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About MuffinMOTD

The standard Guild Message of the Day is often overlooked by players because it typically scrolls off the viewable chat area due to mods logging information and Blizzard's welcome message. This makes the MOTD a much less effective communication tool than it could be.

This mod pops up a dialog when you first log in to show you the Message of the Day. Click the okay button and it goes away. If the MOTD is changed while you're logged on it will pop up again. If you're in combat when the MOTD changes, the dialog won't appear until combat has ended.

You can also configure it to only pop up when the MOTD has changed and it has (optional) LDB support.

This is a small mod that does a small job well.

Change Log

 - TOC bump for 6.2 patch

 - TOC bump for 6.1 patch
 - Mostly rebuilt to work around issue with MOTD not showing

 - Fix for MOTD not showing on login
 - "Right-Click for options" LDB icon has a fix to workaround a Blizzard bug

 - TOC bump

 - TOC bump for rerelease
 - Close MOTD Windows with Escape key

 - LDB support (optional)
 - Can now set MuffinMOTD to only show the dialog when the MOTD changes
 - Options panel

 - Added /MuffinMOTD show command
 - Added localization capability. "Okay" button should be correct, everything else won't be unless people submit translations.

 - Initial Release


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