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  • Updated Jun 19, 2017
  • Created Aug 28, 2014
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About MrTarget

Alternative to BattlegroundTargets (BGT)


Supports Legion v7.2.0

Download OmniPotent for ARENA/SKIRMISH

See the addon in action at


Left-click to TARGET Right-click to FOCUS

Right-click drag to MOVE (only while unlocked or options interface is open) Unit frame orientation is automatic based on screen position Units are sorted ALPHABETICALLY, then by CLASS, then by ROLE To avoid taint, options that alter the UI are disabled during battle


/mrtarget, /mrt hide|show - Quick hide/show for during battle
/mrtarget, /mrt lock|unlock - Lock/Unlock right-click drag to move /mrtarget, /mrt - Open interface options panel


This Work is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License. For more information see LICENSE.txt included with this distribution or visit for the full text.

MrTarget v5.3.2

Copyright (C) Lock of War, Renevatium

Legion v7.2.0

19/06/2017 v5.3.2 Fixed aura refresh bug (js_wow) Maintain cooldowns in death

02/06/2017 v5.3.1 Fixed memory leak in auras system (bangov)

02/06/2017 v5.3.0 Added support for South Shore vs Tauren Mill Garbage collection now conditional and dynamic Fixed carrier display auras

30/05/2017 v5.2.4 Clear auras properly on death

30/05/2017 v5.2.3 Fixed UNITHEALTHFREQUENT spelling error (Midtskill) Added manual garbage collection

07/05/2017 v5.2.2 Fixed memory leak in aura system

05/05/2017 v5.2.1 Auras work on all size battlegrounds Updated demo options display

19/04/2017 v5.2.0 Added lock/unlock slashcommands (Baggyman17) Display PvP Trinkets with cooldown as combat auras Improved unit tracking Added localization support Chinese (zhCN) localizations (supercclolz) French (frFR) localizations Russian (ruRU) localizations

05/04/2017 v5.1.2 Added support for Brawl: Arathi Blizzard Range now tracks combat log events

30/03/2017 v5.1.1 Updated to support patch 7.2.0 (70200)

Legion v7.1.5

13/01/2017 v5.1.0 Updated to support patch 7.1.5 (70100) Fixed for updated GetSpecializationInfoForClassID

Legion v7.1.0

05/11/2016 v5.0.1 Fixes to interfaces options Use map ID to identify battlegrounds Use 10man config for RBG

26/10/2016 v5.0.0 Updated to support patch 7.1.0 (70100) Fixed player target icon bug Updated range tracking

Legion v7.0.3

25/10/2016 v4.1.0 Fixed not loading in battlegrounds Per battlefield configuration Fixed non-existant target error Prepared for patch 7.1

25/09/2016 v4.0.1 Fixed bug causing frames to appear randomly (shol) Friendly units option displaying correctly Per character configuration (aaron) Persistant configuration Option to hide enemy frames Preparation for 40man Updated copyright text

02/08/2016 v4.0.0 Added columns option Added Grid layout Full fade when out of range Fixed range logic

21/07/2016 v3.1.5 Updated to support patch 7.0.3 (70000)

Warlords of Draenor v6.2.4

16/04/2016 v3.1.4 Updated to support patch 6.2.4 (60200) Fixed error from GetSpecializationInfo

Warlords of Draenor v6.2.3

18/11/2015 v3.1.3 Updated to support patch 6.2.3 (60200) Party frames no longer shown by default Auras now obey orientation Disabled for Isle of Conquest and Alterac Valley

Warlords of Draenor v6.2.2

07/09/2015 v3.1.2 Updated to support patch 6.2.2 (60200) Fix hide/show slash commands

Warlords of Draenor v6.2.1

21/08/2015 v3.1.1 Updated to support patch 6.2.1 (60200) Fix range tracking Fixed objectives frame toggle

Warlords of Draenor v6.2.0

10/08/2015 v3.1.0 Party frames Dropped arena auras

23/07/2015 v3.0.1 Improved targeting Improved unit detection Switch from UNITHEALTH to UNITHEALTH_FREQUENT event Added UPDATEMOUSEOVERUNIT event

17/07/2015 v3.0.0 Total rebuild for patch 6.2.0 (60200) Dropepd arena functionality (New arena addon coming soon) New raid frames (party frames for HEALERS coming soon) New unit frames New aura system New range detection system Insane performance improvement Upgraded UI elements

Warlords of Draenor v6.1.2

16/04/2015 v2.2.3 Fixed nil name error in Arena Fixed multiple issues with Arena loading

06/04/2015 v2.2.2 Fixed missing buff icons

02/04/2015 v2.2.1 Fixed hide/show /commands Fixed CompactRaidManager bug (jbbuena) Added player cast debuffs in BGs (teakan) Added option to hide power bar (teakan) Updated for patch 6.1.2 (60100)

Warlords of Draenor v6.1.0

25/02/2015 v2.1.4 Updated for patch 6.1.0 (60100) Fixed targeted count (SantiagoJH90) Generally fixed lots of bugs

02/03/2015 v2.1.5 Fixed first load bug (seatleson, evilmonkeyz) Improved range tracking

25/02/2015 v2.1.4 Updated for patch 6.1.0 (60100) Fixed targeted count (SantiagoJH90) Generally fixed lots of bugs

Warlords of Draenor v6.0.3

18/02/2015 v2.1.3 Fixed font on aura timers in borderless Added friendly target counters (SantiagoJH90)

09/02/2015 v2.1.2 Fixed several range issues Added transmute naming option (pokemon only) Disable naming option during battle Improved health tracking Added spec icons to Borderless UI

23/01/2015 v2.1.1 Added Russian transliteration (Sijtsma) Only movable with options panel Split battleground and arena settings Borderless/minimalist/shadowed ui interface option (deathmonkey) Fixed options saving bug Added range tracking Fixed unit frame depth (Kaligma) Significantly improved performance

11/12/2014 v2.0.4 Fixed bug causing objectives to hide in Garrisson

11/12/2014 v2.0.3 Added enable/disable option for battlefields Added enable/disable option for renaming Added right click /focus (Dazian) Added hide/show slash commands Fixed bug: not loading immediately in BG (Kelsey) Fixed bug: clearing randomly (ed) Objectives frame hides

01/12/2014 v2.0.2 Update arena auras Removed objectives frame hide (taint)

30/11/2014 v2.0.1 Disabled range Updated Arena auras

28/11/2014 v2.0.0 Now resizable Added renaming sets Added interface options panel Updated aura (flag) recovery Added Focused/Brutal assault icons Arena system (beta) Added Arena auras GameTooltips for auras 28 yard range

27/10/2014 v1.1.3 Fixed issue with full team name replacement Fixed auras [Deepwind Gorge] Added slash command to enabled/disable renaming Added specialization text to unit frames Tooltips implemented but disabled

Warlords of Draenor v6.0.2

15/10/2014 v1.1.2 Fix for ObjectiveTrackerFrame Upgrade to Interface 60000 (WoD)

Mist of Pandaria v5.4.8

10/10/2014 v1.1.1 Name ordering fixed permanently (sorry) Arena build fixed [disabled]

08/10/2014 v1.1.0 Fixed incorrect ordering Moved target/assist icons to the left Enlarged and moved aura icons to the right First Arena build [disabled]

09/09/2014 v1.0.4 Fixed Auctionator error (LP)

30/08/2014 v1.0.3 Corrected feedback email Updated README

29/08/2014 v1.0.2 Improved font visibility Corrected frame strata Fixed icons [Deepwind Gorge]

28/08/2014 v1.0.1 Repackaged for Curse

28/08/2014 v1.0.0 First Release

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