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  • Supports: 7.0.3
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  • Updated Sep 3, 2016
  • Created Jan 10, 2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 0.4

About LibPlayerSpells-1.0


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LibPlayerSpells-1.0 is a library providing data about the spells of the eleven character classes in World of Warcraft. It also includes additional spells derived from racial traits and other sources. The word "spells" is used here in the general sense; it includes active skills as well as passive spells that are found in the players' spellbook. Buffs and debuffs that are applied by the player from other sources are also covered.

This library is born from the need to centralize similar data used in several addons to reduce the maintenance cost and to have a better consistency across those addons.

It provides answers to questions like:
  • Does this spell have a cooldown ?
  • Does this spell apply one or several buff(s) or debuff(s) ?
  • Is this spell a survival cooldown, or used for dps ?
  • Does this spell regenerate mana or some other resource ?
  • What are the survival buffs of all the classes ?
  • Which spell interrupt abilities are available ?

Each class has his own data file that can be updated separately from the main code.

Supported classes & specs

Not all classes and specializations are 100% supported yet. However, most interrupts, dispels, and survival cooldowns are complete.

If LibPlayerSpells is missing something specific from your class please file a detailed bug on Github or contribute to the project yourself if you are feeling brave! In the second case, be sure to read the contribution guidelines.


Copy the library files in your addon and list the lib.xml file in the TOC file.

LibPlayerSpells-1.0 uses LibStub:
local LibPlayerSpells = LibStub('LibPlayerSpells-1.0')

Querying information from a spell

You can then obtain information about a given spell with GetSpellInfo:
local flags, providers, modifiedSpells[, moreFlags] = LibPlayerSpells:GetSpellinfo(spellId)

  • spellId is the numerical spell identifier.
  • flags is a bitfield containing data about the spells (see below).
  • providers is the identifier (or a table of) identifier(s) of the spell(s) to; said otherwise, if the provider is not found in the player's spellbook, the given spell is unavailable. For example, the provider spell can be a passive spell given by a talent.
  • modifiedSpells is the (or a table of) identifier(s) of the spell(s) affected by the given spells.
  • if the given spell is a special case (see below), moreFlags contains another bitfield.

Querying the spell database

You can iterate the database, looking for certain spells, using IterateSpells:
for spellId, flags, providers, modifiedSpells, moreFlags in LibPlayerSpells:IterateSpells(oneOfFlags, requiredFlags, rejectedFlags) do -- Do something with the loot end
flags, providers, modifiedSpells, moreFlags have the same meaning as the values returned by GetSpellinfo. spellId is obviously the numerical identifier of the current spell.

The three method arguments are used to build a filter. They are bitmask specifications. They can be passed as an numerical bitmask computed using bit.bor and library constants, or a string containing the flags separated by white spaces or commas. For example, bit.bor(LibPlayerSpells.constants.HUNTER, LibPlayerSpells.constants.BURST) is the same bitmask as "HUNTER BURST".

IterateSpells lists all spells that:

  • has at least one of the flags listed by oneOfFlags
  • and has all flags listed by requiredFlags,
  • and has none of the flags in rejectedFlags.

If a bitmask is empty or not provided, the corresponding condition is ignored. With no arguments, all spells are listed.

-- Iterate through spells that have a cooldown, are/apply an aura and are either survival or mana-regenerating skills. for spellId, flags, providers, modifiedSpells, moreFlags in LibPlayerSpells:IterateSpells("SURVIVAL REGEN_MANA", "AURA COOLDOWN") do -- Do something with it ! end


Most spell information is stored in a bitfield to compact storage and easily test or filter spells. The bit value constants are available in the LibPlayerSpells.constants table.

The presence of a specific flag can be tested this way:
if, LibPlayerSpells.constants.AURA) ~= 0 then -- This spell is an aura, do something meaningful with it. end

However, the library provides a way to easily build flag tests.

Special spell types

These flags indicate special spells, that (will) have additional data.

  • CROWD_CTRL: this is a crowd-control spell; additional data is a bitfield indicating the diminishing returns category (disorient, taunt, etc.).
  • DISPEL: this spell can dispel either allies' debuffs or enemies' buffs; no additional data yet.
Crowd control flags

These flags are used in the additional data for crowd control spells and indicate the diminishing returns category a spell belongs to. While INTERRUPT and KNOCKBACK are technically DR categories themselves, they do not always have an associated aura and are not traceable through the UNIT_AURA event. Thus they are just ordinary flags in the spell bitmask.

  • ROOT
  • STUN

Spell sources

These flags indicate the source of the spell. The constants are self-explanatory: DEATHKNIGHT, DRUID, HUNTER, MAGE, MONK, PALADIN, PRIEST, ROGUE, SHAMAN, WARLOCK, WARRIOR, RACIAL.


These flags hints about the targeting mechanism of the spell. They are exclusive most of the time.

  • HELPFUL: The spell can be cast on any ally, including the player and his pet.
  • HARMFUL: The spell can be cast on any enemy.
  • PERSONAL: The spell automatically targets the player.
  • PET: The spell automatically targets the player's pet.


  • AURA: The spell applies (or is) a buff on allies, or a debuff on enemies.
  • UNIQUE_AURA: A given character can have only one instance of this (de)buff at a time, even if several players cast the same spell on it, e.g. Hunter's Mark.
  • COOLDOWN: This spell has a meaningful cooldown.
  • SURVIVAL: This spell is considered a survival skill.
  • BURST: This spell is considered a burst skill (either damaging or healing).
  • POWER_REGEN: This spell allows the target to recharge some kind of alternative resource e.g. Energizing Brew
  • IMPORTANT: An important spell the player should react to.
  • INVERT_AURA: The aura logic of this spell is inverted. It applies a debuff on allies or a buff on enemies (this case has yet to be found), e.g. the Weakened Soul applied by Power Word: Shield.


Thanks to ckaotik, Rainrider, mjmurray88, arcadepro for their testing and contributions to the class spells.


LibPlayerSpells-1.0 is licensed using GPL v3. This means that any addon using it must have a compatible license (see there).

tag 0.4
Rainrider <>
2016-09-04 00:06:23 +0200

Tagging for release


    - Fix deploying tags
    I suck a copy-pasting ...
    - Changed deplay condition to push tags
    - data: increment all data revisions
    Not sure if needed, but better safe than sorry
    - docs: remove RAIDBUFF and expand CROWD_CTRL documentation
    - core: :GetCrowdControlCategoryName returns a string
    Every CC spelll belongs to one DR category only
    - mage: list Ice Nova outside CROWD_CTRL
    I still need to confirm whether it belongs to CC DR category or not.
    - core: clear dispel and crowd control flags before applying the category flags
    - data: add taunts to their CROWD_CTRL category
    Pet and AoE taunts are usable on bosses and thus do not belong to the
    TAUNT DR category.
    - mask: re-work masks (WIP)
    Remove RAIDBUFFS.
    Add DISPEL and CROWD_CTRL as specials.
    Merge both *_REGEN into POWER_REGEN.
    Add KNOCKBACK (not as CROWD_CTRL though).
    Add SNARE.
    - druid: fix mistyped Stellar Flare id
    - hunter: add missing Dust of Life to cooldowns
    - data: bump monk and warrior revision numbers
    - tests: database conflicts should be resolved properly now
    - mage: add frost artifact
    - mage: add frost talents
    - mage: add frost core abilities
    - mage: add fire artifact
    - mage: add fire talents
    - mage: add fire core abilities
    - Revert "mage: add fire core and talents (#98)"
    This reverts commit 22df157f4bbb295b28a24720deb27490c913ee7b.
    Low quality!
    - paladin: add Power of the Silver Hand (holy artifact trait)
    - paladin: separate Judgement debuffs per spec
    Used the first available spell for the corresponding spec at lvl 10
    (when specs are unlocked). Currently Protection's Judgement does not
    have an associated debuff.
    - paladin: add holy artifact
    - paladin: add holy talents
    - paladin: add holy core abilities
    - mage: add fire core and talents (#98)
    * mage: add fire core and talents
    * mage: fix ordered the spells by id
    - paladin: add protection artifact
    - paladin: add protection talents
    - paladin: add protection core abilities
    - shaman: Flame Shock is a CD for restoration
    - shaman: add restoration flame shock missing id (#97)
    - priest: add holy artifact
    - priest: add holy talents
    Remove Echo of Light because it is a passive modifying way too much
    - priest: review holy core abilities
    - priest: add discipline artifact
    - priest: add discipline talents
    - priest: review discipline core abilities
    - priest: add shadow artifact
    - priest: add shadow talents
    - priest: add shadow core abilities
    - rogue: add assassination artifact
    - rogue: add assassination talents
    - rogue: add assassination core abilities
    - rogue: add outlaw artifact
    - rogue: add outlaw talents
    - rogue: add outlaw core abilities
    - rogue: add subtlety artifact
    - rogue: add subtlety talents
    - rogue: add subtlety core abilities
    - warlock: add demonology artifact
    - warlock: add demonology talents
    - warlock: add demonology core abilities
    - warlock: add affliction artifact
    - warlock: add affliction talents
    - warlock: add affliction core abilities
    - warlock: add destruction artifact
    Lord of Flames not included
    - warlock: add destruction core abilities and talents
    - shaman: add restoration artifact
    - shaman: add restoration talents
    - core:: make sources contain all the source categories
    GetVersionInfo could still get some love
    - core: fix source category check
    - shaman: add restoration core abilities
    - priest: fix indentation
    Use tabs to indent, spaces to align
    - core: allow multiple sources per aura
    TODO: clean up, fix sources[spellId]
    - priest: add discipline core abilities (#95)
    * priest: add discipline core abilities
    * priest: add holy core abilities
    Also fixed and reorganized some Disc abilities.
    - shaman: add enhancement artifact
    - shaman: add enhancement talents
    - mage: add arcane artifact
    - mage: review arcane talents
    - mage: review arcane core abilities
    - mage: fix arcane ordering and formatting
    - shaman: fix Earthquake being a stun and not a knockback
    - shaman: add elemental artifact
    - shaman: add elemental talents
    Primal Elementals are broken because the spell are not added to the pet
    spellbook and thus LibSpellbook can't get them.
    - mage: fix arcane core added some talents
    - shaman: proper order (descending id)
    - shaman: review enhancement core abilities
    - shaman: review elemental core abilities
    - Travis: avoid deployment from getting stuck because of SSH interaction.
    - Fixed ssh_known_hosts indentation.
    - paladin: add retribution artifact
    - paladin: add retribution talents
    - paladin: add retribution core abilities
    - Travis: try to deploy only from AdiAddons/LibPlayerSpells-1.0.
    - Use the ssh_known_hosts addon of Travis to populate ~/.ssh/known_hosts.
    - warrior: add fury artifact
    - warrior: add fury talents
    - warrior: add fury core abilities
    - warrior: add arms artifact
    - warrior: add arms talents
    - warrior: review arms core abilities
    - warrior: add protection artifact
    - warrior: review protection talents
    - warrior: review protection core abilities
    - warrior: change formatting
    - death knight: add unholy artifact
    - death knight: add Dark Succor
    - death knight: add frost talents
    - death knight: add unholy core abilities
    - warrior: add protection core abilities and talents (#94)
    - Fool-proofed
    - Moved deployment files to their own folder.
    - Have Travis-CI push passing builds to
    Only push master and tags.
    - Fixed Travis-CI builds.
    - death knight: add frost artifact
    - death knight: review frost talents
    - death knight: review frost core abilities
    - mage: add arcane core and talents up to level 60
    - druid: add restoration artifact
    - druid: add restoration talents
    - monk: fix dispels
    - druid: add restoration core abilities
    - druid: add balance artifact
    - druid: add balance talents
    - druid: add balance core abilities
    - shaman: add enhancement core self buffs (#86)
    - death knight: add frost rest of talents (#89)
    - racials: orc fix blood fury attack power id (#85)
    Also updated library version to 7000 but did not check any other racial yet.
    - death knight: add frost core and some talent (#87)
    Not all talents are covered
    - warrior: add arms core abilities (#88)
    - Switch the README to markdown
    - druid: add feral artifact
    - druid: add feral talents
    - druid: add feral core abilities
    - druid: add guardian artifact
    - druid: add guardian talents
    - druid: add guardian core abilities
    - Bump the interface version and restore LoadOnDemand
    - death knight: add blood artifact
    - death knight: add blood talents
    - death knight: add blood core abilities
    - demon hunter: reorder crowd control auras
    - hunter: reorder crowd control auras
    - monk: reorder crowd control auras
    - monk: mistweavers' detox slipped through somehow
    - monk: remove Soothing Mist as it is a passive effect
    - monk: mistweaver talents
    - monk: mistweaver artifact
    - monk: mistweaver core abilities
    - monk: windwalker talents
    - monk: windwalker artifact
    - monk: windwalker core abilities
    - monk: brewmaster talents
    - monk: brewmaster artifact
    - monk: brewmaster core abilities
    - demonhunter: vengeance talents
    - demonhunter: vengeance artifact
    - demonhunter: revisit vengeance core abilities
    - demonhunter: havoc talents
    - demonhunter: havoc's metamorphosis is a burst
    - demonhunter: havoc artifact
    - demonhunter: update havoc base abilities
    - hunter: add honor talents
    - hunter: complete artifact data
    - hunter: update hunter spells
    Use the build number as the revision number
    - shaman: add base elemental spells
    - hunter: add Healing Shell and Windburst effect
    - hunter: add Bombardment
    - hunter: add Marksmanship's artifact spell
    - hunter: fix the provider of Marking Targets
    - hunter: add Play Dead and Wake Up
    - hunter: add all pet abilities
    TODO: manasabers and oxen
    - hunter: add basic pet abilities
    - hunter: add beast master talents
    - hunter: add marksmanship talents
    This will need to be toned down a lot
    - hunter: add survival talents
    - hunter: add survival spells
    No talents and artifact yet
    - demonhunter: load the file
    - The second argument to __RegisterSpells is actually a number
    - Damn tab settings
    - hunter: add Bursting Shot
    - core: add the demon hunter bit mask
    - hunter: add marksmanship spells
    No talents or artifact yet
    - hunter: add beastmaster spells
    TODO talents, artifact
    - demonhunter: add havoc spells
    No talents yet
    - demonhunter: add vengeance spells
    No talents for now
    - Add a stub for the demon hunter
    - Clean the data for Legion
    - Rogue: add Instant Poison
    - Travis: Use --force-yes on apt-get install
    - Travis: Build on trusty
    The git verstion of Ubuntu Precise Stable seems to have problems with
    the fact that the folks from luarocks specify a wrong branch in the
    rockspec of luabitop (and a wrong git repo too). Git on Ubuntu Trusty
    handles that.
    - Fix travis CI
    - Rogue: Add Blade Fury
    - monk: bump data revision number
    - Removed whitespace...
    - Added Serenity
    Added Serenity as a personal aura with cooldown. I'm not sure if the spell qualifies for the "POWER_REGEN" flag. It doesn't generate chi over time, but replenishes lost chi after chi consuming abilities.
    - Bump the toc
    - [druid] Fix Tooth and Claw mssing provider
    - [data] Bump patch version und reset revision
    Individual class data still needs confirmation but should be compatible
    with patch 6.2
    - [mage] Amplify Magic was removed
    - [hunter] Aspect of the Fox removed
    - core: add localization of the buff categories
    A new API call added: GetRaidBuffCategoryNames. See code documentation
    This uses the default in-game translations from GlobalString.lua
    - deathknight: remove a double occurence of Army of the Dead
    This had no implications, so don't bump the data revision
    - deathknight: fix Death Pact
    - priest: bump revision
    - Priest.lua - add Clarity of Will
    Final talent choice exclusive to disc. priests.
    - monk: remove spells added through DRData
    - monk: add Keg Smash's slow
    - tests: make the tests expect GetSpellInfo instead of GetSpellLink
    - druid: some fixes
    fixed Typhoon
    fixed Solar Beam
    added Wild Charge (talent)
    added Wild Mushroom's slow effect
    - priest: add Glyph of Mind Flay
    - core: use GetSpellInfo instead of GetSpellLink for spell validation
    Some glyphs do not have links like Glyph of Mind Flay (120585)
    - priest: fix Insanity, add Mind Sear
Hjalte Thor:
    - Bump Druid version number
    - Add Stellar Flare
    - bump toc
    - data: bump patch version
    - shaman: fix Ascendance's provider
    - shaman: remove Echo of the Elements
    Seems to have been changed in 6.1
    - druid: remove all but one spells from important
    Map Clearcasting to Regrowth
    Map Predatory Swiftness
    - druid: bump revision
    - druid: fix Berserk
    Berserk (Cat) and Berserk (Bear) do not share their respective buffs and
    present buffs do not change upon switching forms.
    - druid: tidy up a bit
    - druid: fix Bloodtalons talent and proc
    - druid: fix guardian Dream of Cenarius proc
    - paladin: tidy up
    - paladin: support the Empowered Seals talent and fix Censure
    - mage: add Arcane Charge
    - hunter: fix Steady Focus and Exotic Munitions
    Show Steady Focus on Focusing Shot.
    Move Steady Focus out of important of so I doesn't flash in ABA
    Fix Poisoned Ammo misspelled ID.
    Fix providers for the debuffs Poisoned Ammo and Frozen Ammo.
    - Druid: fixed Typhoon and Infected Wounds, added Wild Mushroom.
    - Warlock: added Kil'jaeden's Cunning, Eye of Kilrogg and Soulburn.
    - Monk: fixed Transcendence and added Life Cocoon.
    - Rogue: fixed Vanish.
    - Deathknight: added Remorseless Winter and Conversion.
    - hunter: fix Deterrence with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimaera talent
    fixes Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras#152
    - shaman: version bump
    - shaman: fix the spell id for Purify Spirit
    - Shaman: reorder some spells.
    - Shaman: fixed providers for Tidal Wave, Maelstrom Weapon and Echo of the Elements.
    Fixes GH-73.
    - shaman: fix the ids of the modified spells for Echo of the Elements (Elemental)
    - shaman: re-order spells according to the contribution guidelines
    Please read
    - shaman: fix modified spells mapping
    - shaman: use double quotes for consistency
    - shaman: add shaman dispels
    fixes Adirelle/AdiButtonAuras#143
    - Warrior: display Mortal Wounds on Mortal & Wild Strike.