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  • Newest File: LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.3.9
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About LootAppraiser_Challenge

LootAppraiser_Challenge provides an additional LootAppraiser module for ingame transmog / farm challenges across realm and faction.


  • LootAppraiser 2016.v1.6.10 or later
  • TradeSkillMaster (the easy way -> all modules and TSM DesktopApp with correct realm setup)
  • BNet connection and a full bnet list of friends ;)

'LootAppraiser Challenge' streamers

Pictures are far more expressive than words (in Brackets: Language and Region):

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How LootAppraiser Challenge works (general)

First, each participant and the host of the challenge requires both LootAppraiser (including all dependencies defined there such as TradeSkillMaster) and LootAppraiser_Challenge.

Each participant must have the host with his BattleTag in the friendlist.

Background: LootAppraiser Challenge coordinates the challenge with BNet messages. Thereby it does not matter on which server the participant plays or which faction he belongs to.

... as host

Open up LootAppraiser Challenge config (shift right click on minimap icon of LootAppraiser).

LootAppraiser Challenge - host configuration

Fill out the description and pick your challenge parameters for 'quality filter' and 'price source'.

With the button '(Re)Send Invitations' LootAppraiser Challenge will send a invitation to every entry in your bnet friendlist which is online and plays World of Warcraft.

On tab 'Invitations' you can see the current state of your invitations. It's splited in 3 sections:

Open Invitations

LootAppraiser Challenge - open invitations

Lists all friends from the bnet with a compatible loot appraiser challenge version (see dependencies at the above).

Accepted Invitations

LootAppraiser Challenge - accepted invitations

Declined Invitations

LootAppraiser Challenge - declined invitations

... as participant

Open up LootAppraiser config (right click on minimap icon of LootAppraiser), go to the 'Challenge' sub-config (press the plus right to the LootAppraiser entry) and go to the tab 'invitations'. All outstanding invitations are listed here.

LootAppraiser Challenge - invitations

Look for the challenge you want to join and click 'Accept'. The last row shows a invitation state and can have the following states:

  • Open - Open invitation (you have not accepted nor declined)
  • Pending - Invitation accepted but not confirmed by the host
  • Confirmed - Invitation accepted and confirmed by the host
  • Blocked - This challenge is blocked because you have accepted another challenge
  • Declined - You have declined this challenge

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.3.9 Release

  • Freely definable duration for challenges

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.3.8 Release

  • Updated for patch 7.1.0

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.3.7 Release

  • Updated for patch 7.0.3

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.3.0 Release

  • force a new version for curse

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.3.0 Release

  • new: request for invite join a already running challenge
  • enh: ready check more like the wow ready check
  • bugfix: reconnect better disconnect detection

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.2.6 Release

  • new: premade teams
  • new: team challenge ui shows
  • team ranking
  • individual ranking
  • new: window scaling
  • new: reconnect after dc/reload
  • bugfix: change alias after invite
  • bugfix: most valuable items overall in team challenge

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.2.1 Release

  • bugfix: reactivated accept button after resend invite
  • bugfix: host team cleanup after resend invite
  • bugfix: looting areas

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.2.0 Release

  • new: most valuable items overall (host only)
  • new: private challenge
  • fix: manuel invite (for private challenge)
  • new: open LAC from minimap icon (see tooltip)
  • === Your title here... ===new: team challenge

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.1.3 beta

  • bugfix: compatibility to la >= 1.6.10

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.1.2 beta

  • wow patch 6.2.4 changes

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.1.1 beta

  • bugfix: overwrite of challenge data when more than one invitation received

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.1.0 beta

  • AceBNComm-1.0 and BNChatThrottle-1.0 included (modifications of the existing Libs to support BNet communication)
  • complete rewrite of bnet communication code
  • challenge ui: afk indicator
  • challenge ui: added last looted items, most valuable items and loot area
  • challenge ui: position change indicators/arrows

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.0.3 beta

  • hotfix: incompatibility with newest TSM version

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.0.2 beta

  • hotfix: removed items and area from ranking

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.0.1 beta

  • ranking: last looted items
  • ranking: loot area
  • challenge timer as countdown
  • la version check
  • single invite from bnet list

LootAppraiser Challenge 2016.v1.0 alpha

  • init version
  • 1
  • 2
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