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About OPie

OPie is a radial action-binding addon: it lets you group actions into rings which appear when you hold down a keyboard or mouse binding. When you release the binding, OPie will perform an action based on where your mouse cursor is.

Use OPie to reduce the amount of clutter on your action bars: rings can contain your abilities, items, professions, battle pets, equipment sets, macros, and raid or world markers. Some rings for common class abilities and professions are included, as is a special quest items ring which automatically makes all of your quest and quest-starting items easily accessible. Other addons may add additional rings; for example, Spade uses OPie rings to let you chose the seeds you want to plant on your farm.

Download OPie today; configure to your liking (/opie), and customize your rings (/opie rings). For more details, see the OPie Guide, the screenshots on Curse, or a YouTube video of OPie in action.

Ring snapshots and tutorial/gameplay videos

You can create snapshots of your custom rings to share with other players; if you like, you can post them in the comments section on this page. Likewise, if you've created a video showing how you use OPie, I would very much like to hear about it.

Bug reports and feature requests

If you encounter any problems while using OPie, or think of useful functionality to add to OPie, use the OPie ticket tracker to get a faster response.

New Features

  • Added a new #icon metacommand to allow customizing macro slice icons using conditional logic. For example, #icon [nomod] inv_misc_celebrationcake_01; [mod:alt] interface/icons/inv_misc_food_147_cake; 237358
  • When possible, OPie spell/item slices will now respect the self-/focus-casting modifier keys.
  • Added extended conditionals for checking profession skills: tailoring/tail, leatherworking/lw, blacksmithing/bs, alchemy/alch, engineering/engi, enchanting/ench, jewelcrafting/jc, inscription/scri, and specializations nomeng (gnomish engineering), gobeng (goblin engineering). These can be used to check whether your character has the specified profession skill, or has attained a particular skill level: e.g. [engi:300] evaluates to true if your character has at least 300 skill points in Engineering, while [ench] evaluates to true if your character has at least 1 point in Enchanting.
  • You can now use /cast Summon Random Favorite Mount in OPie macros.
  • Falcosaurs!
  • The [in:] extended conditional can now be used with additional arguments: [in:broken isles/draenor/pandaria/outland/northrend/ashran].
  • Extended [pet] conditional to allow querying by stable slots; added [havepet:stable slot] conditional to indicate whether a specific stable slot is filled.
  • Added [cleanse] non-secure conditional, which evalutes to true if the conditional target has a debuff you can remove.
  • Added a ring to allow switching specializations and gear, and using common teleports (ALT-H).
  • The Quest Items built-in ring now includes a slice for using the ability granted through the extra action button.


  • Cooldown numbers displayed by OPie when the relevant option is enabled are now more similar to the default UI.
  • Toy slices which are not currently usable (due to a non-cooldown condition) no longer appear in OPie rings.
  • Scroll nested ring bindings can now be set to mouse wheel scrolling.
  • Mounts are now sorted by name in the 'Add a new slice' list.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing druids from using mount slices while shapeshifted.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Unbind button in the OPie Bindings panel to remain disabled even when a binding button is selected.
  • Fixed an error occuring for non-Druids when selecting the fourth specialization slice in the Specializations and Travel ring.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when a toy was evicted from the item cache.
  • Battle pet slices can once again be added to rings
  • Fixed an issue that occured when third-party addons attempted to reposition tooltips to mouse cursor.
  • Fixed an issue causing toy slices to perform no action when selected.
  • Active Honor Talents should now always appear in the Abilities custom slice category.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some ranks of some spells being added to custom rings correctly.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when logging in as a Hunter.
  • Fixed an issue with the [pet] conditional not updating when dismissing a pet.
  • Fixed a macro in a bundled druid ring to prefer Dash over Stampeding Roar for non-Feral/Guardian druids.
  • OPie now avoids using additional profession-requiring mounts for {{mount:...}} tag replacement in macros.
  • Fixed an issue preventing threshold conditionals from working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the [ready:] non-secure conditional from working correctly with items. You can now specify an item name, or use [ready:item:id] to query an item cooldown by item ID.

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