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About MyBags3

Ace3 conversion of the original MyBags addon ( The original description: MyBags is a replacement to the default interface's Inventory and Bank features. It replaces smaller individual frames and places them into a larger frame showing all your inventory or bank slots. It is really four addons in one, MyInventory, MyEquipment, MyBank, and MyBagsCache. Each addon can be disabled entirely if you don't wish to have the features of it. In the MyBags Folder there are four folders: MyBagsCore: This is for things common to both MyInventory and MyBank MyBank: This is for things specific to MyBank. Remove this folder to disable MyBank MyInventory: This is for things specific to MyInventory. Remove this folder to disable MyInventory MyEquipment: This is for things specific to MyEquipment. Remove this folder to disable MyEquipment MyBagsCache: This saves your inventory and bank items for offline viewing. **note**: DISABLE MyBagsCache IF you don't wish to have offline (or away from bank) viewing (it will bloat your saved vars) --FEATURES---------------------------------------------------------------- Features: * Toggle to completely replace default UI. MyBags can be used with or instead of the default UI * Bag Slots are shown in the bag window and can be toggled * Item Borders reflect their rarity * Frame can be resized by changing the columns * Frame background is configurable:default background, graphical background, or no background MyInventory Specific Features: * You can disable specific bags in MyInventory by shift+right clicking the bag slot. This will remove it from the MyInventory frame and allow the default UI to handle just the bags you disable. MyBank Specific Features: * When at bank, click an unbought bag to buy a slot. It asks you to confirm before you actually purchase it. Additional Features: * Bank and inventory Viewing is possible with the following addon: - MyBagsCache (Included in this package) --SLASH COMMANDS---------------------------------------------------------- /(myinventory|mi) [OPTION [ARGUMENTS]]: change MyInventory options /(mybank|mb) [OPTION [ARGUMENTS]]: change MyBank options /(myequipment|mq) [OPTION [ARGUMENTS]]: change MyEquipment options Options: .aioi - Enables AIOI style item ordering. .anchor - Sets the anchor point for the frame -- bottomleft - Frame grows from bottom left, tooltips open right -- bottomright - Frame grows from bottom right, tooltips open left -- topleft - Frame grows from top left, tooltips open right -- topright - Frame grows from top right, tooltips open left .back - toggle window background options -- default - translucent minimilistic frame -- art - blizzard style artwork -- none - background disabled .bag - toggle between bag button view options -- bar - Bags are displayed on a bar at the top of the frame -- before - Bags start their own row and the first slot shows the bag -- none - Bags are not shown in the frame .buttons - Show/Hide the close and lock buttons .cash - Show/Hide the money display .cols - set the number of columns .count - toggle between the item count options -- free - Show Free Slots -- used - Show Used slots -- none - Disable slots display .freeze - keep window from closing when you leave vendors or bank .highlight - highlight options -- items - highlight items when you mouse over bag slots -- bag - highlight bag when you mouse over an item .lock - keep the window from moving .title - Show/Hide the title .player - Show/Hide the offline player selection box .quality - Highlight items based on quality .replace - toggle replacing of default bags .reset - Resets elements of the addon -- settings - resets settings tod efault -- anchor - moves frame back to it's origional position .scale - Set the farmel scale (between 0.2 and 2.0, blank resets to default) .tog - toggle the frame

tag 2aedfe4b1593f4647130397405781b1dcdb4bd17 v70300-1.7.9beta9
Author:    Sandor Takacs <[email protected]>
Date:    Thu Oct 5 12:24:09 2017 +0200

Tagging as v70300-1.7.9beta9

commit 330d85790c3c62fde33296c15a14353505528da8
Author: Sandor Takacs <[email protected]>
Date:   Thu Oct 5 12:23:22 2017 +0200

    Bump TOC

commit d0fa48e8a07a2e963c209cff187c0d47af453a3f
Author: Sandor Takacs <[email protected]>
Date:   Thu Oct 5 10:30:21 2017 +0200

    Fix getn nil error


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