Oak Interrupts Broker

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  • Updated May 8, 2017
  • Created Apr 16, 2016
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About Oak Interrupts Broker

Oak Interrupts Broker tracks the usage of interrupts by raid members and provides this information as an LDB datafeed. Note that Oak Interrupts Broker does not display information to the user without an appropriate LDB display, so you will need the companion addon Oak Interrupts Display or some other compatible LDB display.


I've not yet written up a description of the specification for the LDB dataobject Oak Interrupts Broker provides, if you are interested in developing a display and have questions PM me. If you want to do something that would be restricted by the license, PM me as well - I just haven't had enough time (read: don't know enough) about licensing to have thought through the implications of something more open.

tag 1e9fdb0dadd9cee37cbb775a4ac42f57bf2b0d45 v1.2.3
Author:    Oakshlaran <>
Date:    Mon May 8 17:04:30 2017 +1000

Tagging as v1.2.3

commit 6deeb5ca547527788ae5ce7d4e8595bb37395a8e
Author: Oakshlaran <>
Date:   Mon May 8 17:04:21 2017 +1000

    Bump TOC to v1.2.3

commit 100edd730f23f0ef13fef4ab3bc40e6cb3c1bdfa
Author: Oakshlaran <>
Date:   Mon May 8 15:30:32 2017 +1000

    Fix `/oib poll` slash command not setting update script

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