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About OrderHallCommander

From the same author of GarrisonCommander an addon dedicated to Class Halls

Comments policy

As soon as I fix bugs, comment reporting them are deleted, because they are no longer useful. Also, I really prefer bugs to be raised on curseforge:

Open Ticket


You CAN have both OrderHallCommander AND GarrisonCommander enabled. GarrisonCommander detects OrderHallCommander and  steps back for Order Hall missions.


Completed mission

  • You can have OHC complete mission for you with just one click
Available Missions
  • Proposed Party graphically shown
  • Clicking mission button autofill mission page 
  • Success chance
  • Total xp gain projection
  • Countered mechanics
  • Enriched rewards
  • Expire time
  • Tooltip inform if a better party cpuld be available in next hours
  • A bunch of switches allow to change party compositon based on expected mission results (favour xp, favour low cost, favour improved time and so on)
In progress Missions
  • Running party graphically shown
Follower list
  •  A list of possible upgrades are showm, and you can apply them just with one click
  • When you are in your Order Hall OHC notifies you if you have troops to collect. Notification repeated once a minute (Can be deactivated)

Feature requests or bugs

Please, use Curse Ticket Tracker

About me

I am a professional software developer, spacing from PHP web development to C + + Gaming Server Software.

Right now I’m working on this Real Time 4X MMO:

Gates of Horizon

tag 81d3f1a1fd63915aa5fb0e926a25c68fe53b6149 1.4.0
Author:    Alar of Runetotem <[email protected]>
Date:    Sun Jul 9 22:34:24 2017 +0200

Feature: You can now deactivate the Not enough champions warning
Feature: Item level in upgrade items is now more evident
Feature: Equipped items are no quality colored
Fix: Elite mission were not identified the right way
Fix: #59 When changing switches while mission page was shown, selection
was not updated
Fix: #59 Mission report is now also closed when you use esc to close
mission panel
Fix: #60 Future parties now dont include compab ally if "Use combat
ally" is not checked

commit 02025bb470673203080414bce8347f2e496f64a0
Author: Alar of Runetotem <[email protected]>
Date:   Sun Jul 9 22:32:08 2017 +0200

    Fix: #60 Future parties now dont include compab ally if "Use combat
    ally" is not checked

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