tooltips, and make it appear as if Pawn thought that your spec was Blood in the Pawn window.

Version 2.1.6

  • Improved performance in raid groups when in Automatic mode (the default).

Version 2.1.5

  • Increased Pawn's memory usage in exchange for faster item scans.  (Memory usage should still only be a couple MB, but finding bag upgrades should be much faster.)
  • Minor translation updates.

Version 2.1.4

  • Fixed a bug where occasionally Pawn would complain about finding too many "bonus IDs" on items.
  • Removed the "ignore valor and baleful upgrades" feature, since those items are not relevant anymore.

Version 2.1.3

  • Updated translations.

Version 2.1.2

  • The Compare tab will no longer show the differential between the sockets and socket value on the left item versus the right item.  (For example, if one item has no socket, and the other has a socket worth 1,250 points, it will no longer show "+1,250".)  After this change, the green and red numbers shown will always only be stats, which should make them easier for new people to understand.
  • Fixed a bug where it was no longer possible to export some scales (generally, scales that were created using the "empty" button or importing, rather than copying an existing scale or starting from a template).

Version 2.1.1

  • Pawn will now take over the new WoW 7.1 feature that puts green arrows on items in your bags.  Normally the feature shows you items that are a higher item level than what you have equipped.  Pawn will change the feature so that it shows items that are an upgrade to your currently-equipped gear for any of your active scales.  (For example, if you're in the default Automatic mode, it'll put upgrade arrows next to items that are better for your current spec, but not for other specs.)
    • This feature has no effect on the WoW 7.0 live realms.
    • If you don't like this, and would rather go back to the old behavior, uncheck "Show bag upgrade advisor" on Pawn's Options tab.

Version 2.1

  • Pawn's default stat weights now come from Ask Mr. Robot!  The existing Wowhead placeholder scales have been removed, and the Ask Mr. Robot scales work automatically in the same was as the previous placeholders, but now have more appropriate and helpful advice for each specialization.
    • If you'd like advice for more than one spec at once, switch to Manual mode on the Scales tab, and then you can show and hide additional scales from there.
    • You may notice that items in your bags or bank that weren't upgrades before version 2.1 are now showing up as upgrades—that's to be expected, as some of the new stat weights in this version are vastly different than before.
  • In the English version, the Values tab has been renamed to Weights, to better match the generally accepted terminology.
  • The item level display on the Compare tab will no longer show the difference between the two levels ("+15" etc.).  I'm hoping that this makes it clearer that the item level isn't used in calculations.
  • Pawn will no longer add orange diamonds to special effects that it doesn't understand on items.  I felt that in modern versions of Pawn, those were just clutter, and didn't really provide useful information.


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