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  • Supports: 7.3.0
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  • Updated Sep 22, 2017
  • Created Jul 22, 2016
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  • License: Custom License
  • Newest File: 70300.2-release
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About NameplateAuras


NameplateAuras displays buffs/debuffs of players above their nameplates. This addon is inspired by PlateBuffs which isn't maintained now.


  • NameplateAuras works along with any non default nameplates (ofc default nameplates are supported, too)
  • Various per-spell filters
  • Built-in list of spells contains important PvP and PvE spells, also you can add your own
  • NAuras has a little impact on performance

Chat commands

/nauras - opens options dialog.
/nauras ver - asks raid/guild members if they have NAuras installed.
/nauras delete-all-spells - deletes all spells from database

Call to arms

I'm looking for anyone who can help on translating NameplateAuras. If you are interested in it, please visit localization portal.


All suggestions and bug reports are highly appeciated!
Ticket tracker (no registration required): click

70300.2-release (17.09.2017)

  • Debug window improvements
  • deDE localizations is updated (thanks qlimaxmoses!)

70300.1-release (04.09.2017)

  • Fix for Skull Bash interrupt

70300.0-release (31.08.2017)

  • TOC bump
  • Fix for PlaySound

70200.6-release (16.08.2017)

  • Fix for OmniCC (#60)
  • New option: weak glow (General --> Weak glow of icons)
  • Now you select to show glow of icons if aura timer is less than X seconds (Spells --> select aura --> Show glow if aura's remaining time is less than)
  • Minor fixes
  • Localizations are updated

70200.5-release (27.06.2017)

  • Fixed bug with spell id tracking (2)

70200.4-release (26.06.2017)

  • Fixed bug with spell id tracking

70200.3-release (21.06.2017)

  • Now addon can check multiple spell IDs for each spell (you can enter IDs separated by any character except alphanumeric)
  • Added new feature: interrupt tracker (shows debuff icon if unit's spellcasting has been interrupted)
  • Localizations are updated (thx pas06 and 132kadun)

70200.2-release (27.05.2017)

  • Icon fix for defensive stance

70200.1-release (23.05.2017)

  • Minor GUI improvements

70200.0-release (30.03.2017)

  • TOC update
  • Added new command: /nauras ver
  • Added new command: /nauras delete-all-spells

70100.11-release (02.03.2017)

  • Added font/spell search

70100.10-release (26.02.2017)

  • Font selection has got a tweak (#51)

70100.9-release (21.02.2017)

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect icon display during raid battles

70100.8-release (31.01.2017)

  • Added esES localization, thank you Lawghter
  • Added ptBR localization, thank you galinhoo

70100.7.5-alpha (27.01.2017)

  • Trying to make HG work (3)

70100.7.4-alpha (27.01.2017)

  • Trying to make HG work (2)

70100.7.3-alpha (27.01.2017)

  • Trying to make HG work (1)

70100.7.2-alpha (27.01.2017)

  • Glow effect is more smooth now

70100.7.1-alpha (23.01.2017)

  • Added glow effect for icons
  • Editbox where you enter spell names to add now supports hyperlinks
  • Minor options GUI improvements

70100.7-release (19.01.2017)

  • When you are trying to add new spell exact name search will be completed first

70100.6-release (17.01.2017)

  • Added six new auras
  • Performance tweaks
  • deDE localization is updated (thank you pas06!)

70100.5-release (14.01.2017)

  • Fixed bug with own auras
  • Localizations are updated

70100.4-release (12.01.2017)

  • Now you can select minimum duration to display tenths of seconds (Options->Timer text)

70100.3-release (11.01.2017)

  • Minor fixes

70100.2.8-alpha (22.12.2016)

  • New option: now you can control aura visibility during PvP battles
  • Options GUI improvements

70100.2.7-alpha (15.12.2016)

  • Added option to display multiple instances of the same aura
  • Performance tweaks
  • Options GUI improvements

70100.2-release (17.11.2016)

  • Added deDE localization, thank you pas06!
  • Added zhCN localization, thank you yaoenqi!
  • Added option to show/hide aura on nameplates of allies/enemies (Options -> Spells) (Ticket #37)

70100.1-release (14.11.2016)

  • I'm looking for anyone who can help on translating NameplateAuras. If you are interested in it, please visit localization portal
  • Better OmniCC support
  • Added option to set auras anchor

70100.0-release (26.10.2016)

  • TOC bump

70000.44-release (12.09.2016)

  • Now all cooldown frames have public names, so you can use it for OmniCC custom group. Public names start with NAurasCooldownFrame

70000.43-release (29.08.2016)

  • Added option to show/hide auras above nameplates of friendly units (Options -> General -> Display auras on nameplates of friendly units)

70000.42-release (27.08.2016)

  • Small GUI improvements

70000.41-release (20.08.2016)

  • Added option to set absolute size of timer text

70000.40-release (17.08.2016)

  • Added option to select parent anchor for text

70000.39-release (12.08.2016)

  • "Always show auras cast by myself" option is now disabled by default. It seems too confusing...

70000.38-release (12.08.2016)

  • Added missing Ace3 dependency

70000.37-release (11.08.2016)

  • Fixed bug with blizzard's nameplates

70000.36-release (11.08.2016)

  • Fixed bug with sorting by icon size

70000.35-release (11.08.2016)

  • Added option to change icon border thickness
  • Standard spell borders were deleted

70000.34-beta (10.08.2016)

  • Now you can delete default spells
  • Now you can delete ALL spells (small square red button in "Spells" tab)

70000.33-beta (09.08.2016)

  • Database now is Ace3 database. If I made something wrong and you will lose your settings - I'm very, very sorry. If you're reading this - please make a backup.

70000.32-beta (09.08.2016)

  • Added option to always show auras cast by player (General -> Always show auras cast by myself)

70000.31-beta (08.08.2016)

  • Added option to show/hide auras cast by player (General -> Show auras cast by myself)

70000.30-beta (08.08.2016)

  • Added anchors for icons (General -> Icon anchor)

70000.29-beta (07.08.2016)

  • Small bug fix (#18)

70000.28-beta (06.08.2016)

  • New option for timer style: "Circular with timer". NOT TESTED. PLEASE REPORT ABOUT ANY ISSUES.

70000.27-beta (05.08.2016)

  • Added option to hide auras on player's nameplate (General -> Display auras on player's nameplate)
  • Added option to set spacing between icons (General -> Space between icons)
  • Now you can select custom border color for every debuff type (Icon borders -> ...)

70000.26-beta (04.08.2016)

  • Now you can change timer text color under some thresholds (OmniCC style: <5sec, <60 sec, or longer)
  • Now you can change stacks text color
  • GUI improvements

70000.25-beta (03.08.2016)

  • Now you can change colors of borders
  • Now you can change position of timer text and stacks text
  • Added sort method "by aura type + expire time"
  • GUI fixes

70000.24-beta (01.08.2016)

  • Small GUI improvements

70000.23-beta (31.07.2016)

  • Small bug fix (icon resizing)

70000.22-beta (30.07.2016)

  • New option for timer style: <Circular without timer>

70000.21-beta (30.07.2016)

  • Added experimental support for OmniCC (Options -> General -> Use OmniCC for rendering)

70000.20-beta (30.07.2016)

  • Minor bug fixes
  • GUI improvements

70000.19-beta (29.07.2016)

  • Fixed bug with sorting
  • New option: Timer font scale (Options -> Fonts)
  • New option: Stacks font (Options -> Fonts)
  • New option: Stacks font scale (Options -> Fonts)

70000.18-beta (29.07.2016)

  • Fixed bug with nameplates handler after reload

70000.17-beta (28.07.2016)

  • New option: Show tenths of seconds (Options -> General)
  • New option: Sort mode (Options -> General). More sorting options soon!
  • A lot of new spells
  • Bug fixes, GUI improvements
  • Default and custom databases are merged

70000.16-beta (27.07.2016)

  • Now you can add custom spell by its name
  • Timers are more precise if remaining time <10sec
  • Added new font for SharedMedia: TEX GYRE HEROS
  • Bug fixes

70000.15-beta (26.07.2016)

  • New option: Check spell ID (Options -> Spell list)
  • Spell lists are in alphabetical order now
  • New option: Default icon size (Options -> General)
  • Added button for custom spell removal :D

70000.14-beta (26.07.2016)

  • A lot of internal changes, a lot of bugs!
  • New option: Hide Blizzard's aura frames (Options -> General)
  • Option dialog is changed
  • Test mode is disabled. It will return if I'll find a way to make it useful
  • New option: custom icon size (Options -> Spell list)
  • New option: custom aura type (Options -> Spell list)

70000.13-beta (25.07.2016)

  • New default spells: <125174/touch-of-karma> and <115078/paralysis>
  • Standart Blizzard's aura frames are disabled now

70000.12-beta (25.07.2016)

  • Packager is stuck, nothing actually changed

70000.11-beta (25.07.2016)

  • Fixed bug: stacks have incorrect values sometimes
  • New option: display red/green borders (on/off)

70000.10-beta (25.07.2016)

  • Added red borders for debuffs, green for buffs

70000.9-beta (25.07.2016)

  • Added tracking of permanent buffs/debuffs

70000.8-beta (24.07.2016)

  • Fixed bug: texture cache now works independently

70000.6-beta (24.07.2016)

  • Fixed bug: addon worked unstable after first teleportation
  • Packager has released wrong version?

70000.4-beta (23.07.2016)

  • Fixed bug: after adding custom spell it doesn't appear on nameplates until reload ui

70000.3-beta (23.07.2016)

  • Max icon size is 75px
  • Added stack counter
  • Fixed bug with textures
  • Spells are centered now

70000.2-beta (23.07.2016)

  • GUI improvements
  • Custom spells now working
  • New default spells

70000.1-beta (23.07.2016)

  • Initial beta

70000.0-beta (23.07.2016)

  • Initial commit


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