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About LockNotes2

LockNotes 2


  • Graphical menu - Enable or Disable what you want and don't want!* Type /ln OR /locknotes
  • Movable bars - LockNotes 2 uses its own frames which is can move around!

Visual and Audio Alerts for:

  • Nightfall/Backlash/Empowered Imp (Instant casts)
  • Eradication/Decimation/Molten Core
  • Enemy buffs (immunities, such as berserker rage, lichborne, anti-magic shell, cloak of shadows, etc)
    • Can be set for target and focus only, which can further be set to show such buff alerts on target/focus change*
  • Spell misses/resists/groundings (grounding totem)
  • Soul Link applying or dissipating
  • Fear and seduce fading from their target (only tells you when YOUR fear is taken off to reduce spam)

Audio Alerts for:

  • Melee interrupts used on you - to help you "juke" better in pvp

Visual Alerts for:

  • Spell lock and dispel (devour magic and singe magic) spell locked/buff or debuff removed notifications and optional broadcasting


A reworking and recoding of the original locknotes (created by Veev), locknotes 2 improves on the original with improvements in event handling and performance as well as adding multiple new features. For those unfamiliar with locknotes, it's a system which provides a visual and audio alert to procs and other warlock related things (and buffs on enemies in pvp) to let you know what's going on, while still trying to cut down on visual overload of information.

Updated Buffs System

In addition to the nightfall/backlash proc warning/noise, locknotes 2 contains updated enemy buff warnings, with a different sound played for those buffs which simply make the enemy immune to fear and those which make them completely immune to magic. It also features an option to restrict the notifications to those only from your focus and target, helping to eliminate spam in crowded pvp situations such as tol barad or even rated battlegrounds.

Buffs that no longer need to be alerted to have been pruned, such as the beast within and the feral druid ability berserk, which both no longer cause fear immunity.

Melee interrupt notification

Another addition is the implementation of a very clear and distinct sound when a melee attempts to interrupt. Most melee interrupts make a very minimal sound, and often require consulting to bars to see when they've been used. With locknotes 2, a clear sound is played letting you know instantly that a melee interrupt has been used on you, and hopefully you successfully juked it.

New Menu

The largest change (aside from the recoding of the event handler) is the implementation of a user interface with configurable options, allowing you to enable or disable parts you want or don't want.

/locknotes or /ln will bring up the options screen.

Version 2.0C

  • A few small updates for WoD

Version 2.0B

  • Added ability to raise framestrata to be above the default UIs. This is by default turned on and is highly recommended, otherwise notifications will appear over it.

Version 2.0A

  • Completely redone the way the frames flash, blizzard doesn't like people using UIFrameFlash, or atleast their interface doesn't, so it's now done using animation controls instead. This will fix any taint errors associated, most notably the reglyphing/talenting ones. Or atleast it should.
  • Redid miss notification system with some different logic and made it a bit more usable for other classes. I also updated it as it wouldn't have worked very well with some warlock abilities in its previous incarnation.
  • Added mass spell reflect notification and also added the monk, warlock, and shaman 5 second interrupt immunity abilities (warlock one is 8 seconds)
  • Numerous other things I've probably long since forgotten about, I removed/added old and new spells for notifications. Green fire causes every warlock spellID that is fire to change to a completely different one.

Version 1.7B

  • Added icon to chat log reporting

Version 1.7A

  • Re-corrected dispel announcements due to blizzard combat log dispel issue
  • Removed Soul link, eradication (et al), error frame filtering, and drain soul from the options and addon as they're all no longer needed (Soul link has been changed, no one uses it anyways, eradication and all associated buffs no longer exists, error frame filtering was used before frames were developed for the addon, back when it was using the same hooks as the original locknotes, and drain soul now dynamically changes with health instead of needing to be casted below 20%)
  • Fixed fear/seduce/poly/blind fading issues, blizzard changed the spellid for fear for some unknown reason.
  • Fixed Tremor totem notification issues
  • Added Wind Shear and Monk interrupt to melee interrupt noises list

Version 1.6F

  • Added temporary correction for blizzard combat log dispel

Version 1.6E

  • Fixed Death Knight issue where notifications weren't working

Version 1.6D

  • MOP fixes, mostly function changes.
  • Disabled Soul link alerts for now, I'm not sure this is needed anymore, the spell is being completely reworked.

Version 1.6C

  • Changes to the way event handlers register and unregister to free up processing power when they're not needed
  • Added primitive way to open the menu from the default UI's addon section
  • Various performance tweaks
  • Added better support for when the addon is left enabled for other classes and changed possible options

Version 1.6A

  • Added Drain soul notification

Version 1.5A

  • Fixed error frame continuing to filter even when the option was turned off
  • Fixed tremor totem flashing even when the option was turned off
  • Interrupt announcements now work with all classes, not just warlocks
  • Dispel/SpellSteal announcements should now work with all classes, not just warlocks

Version 1.4D

  • TOC update for 4.3

Version 1.4C

  • Minor changes to slightly reduce already low cpu usage

Version 1.4B

  • Reworked soul link alerts to how they should work. Should work right 95% of the time, blizzard api makes it hard.
  • A couple minor bug fixes, mostly XML related

Version 1.4A

  • Added Tremor totem notification - may alert from very far away depending on what your combat log range is
  • Added target and focus death notifications and death noises option
  • Reworked portions of the code to make it run a little bit faster (not that it was needed, but all streamlining is good)
  • Added menu sounds since it seemed weak
  • Boosted some of the quieter sound files a little bit so they could be heard a little easier. Wasn't much but if it's too loud let me know.
  • Numerous other changes that I can't remember

Version 1.3A

  • Added the ability to move and reset the frames now that the addon generates and maintains its own frames
  • Shortened the message when dispelling or spell locking someone and announcements are enabled, makes it easier to disseminate information quickly.
  • Added bladestorm to fear immune abilities
  • Messed with the resist coding a little bit, added in deflect since it didn't exist when the original addon was made
  • Added in grounding totem to magical immunity FOR TARGET AND FOCUS ONLY, otherwise it would spem you a billion times as people gained and lost the buff from the totem due to range
  • Changed text color for focus when target/focus only is enabled, now your focus alerts will be a nice pink, helping to differentiate a little easier who gets what
  • Replaced inner focus warning for that of strength of will, which is the actual aura-mastery-like buff, should work but I'm not 100% sure
  • This will likely be the stable release version for awhile as I can't even imagine what more I could put in here aside from cooldowns, and there's a million other addons that do that.

Version 1.2C

  • Fixed improper spell icons showing up

Version 1.2B

  • Forgot to hide menu, sorry

Version 1.2A

  • Added icons to both the main frame and the dispel frame. (optional)
  • Moved frames to a bit better location

Version 1.1B

  • Added Locknotes frames for displaying instead of using default blizzard frames, which is what the original locknotes and this addon had done.
  • That change SHOULD fix any weird errors that have to do with zones showing weird information
  • With an addon like this it's almost impossible to test anything so if you have any problems leave a description of it and I'll fix it.

Version 1.1

  • Removed server name from all notifications to clear up clutter
  • Added fear seduce break notifications (which are on a different line than the main one)
  • Added a beta version of soul link alert. Doesn't really work the way I want it to due to the WoW api and the nature of how soul link gets applied after pet summon (which isn't instant).

Version 1.0

  • Dispel notification and announcements
  • Spell Lock notification and announcements
  • Filter for notifications to work better, also prevents error frame spam

Version 0.9:

  • New version numbering scheme, official beta release.
  • Added option to display buff alerts when switching targets with target/focus buffs only enabled.
  • Lots of work under the hood (rewritten event handler, XML changes, etc).

Version r003:

  • Fixed problem with player buffs and players from other servers when target/focus only was checked.

Version r002:

  • Added in eradication/molten core/decimation notification option
  • Added Empowered imp to nightfall/backlash notification
  • Added recklessness to fear immunity spells
  • Some more code streamlining
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