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  • Updated Oct 18, 2014
  • Created Jul 29, 2010
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About LibQuestItem-1.0

There are various ways to tell if a item is a quest item or not. This library will attempt to combine all different ways. The library will only be able to tell a addon if a item is a quest item if the user have the item equipped, in a bag, on keyring or in bank when visiting. Implemented so far: -Scan for quest items in bags, keyring and equipped. Scanning using GetContainerItemQuestInfo() and looking at item type and subtype using GetItemInfo. -Scan for quest items using the questlog using GetQuestLogSpecialItemInfo(). -Detects if items starts a quest and/or if the user is already on the quest the item belongs to. API (so far): GetQuestItems(forceRescan) -returns a table with itemIds and their properties. IsQuestItem(itemId) -return true if quest item. IsUsable(itemId) -return true if usable quest item. StartsQuestId(itemId) -return the questId if item starts a quest. IsQuestActive(itemId) -return true if user is on quest. NOTE: This is my first library so any constructive feedback is very welcome.

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