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About MessageBoard

== MessageBoard == A guild-wide forum, similar to web-based discussion-sites. The difference is that this is a 100% in-game WoW addon. It does not need a web-server, or a server-character that is always logged in, or external software, or anything special. It is often difficult to get guildies to log in to the web-site to check messages. It's usually only the "hardcore" people that bother on a regular basis. This addon will help you. It requires no technical skills at all, beyond the ability to use a simple forum. Just install and play. == Requirements == You need to: - install the addon - be a member of a guild - have an administrator create rank permissions and categories - To set admin, add to guild note for example: #MB:A:Pancha Or multiple admins: #MB:A:Pancha,Necrocookie == Usage == - To open MessageBoard, press the minimap icon. == Features == - Notification of new posts. - Search Feature. - Officer Only Categories. - Password Encryption of Category Posts. - Supports announcements, sticky topics, normal topics, voting polls, and locked topics. - Users can set an avatar. - Administrators can be assigned by guild note. - Can ban users. - Can add users as moderators. - The text-editor supports inserting item,spell,http links. - Quoting of posts during replies. - The database size is regulated by automatic pruning, by means of post-count. - Color Picker for posts. - Private Messages. - View other users stats and posts. === Please note === It is easy to forget that you are not using a regular forum, but it's all within the limits of the WoW game. This means that when you log in, you must allow MessageBoard 2 to 3 minutes to update data. The time will vary dependent on several factors. But the more posts, the slower it updates. The addons talk to one another, so the more people in the guild that have the addon, the better. == Administrators == An administrator is needed to set MessageBoard options, category names, and permissions. The admin can also edit, delete, move, and lock any post. **An administrator is assigned by adding to guild note for example: #MB:A:Pancha Or multiple admins: #MB:A:Pancha,Necrocookie

- added overwatch icon
- upgraded to ducklib 3.1
- sync speed greatly increased
- changed the text on the back button to accurately reflect what section you're in
- added users tab
- added a pm tab
- send a private message to a user
- notifications of private messages
- messageboard administrator is now set using guild note, player and officer notes no longer work (see below)
- admin can ban users (no access to any mb functions)
- admin can add users as moderators (edit, move, delete posts)
- view a users character stats and post history
- copy entire post texts
- smileys (emoticons) in posts
- ability to move topics to another category
- add 'edit by <name>' on posts when edited
- ability to edit colors of posts (when editing)
- new sticky lock post type
- lot of little quirks fixed
- can change the font size of post text in the options menu
- quoted text is now off by default
- added Legion background
- updated to work with Patch 7.03
- Updated German translation - Thanks to Tumbleweed_DSA
- Updated French translation - Thanks to Xam_on_it
- Updated Simplfied Chinese translation - Thanks to fyhcslb

Warning, may erase your old posts. It will attempt a conversion to the new database format.

To set admin, add to Guild Info Notes for example:


Or multiple admins:


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