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About My Battle Pet Notifier

My Battle Pet Notifier is a tool I wrote to assist with finding battle pet and assisting with capturing rares. When starting a battle, a side window appears showing you what the pets are that you are battling, in addition to what you currently have of that type. For rare hunters, a button is available to quit the battle without confirmation. If a rare of a type you do not have is in the battle, this button is greyed out to prevent accidental quitting.

I also have a search functionality to assist with your adventures in captures. Either use the minimap icon (which also plugs into fubar and titan panel) or use the command line. In the tree window, if you click on a pet type from a zone and you have the addon TomTom, all the points where you have encountered this type will appear as dots on your map.

A tally window is available to show some various stats - how many unique rare types, rares you have with non rares, etc. Some of these are clickable to give more details in the chat window.

Slash commands:

/pets [reset] - alternate method to open the search panel (the reset option rebuilds the search window in case it gets tainted)
/tally - open the tally window
/petdb clear - clears the database of points for the pet battles.
/plot - If TomTom addon is installed, this command will plot a waypoint to all the battle pet tamers that have daily quests that have a bag as a quest reward.

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No code change, only version update


Updated issues that were caused by v6.0.3 patching.




Updated TOC file for 5.2.x

Added 2 new command line functions:

/petlevel [1-25] - displays how many pets at x level you have /petrarity [1-6] - displays number of pets at rarity x

1 = poor 2 = common 3 = uncommon 4 = rare 5 = epic 6 = legendary

v2.3 Fixed an issue where the pet tamers that have legendary pets not showing up on the battle window. Added a new slash command: /plot If you have TomTom addon installed, this will put a waypoint to every battle pet trainer that has a daily and drops a bag from the daily quest. I found this much easier than to constantly search for them all the time. Future expansion of this will list the pet info for each trainer's pets - level, rarity, type, name.

v2.2.2 More bug fixes.

v2.1.1 Various bugfixes. /tally works again.

v2.2 Fixed a buncha stuff that blizzard caused to break in the addon. Added the ability on the Search Window, browse tab to click on a pet and have it put TomTom waypoints (if you have the addon installed) on your map of all the battles you have done. Eventually, I hope to plug this into gatherer as well.


No feature changes, just minor bug fixes.

v2.1 I added a new slash command, /tally This slash brings up a tally window of pets - pets you have that are only rare, pets that you have that are rare but have non rares, pets you have that are not rare, and various other points of interest. Several of these are clickable and it will print a list in your chat window.

Other changes - the mouseover GameTooltip now shows what type of pet to battle what you moused over (I.E. Aquatic: Use Flying not Undead). What this means is flying are stong against this, undead are weak against it. Others are normal.

This same strength and weakness info is also used in the battle pet popup window.

If you are battling a rare that you do not have, the battle horn as used in "NPC Scan" alerts you to a rare. Additionally, a button will appear to capture this one. At present, the button appears, but is not working yet.

This same button will also appear when you encounter a pet (rare or not) that you do not yet own. The horn does not sound for non-rares.

Numerous pets in the zone "Valley of the Four Winds" have a sourceText as Valley of Four Winds and were not showing up properly in the zone browse window. This is a bug from Blizzard, but I have have correction to this error and those with "Valley of Four Winds" will now appear as "Valley of the Four Winds" and be found appropriately.

More filter clearing was added to help prevent PetJournal filters from interfering with the addon's ability to search. There may still be some areas affected by this.


Fixed a performance bug where a search with large returns caused lockups.

v2.0 Changed the addon to frame-based using WoWAce libraries. Changes to slash commands:

Open or close the search/browse window /pets [reset] use the reset option if the window becomes tainted

Search/browse window has 2 tabs, search and browse (obviously). Browsing is by continent/zone/pet type Searching is currently only by pet name. Future implementation will include searches by ability name, source and description.

When a pet battle starts, a battle window opens showing the pets you are battling and various information. More details to be implemented in future versions.


Updated TOC file to match game version 5.0.5b patch (was still reporting out of date).


Updated TOC file to match game version 5.0.5b patch


Added Zone Levels. When searching for pets in a zone,

v1.2 Added slash command: /pr [zone]

This checks the zone for all battle pets and checks if you have any rares from that zone, reporting if you have a rare, have a non-rare or do not have this pet type. /pr without any search value searches your current zone.

Also added a GameTooltip so when you mouseover a wild battle pet, it shows you what you have of this type, quality and level or gives a message that you do not have one.


Added filter removing to help prevent pet-checking from missing ones you have.

Added a few slash commands:

Help: /ph

Pet Search (searches pet names with the keyword) /ps keyword

Show pets by zone. With no search term, it shows the local zone only. With a search term, it searches for pets in zones that have the search term in the zone name. /pz [zone]

Show only battlable pets from the zone search (not yet implemented) /bz [zone]

Initial Release v1.0

No addon options at this time. When a pet battle starts, you will get notification of the wild pet quality (poor, common, uncommon, rare) and a link to any of the same type that you have, if any. If not, you get notification that you do not have this pet type.

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