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About LootAppraiser

LootAppraiser is an addon which determines an item's value when looted based upon a pricing source you select. It keeps track of all gold asset value of the items in total including a quality item filter. Perfect for farming and determining gold asset value or potential gold-per-hour.

The reason I developed this addon was because while proving out some gold earnings via farming, I was using spreadsheets for post-run calculations on item values and pricing models. Now, I just run this addon, select the price source I want and let it calculate it for me!

Please understand, this addon does NOT determine liquid gold you are guaranteed to make but rather, potential ‘asset’ values of items looted where you will have to do the work and sell it on the Auction House, trade chat, etc.


TradeSkillMaster 3

LootAppraiser needs TradeSkillMaster 3 with a minimum of the following modules:

TradeSkillMaster (core)
TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB (for AuctionDB price sources)

NOTE: An important part of this addon is to ensure you are always getting the latest/updated pricing information for your realm or your numbers will be reporting incorrectly. We would highly recommend installing the TradeSkillMaster Desktop application (available for Windows and Mac) available at TradeSkillMaster.com

TradeSkillMaster 2 is also supported but outdated and will be removed sooner or later...

Addon Features

  • Calculates pricing based upon TSM prices sources (depends on the installed modules) including:
    • AuctionDB: Global Historical Price
    • AuctionDB: Global Market Value Avg
    • AuctionDB: Global Min Buyout Avg
    • AuctionDB: Global Sale Average
    • AuctionDB: Global Historial Price
    • AuctionDB: Global Market Value
    • AuctionDB: Min Buyout
    • Custom Price Source with the full power of TSM price source formulars (see here)
  • Item quality highlights while looted (with full tooltips - only main window)
  • Configure item quality filtering from Poor through Epic (only show the loot you want)
  • Quick UI buttons to close or clear the session
  • Support for Soulbound and Gray items leveraging Vendor Sell pricing
  • Track of total items looted
  • Tracks total gold in assets looted based upon a pricing source you selected above
  • Supports 6.2.x clients
  • Supports multiple UIs (Blzzard-UI, ElvUI, SuperVillain UI, ...)
  • Audible gold alert threshold for x amount of gold you specify
  • Bag counter


/la - This will load the full UI with items, color by quality, and value of asset(s) looted
/lal - This will load a 'Lite" version in a new frame ONLY showing value of asset(s) looted
/laa - This will load a small frame utilized for the Gold Alert Threshold set

Left-Click on minimap icon to open the main window (same as slash command /la)
Right-Click on minimap icon to open options window with configuration options for quality filter, price source and gold alert threshold

BOTH can be open the same time and are exclusive of each other.

To disable, click the "x" button on the UI.


For some of the common problems you can find possible solutions here

NOTE: If you use any UI's, your frames will look different. In this reference, you will see SuperVillain UI and ElvUI pictures.

LootAppraiser 2016.v1.6.15 Release

  • Support for 7.1

LootAppraiser 2016.v1.6.14 Release

  • Lib-Toast update for removed API methods

LootAppraiser 2016.v1.6.13 Release

  • Support for Legion Pre-Patch versioning

LootAppraiser 2016.v1.6.12 Release

  • bugfix: shift left-click on minimap icon

LootAppraiser 2016.v1.6.11 Release

  • bugfix: minimap

LootAppraiser 2016.v1.6.10 Release

  • preparations for the next LAC release
  • additional dependecy check for tsm
  • more options
  • hide minimap icon
  • hide drop statistic

LootAppraiser 2016.v1.6.9 Release

  • bugfix: reset instance - lua error in some rare cases

LootAppraiser 2016.v1.6.8 Release

  • add shift key to new session
  • bugfix: sorted lockouts

LootAppraiser 2016.v1.6.6 Release

  • bugfix: incompatibility with newest TSM version

2016.v1.6.5 - Release

  • bugfix: lua error with reset instance

2016.v1.6.4 - Release

  • bugfix: reset instance
  • instance lockout list (as tooltip on reset instance button)
  • callback api (challenge module preperation)

2016.v1.6.2 - Release

  • bugfix: reset instance lua error

2016.v1.6.1 - Release

  • prepatch for LootAppraiser modules

2016.v1.6 - Release

  • tsm price source changes
  • dynamic price source list based on loaded modules
  • bugfix: count of multiple non-stackable items in one loot
  • bugfix: currency looted
  • bugfix: sound channel back to 'master'
  • bugfix: lite timer stops updating when main ui closed

2016.v1.5 - Release

  • changed loot code (again)
  • add loot appraiser timer window

2016.v1.4 - Release

  • bugfix: attempt to call method 'formatBoolean' (a nil value)
  • add reset instance button to main ui
  • add config for new button

2016.v1.3 - Release

  • redesign the complete loot code (again)
  • bugfix: display of non-latin chars (zone and session duration)
  • remove calls to none public tsm methods
  • salvage crate
  • bugfix: bag '0' not watched
  • bugfix: itemID match invalid

2016.v1.2 - Release

  • additional debug output
  • bugfix: custom price source for TSM 3

2016.v1.1 - Release

  • packaging problems

2016.v1 - Release

  • NextGen streamlined UI
  • Foundational statistics and Session capturing
  • New selectable notification selection
  • Custom Price support
  • Integrated timer with stop/restart functionality
  • Updated About section
  • UI no longer requires to be open and on screen to record loot
  • Suppress option to make LootAppraiser manually operated/opened
  • New email address for support: [email protected]
  • bugfix: resolved full size map, selfie-cam and alt+z closing LootAppraiser
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