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  • Updated Mar 13, 2016
  • Created May 11, 2011
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v0.66.2
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About Liquidator


Note: If you download the new version and see nothing in the Liquidator frame, go to the Addon Options panel, choose liquidator and make sure to select Show bags, bank and totals

What if you sold everything in your bags and bank?

How much would you potentially get in gold?

Liquidator can give you that information!

The addon will give a total value of all your bags and bank based on vendor value and auctioneer data if available.

  • Auctioneer (AucAdvanced) Supported
  • Auctionator Supported new

Work in progress. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Addon is now updated to incorporate the Ace3 library. Still hoping to add some cool features. Suggestions welcome and don't forget to 'Like' and add the addon to your favourites. Thanks to those who have downloaded and tried it out.

To Do List

  • Incorporate the reagent bank
  • Options to include *only* certain skill trade goods, i.e. what is the value of my gems?
  • Additional options for auctioneer (market value/appraiser)
  • Include or exclude current gold value
  • Options to include or exclude any of the current categories (bag vendor/bag auction, bank vendor/bank auction values) v0.51
  • Exclude or include bags if required
  • Find a way to save bank data v0.51
  • Options for alpha and background colours (possibly borders too)
  • At some point in the future, option to skin via popular methods (ElvUI, TukUI for example).
  • If guild bank is opened (i.e., character is in a guild), count the guild bank.


Using this project to learn LUA/XML coding. Please make constructive criticism if you are knowledgeable of these 'languages'.


Big thanks to the author of Liquid-Wealth for being able to peruse his code and see how his addon did things.

Are you learning to write addons?

Recommend reading this page:

tag v0.66.2

This version of Liquidator hasn't changed since the last version. Only updated the toc file to represent functionality with the newest version of WoW 6.2.x

Creating a new semantic release versioning candidate version 0.66.1/2

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