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About gmFonts

(previously known as MyFonts)


A small addon for changing default UI fonts and/or adding them in LibSharedMedia.

Fonts added:

-- Ace Futurism
"Ace Futurism is a simple techno font inspired by multiple that already exist.
Was initially to be used in a game but the game halted being worked on so I finished up the font and here it is."

-- PT Sans
PT Sans is a drop in replacement of Myriad font by Adobe.
It is licensed under the OFL 1.1.

-- Carlito
Carlito is a drop in replacement for Calibri Fonts.
Metrically compatible with the current MS default font Calibri.
It is licensed under the OFL 1.1.

-- Ubuntu
The Ubuntu Font Family are a set of matching new libre/open fonts
in development during 2010-2011. The development is being funded by Canonical Ltd
on behalf the wider Free Software community and the Ubuntu project.
The technical font design work and implementation is being undertaken by Dalton Maag.

-- Comic Neue
Comic Neue is a casual script typeface released in 2014.
It was designed by Craig Rozynski as a more modern, refined version of the ubiquitous, but frequently criticised typeface, Comic Sans.

-- Candara
Candara is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Gary Munch and commissioned by Microsoft.
It is part of the ClearType Font Collection, all starting with the letter C to reflect that they were
designed to work well with Microsoft's ClearType text rendering system. The others are Calibri, Cambria, Consolas, Corbel and Constantia.

-- ExpressWay
Expressway is a sans-serif font family inspired by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s FHWA Series
of Standard Alphabets. For the second half of the 20th Century, it was the font most used on road signs in U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, Spain,Venezuela,the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Mongolia and New Zealand.
Rather than sticking too closely to government specs, Expressway is a more practical design that still holds on to that old, road sign feeling.
The full family has 7 weights, 2 widths plus italics for a total of 28 styles.
This font includes a license that allows free commercial use: sometimes referred to as a desktop license.

-- Verdana
Verdana is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Matthew Carter for Microsoft Corporation, with hand-hinting done by Thomas Rickner, then at Monotype. The name "Verdana" is based on verdant (something green), and Ana (the name of Howlett's eldest daughter).
According to a study of online fonts by the Software Usability and Research Laboratory at Wichita State University, participants preferred Verdana to be the best overall font choice and it was also perceived as being among the most legible fonts. It is part of Microsoft's TrueType core fonts.

-- Lauren
Lauren is a font developed by Computer Support Corporation.
It is now free for personal use.

-- Lato
Lato is a sans serif typeface family started in the summer of 2010 by Warsaw-based designer Lukasz Dziedzic (“Lato” means “Summer” in Polish). In December 2010 the Lato family was published under the Open Font License by his foundry tyPoland, with support from Google.
The Lato font family is available as a free download under the SIL Open Font License 1.1.
The fonts can be used without any limitations for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
They can be also freely modified if the terms of the license are observed.

-- "The Happy Giraffe" is a font free for personal and charity use by Misti (

-- "Ladybug Love" is a font free for personal and charity use by Misti (


If you have anything to ask / comment / request please use:

- bump toc

- fonts added: Ubuntu Mono
- fonts added: Droid Sans Mono
- fonts added: AD Mono
- fonts added: Terminus
- fonts added: Ropa Sans
- fonts added: Dosis

- fonts added: Happy Giraffe
- fonts added: Lady Bug

- bump toc

- codename "Claudia"
- removed Calibri Fonts due license problems. Use Carlito as dropin replacement.
- added a some fonts definitions from:
- fix a typo in the Laurel definition
- added Lato fonts
- updated PhanxConfig-Dropdown to the latest

- updated for 7.0
- changed name and references to gmFonts

- bump toc for 6.2

- fonts added: lauren

- fonts added: verdana

- Used phanx widget class to manage the fonts lists:
This prevent an off screen widget when there are too many fonts.
- Simplified and removed unused code.

- fonts added: expressway

- bump toc for 6.1

- add a credit line
- fonts added: calibri (to be a drop in replacement for tekticles)
- fonts added: candara

- fix a typo

- removed debug code

- fix a font path adding a .ttf at the end of a font name (even if it worked the same)
- now the addon can set the fonts for the whole UI.

- initial release
- fonts added: Ace Futurism, PT Sans (replaces Myriad), Carlito (replaces Calibri), Ubuntu, Comic Neue

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