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About Mutilate

Mutilate is an action recommendation mod for rogues of any spec. It takes the current state of the game (buffs on you, debuffs on your target, combo points, energy, etc), and recommends an action, and an estimate of the following one. This mod is current target only and doesn't consider other potential targets. Rotation logic is based on recommendations from as of 7.0.3.

The addon displays a panel of icons. The large central icon is the recommended action, which is also spoken when it is due. Voice prompts can be disabled in the options.

Around the central recommendation:

  • Vendetta shows when it is off cooldown.
  • Kick shows (and speaks) when it is off cooldown and your target is casting an interruptible spell. The name of the spell being cast is shown under the icon.
  • Vanish and Tricks of the Trade each show when you are in a group and they are off cooldown.
  • Cloak of Shadows shows when it could dispel a debuff, and below it the debuff it might dispel (not perfect, can show spurious things).

On the right of the central recommendation is a prediction of the next action.

Updated for 7.1.5:
Adjust for Marked for Death granting 6 combo points with Deeper Strategem.
Adjust for Anticipation maximum combo points increase to 10.
Adjust for Assasination Shadow Focus energy cost reduction to 75%.
Adjust for Shadow Focus energy saving increase to 25%.
Adjust for Master of Shadows energy gain reduction to 25
Fixed poor Marked for Death use in Outlaw and Subtlety.
Correctly account for Kingsbane combo point gain.


Added Between the Eyes to Outlaw rotation when Shark Infested Waters (from Roll the Bones)
is active.
Changed Roll the Bones re-roll criteria when in a group. Now keeps current roll if it
contains Shark Infested Waters, or True Bearing while Adrenaline Rush on cooldown, or
there are two or more buffs.

Update interface version number to match patch 7.1.

Added sound channel selection so there is finally some control over voice prompt volume.

Added Goremaw's Bite into rotation (Subtlety artifact weapon).
Roll the Bones now rerolls in a group unless True Bearing or at least any two others.
Rejigged Assasination Exsanguinate trigger - now has a slider in optios to adjust.
(Higher values require better total worth of Rupture, Garrote and Hemorrhage to be up
before it is suggested.)
Added a checkbox option to pretend you are in a group.

Added Kingsbane recommendation to Assassination - basically on cooldown.
Added Curse of the Dreadblades to Outlaw as a side recomendation when it is off cooldown.
When the curse is active, Saber Slash and Pistol Shot are given prefrerntial priority.
(Subtlety's Goremaw's Bite comming as soon I get myself some Fangs of the Devourer.)
Exsanguinate now requires some reasonable Hemorrhage up-time before being recommended.
For Outlaw, recommends Ambush from stealth even if you don't need the combos.
Roll the Bones, when out of group, will only re-roll if Grand Melee is all you got.

Added Ghostly Strike to Outlaw rotation (if talented). Fixed double speaking issue.

Corrected error when using other classes.

Lots of cleanup and bug fixes to all rotations. Fix showing in duels.

Added Outlaw spec. All the specs!
Move the next spell to the main recommend slot with a cooldown animation.
Added an option to start speaking voice prompts in advance of spell due time.
Corrected Subtlety Subterfuge stealth-like extension handling. Other fixes.
(Still some work to do on rotations.)

Added Subtlety (Outlaw coming soon). A lot of upgrades and cleanup for Legion. Added Crimson Vial recommendation to replace Recuperate. Added Stealth opening recommendation for Assassination. Going to version 2.0 in celebration of going multi-spec.

Minimal interim upgrade for Legion (7.0.3). Not optimized or well tested. Seeing as
spec switching is expected in Legion, will be expanding to handle other specs as well.

Version update.

Corrected non-preservation of voice prompts and cloak-of-shadows options.

Corrected rupture logic (was incorrectly letting rupture expire due to a typo).
Corrected logic that was allowing energy to max-out uselessly.

Added voice prompts for main recommendation and kick (disable in options). English only at the moment.
Stopped next suggestion prediction flashing off just after doing an action.
Corrected always predicting Shiv when suggesting Shiv.
For Cloak of Shadows, ignore debuffs generated by the player (such as recently bandaged).

Fixed (I hope) Improved Slice and Dice perk check.
Kick icon also shows if the target is channeling.
Added optional Cloak of Shadows icon and list of debuffs it will remove. You can disable
in options and/or make it only show if debuffs have long durations remaining. (The next
spell icon has moved a bit to fit this in.)

Added recommendation to use Shiv when target has a dispellable enrage.
Fixed detection of Assassination spec in non-English locales.
Fixed display of cooldown abilities in non-English locales.
Fixed Slice and Dice recommendation when player does not have Improved Slice and Dice.

Don't recommend Slice and Dice if the player has the passive Draenor perk Improved Slice and Dice.

Vendetta icon was not showing. Corrected.

Removed most options in favor of automatic settings.
Introduced Kick notification icon. Shows when your target is casting a interruptible spell. The name of the spell is shown under the icon.
Introduced Recuperate recommendation into the rotation. Your health threshold is in settings. Set to 0 to disable.
Vendetta and Vanish are never shown in the rotation, only in the notification icons.
Vanish and Tricks of the Trade only show when you are in a group.
Takes into account Anticipation talent for determining how many combo points to build.
Spell prediction is better than the previous update, but still not perfect.
(Update by thudel.)

Further corrections required by 6.0 API changes.
Update with new rotation logic for WoD based on Icy Veins.
This is still an interim update. Most options are not hooked up.
(Update by thudel.)

Quick update for 6.0 API.
(Rotation not updated yet. Recommendation cool-down not displaying.)

fixed a bug with envenom_buff

Adding Blindside proc into the rotation.
Adding an option for the Stealth opener to be Mutilate. (Shadow Focus makes it a free cast + Blindside proc chance)
Renaming the Backstab options to Dispatch.
Coldblood has been removed along with Overkill.

5.0.4 bug fixes with changed interfaces....

5.0.4 bug fixes with changed interfaces....

Interface update

Interface update

Interface update

fix for required CP in "backstab mode"

Interface update

More config options, reworked decision logic.

fix for Mutilate spell id, update Rupture to 1+ combo points

new option - suggest vendetta - false by default. /mut or /mutilate to change option
if vendetta is not on cooldown, suggest vendetta while rupture and SnD are active

Updated for 4.0. Added support for Vendetta. Cp generator suggests backstab if mob < 35%. Rupture is back in default rotation.

Added more complete list of bleeds. Added ability to show / hide frame: /mut show /mut hide /mutilate show /mutilate hide. Mutilate will now hide frame when hunger for blood talent is not detected.

Added "Suggest Rupture" interface option for rogues that prefer rupture in their dps cycle. This is set to false by default.

Modified mutilate rotation for rupture-less cycle. Note: it will still suggest rupture if no bleed debuff is present and hunger for blood requires refresh.

Updated toc

Added configuration options for envenom and vanish

Added Deadly Poison timer and limit envenom to one second after Deadly Poison tick.

Added options panel. Added slash commands /Mutilate /mut. User now has the ability to scale the GUI and lock the panel.

Initial Revision

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