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  • Updated Jul 31, 2016
  • Created Nov 21, 2013
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About Little Battler

Little Battler helps you train your Battle Pet team in PvE battles. Currently, it lets you quickly see:

  • Pet Tamers and Beasts of Fable that you have not yet fought today.
  • Pet Tamers' battle pets and their abilities.
  • The pets you used to defeat the tamer in the past.

Also included are a number of small UI tweaks to improve the general pet battling experience:

  • Skip the "Are you sure?" confirmation when challenging Pet Tamers.
  • Automatically accept Tamer daily quest rewards.
  • Automatically equip your Safari Hat when challenging Tamers.
  • Keeps your pet Journal sorted between logins.
  • Use pet healing abilities and items, as well as pet XP boosts directly from the pre-battle gossip dialog.
  • Quality borders and selected ability highlighting in the default pet battle UI are updated immediately rather at the beginning of the next turn.

You can also view a video of Little Battler in action on YouTube.

Have a great idea for a feature, or experiencing some problems? Leave a comment below.

Version 1.12

  • Patch 7.0.3 compatibility update.
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