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About Monitor Status v2

***NOW UPDATED FOR MISTS OF PANDARIA!!!*** Monitor Status v2 was originally made by Hippo as an alteration of Linoleum. It's much like the original Monitor Status, but has many more options, including the ability to show buffs and debuffs. An easy to manage GUI is in place to enable more customization. Slash Command: /ms2 - Opens the options window. Current Bugs: Unable to click on names in the addon to target. Usage: By default, MS2 displays hp and mana/rage/energy/etc. as a percentage. The variables listed below will change the display as noted. $bind - Shows the keybind. Ex. party member #2 shows up as F2 $level - Shows the level. $name - Shows the name. $hpp - Shows health as a percentage. This is the default setting. $mpp - Shows mana/rage/energy/runic power as a percentage. This is the default setting. $hp - Shows health actual value. $mp - Shows mana/rage/energy/runic power actual value. $mhp - Shows the maximum health at all times. This will not change as the target takes damage. $mmp - Shows the maximum mana/rage/energy/runic power at all times. This will not change similar to $mhp. $hpm - Shows health missing. $mpm - Shows mana/rage/energy/runic power missing.

    2.5.0 - 2013/04/30
            Corrected crash from group member changes in a raid.
            Changed Monk color from Jade to the lighter green that is more commonly used.
            Updated most class buffs, racial buffs, and debuff types available.

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