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  • Updated Oct 22, 2016
  • Created Oct 19, 2008
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  • Newest File: v7.0.9
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About oRA3

oRA3 is the 3rd major iteration of oRA, it features the following:

  • Durability and Latency checks for everyone running oRA3 in a raid.
  • Gear (item level, missing gems, missing enchants) and Zone checks.
  • Battle Resurrection monitor for raid encounters.
  • Flexible cooldown monitor for just about every spell with a cooldown.
  • Invites based on guild rank, zone, or keyword.
  • Custom tank list in addition to players assigned to tank or mainktank in the group.
  • Promoting to raid assistant based on guild rank, a list of names, or just everyone.
  • Intelligent ready check window that will display a divider bar between groups report based on instance difficulty.
  • Automatically set loot settings when starting a party or raid.
  • Tunable raid alerts to chat about taunts, threat misdirects, cc breakage, rezzes, dispels, and cast interrupts.
  • Consumable check for your raid members.

oRA3 is open source and development is done on GitHub. You can contribute code, localization, and report issues there: https://github.com/BigWigsMods/oRA3


v7.0.9 (2016-10-22)

Full Changelog

  • Cooldowns: Use UNIT_HEALTH_FREQUENT instead of UNIT_HEALTH.
  • Cooldowns: Don't do a full bar style refresh on player status changes
  • Cooldowns: Show why "Show cooldown text" is disabled
  • Cooldowns: Use IsVisible instead of InRange for icon group ready count
  • Cooldowns: Add options for bars to change or disable status coloring
  • Cooldowns: Tweak special event handling
  • Cooldowns: Remove Dark Soul resetting
  • Cooldowns: Reset cooldowns when leaving the Dream during Xavius (fixes #16)
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