nRange (Teleport range checker)

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About nRange (Teleport range checker)

Nuggs Teleport Range Checking for 'locks and Monks

What is it
This will notify you whether you're in range or out of range of Demonic Circle or Transcendence.
If your spell is on cooldown, it'll show that along with a timer on how much time is left on the cooldown.
It'll also display the yards/meters you're away from your spirit or portal as well as place an icon on the minimap where your portal/spirit is.

It doesn't matter how far away you get from your portal, it'll stay active as long as you have the buff.
When you die or change zones that removes your buff, it'll hide itself.

When you get more than 100 yards/meters from your clone and it despawns, the addon will hide itself as would be expected.
If you die or change zones, it gets hidden, that's all there is to it.

New Features
Placing an icon on the minimap of your portal/spirits location
Clients that aren't enUS should now display meters instead of yards

Configuration is handled by /nrange

Any further configuration can be done by editing the nRange.lua file itself.
Any suggestions, comments or whatever just leave here, also, I'll add the github repo when i create a new one.


  • Configurable text/icon/both display.

Updated for 7.1
Fixed lua error throwing with monks due to an incorrect if check

Updated for Legion
Fixed monks transfer to work correctly with legion changes
Fixed warlock to work correctly with legion changes
Probably a few other things from other the year.

Removed Astrolabe, fixes nrange breaking in arena.

Disabled nRange_Communication, can be enabled using slash commands
If you have the transcendence buff during a reload, nrange should display after reloading the UI
Changed out of range from english to ERR_OUT_OF_RANGE
Use meters instead of yards if your locales not set to enUS
Now puts an icon on the minimap of your portal location
Enhanced slash command to accept multiple arguments
Started process of allowing addon communication to be enabled by slash commands

Updated toc for 6.2
Updated toc.
Might be a few tweaks.
Updated toc.
Might be a few tweaks.
Added nRange_Clear to GetDistance for monks to clear after they reach 100 yards away

Added check in zone_changed_new_area to clear automatically for monks without question. This should fix the
the issue with it showing when it shouldn't.

Updated for 5.4
Removed all dependancies on pets from monks to relfect changes from Blizzard
Adjusted distance setting a smidge
adjusted monks spell to be based on distance, may not be completely accurate
added nRange_Reset in case monks bug out and you need to hide it.

Range should be displayed almost properly, forgive a yard or two off.
Fixed setting distance, reversed "indoor" and "outdoour" I fucked up, sorry guys.
Changed color setting, lol... Now that we get distance properly(Mostly, it might be off a yard or two)... I suck.
Indoor outdoor transitions are still incorrectly handled, I'm working on it...

Made a few changes, I honestly don't remember what they were. :)
Fixed a bug from 0.7.6 which caused it to not display the distance.
Started changing how range is stored and called.
Had a strange dream I uploaded code last night, caused me to upload code that was broke,
that was pretty awesome. :/

Fixed UNIT_SPELLCAST_SUCCEEDED call. Apparently, I formated my conditional incorrectly and it was setting
stuff it should set whenever a spell was cast.
Added distance checking, it's sloppy, it's straight from Astrolabe with help from kjado(EchoPort) with minor changes from me.
added nRange_GetDistance for checking the distance of our ping
We now listen for the events dealing with minimap zoom updates and pings
Added new text nRangeDistance
Probably a few things I forgot about. I'm awesome like that.

Updated for patch 5.3
Added IsInGuild to the communication function
Some other stuff...

Players should only get cached if they aren't cached already instead of clearing anyways on full cache.(Not that it matters)
Changed max cache to 5

Version change
Uploaded to WoWI/Curse, sorry, I was busy the past week and a half

Fixed it showing in vehicles and whatnot
Removed a debug message from the communication module

Finished(I hope) the version tracking, took a while, i don't have many friends to test with. :p

Started version tracking since my last little screw up.
Corrected the cooldown calculation, it was about .5 seconds too slow.
Ack!! Moved the UnitInVehicle call in nRange_IsActive to the beginning of the function. Fixes it not displaying at all

Shouldn't show when you're in a vehicle on a monk any longer. lol
nRange_SetMessage(int) sets the spell icon to NULL so we don't have it flashing when we use abilities,
a better fix would be to actually just fix whatever is causing it to flash when an ability is used.
Removed GetSpellInfo caching, that wasn't suppose to actually be here
Added a new variable 'nRange_IconSet' for displaying or hiding the spell icon... basically, a cheap workaround.
Rewrote a lot of the addon, some frame handling stuff was left but the core of it works completely different than before

Removed TukUI based code, has to be rewritten for 5.x WoW
Updated the version number to 0.1.8
Updated toc.

Updated toc

Fixed COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED to have the correct arguments for 4.2.
Changed a few if statements in COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED
Added nDemonic_SetCooldown(duration), checks for glyph then sets the cooldown duration.
Added nDemonic_TukInit(), checks for tukui then sets the options accordingly.
Added new help display with more information and better formatting.
Added reset option to return nDemonic back to it's default state, incomplete.
Remove Tukui frames/panels. Started using new v13 API.
Changed OnUpdate function to throttle itself. Might revert back if I don't notice a performance boost.

Updated the cooldown timers again. Damn Blizzard.

Now that the cooldown bug is fixed, I've adjusted the cooldown timers to work properly

Updated the version in the TOC file.

Added a check for Glyph of Demonic Circle(I'm bad).
Adjusted the code for the changes coming in Cataclysm.(Do to changes in cataclysm, glyph detection only works on live with this version)

Added draggable frame
Added slash commands ndemonic lock and unlock
base icon flashing when cooldown is up implemented(not included)
Cooldown display partially implemented, not included.

Version changed to 0.1.1
Forgot to remove pointless comments. Bumping version. :)
Bumped the version to 0.1.0

Most of the code went through a pretty major rewrite.
We now clear our portal when we die or change zones.
The portal no longer gets displayed as on cooldown when gcd is triggered
The only localization issues should be my nMessage text.
We now check COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED for teleport/summon.
We no longer write the message to the frame each update(lol).

Added a function to disable the UI if you're not a warlock
Fixed a memory leak if you're not a warlock and the addon is active.
Further worked on reducing memory usage.

Added a change log
Cleaned up code to reduce the amount of lines to reduce the file size.
Stripped out comments to reduce file size.
Started work on adding a marker to the minimap(lol).

Pinging the minimap a bunch and reloading the UI can throw off the distance There may be a few other things

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