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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About Killshot

If you are a PvPer, or you got a Guild with a lot of your friends, this is the AddOn for you!
Use [/ks], [/kshot] or [/killshot] to show Killshot's options


  • Killshot's soundfiles are placed in another addon! Download that addon, or Killshot's sounds won't work!
  • Download Killshot_Sounds at
    • WARNING: Back up existing custom killshot sounds prior to updating
  • (The reason for this is because you can change the soundfiles from Killshot to what you want, if the sounds would be in this addon and this addon would update, all your edited sounds would be replaced by the original sounds)

Killshot Description:

  • This AddOn shows a message, and plays a sound ("Ownage", "Double Kill", "Killing Spree", "Rampage", "Multi Kill", "Dominating", "Unstoppable", "Mega Kill", "Godlike", "Wicked Sick", "Ultra Kill", "Monster Kill", "Ludacris Kill", "Holy Shit"), when you've made a killing blow.
  • It cooperates with other players in your Guild/Party/Raid/BG/Arena that also got the AddOn, that means that they will also get a message and a sound when you make a killing blow or die.
  • With this AddOn, World PvP, BattleGrounds and Arena's will become much more fun, as you try to get the last hit, and the highest killing streak before dying.

Killshot Terms:

  • Kill = you killed a player (the last damage the enemy player died from has to be your damage)
  • Multikill = you made a kill, and in less than 15 seconds you make another kill
  • Death = you died
  • Emote = an emote (/slap, /spit, etc)
  • Combat Text = the red text in the middle of the screen (color can be changed, but the default color is red) (only you can see Combat Texts)
  • Chat Text = text made with the addon, this is not text in /s (only you can see Chat Texts)
  • Emote Text = text typed with /e (everyone can see Emote Texts)

Killshot Functions:

  • Killingblows (and deaths) will trigger a sound effect and a splash text, and people in your BG, Party/Raid, and Guild will also get that sound effect and splash text
  • World PvP, Battlegrounds and Arena will become much more fun
  • You can enable/disable almost everything
  • You can change Killshot's volume
  • When you are using an older version, you will be notified
  • You can share your addon-data with other users (to compare who is better)
  • You can flip people off in /say chat (typ /ksfu)
  • You can let Killshot take a screenshot when you make a kill or multikill, and when you die
  • You can let Killshot play a sound when your target is below 20% health (the HP% is customizable)
  • You can let Killshot summon a random pet when you made a kill or a multikill
  • You can choose up to 100 messages you and others will get when you make a kill
  • You can choose infinite emotes you will play (/slap, /spit, etc) when you make a kill (1 will be randomly chosen every time)
  • You can make infinite chat lines which you will say (in /s chat) when you make a kill (1 will be randomly chosen every time)
  • You can switch between 4 soundpacks: [Normal], [Female], [Sexy] and [Custom]
  • When you pick another soundpack, other users will also hear sounds from that soundpack, if the kill/death comes from you
  • You can add your own soundfiles, by replacing /sp4/0.mp3 - /sp4/14.mp3 with your own files

If you have an idea for another function, just post it on Killshot's curse page, and I'll add that function in less than a week.
Also, when you have a screenshot with this addon, you can send it to [email protected] to have it uploaded on this page.

Killshot Donations:

  • Murray Grevious (€10,00)

[v6.00] Updated sounds references to align with Patch 6.0.2.
[v5.27] The death of your mirror images won't cause your streak to be reset anymore (the addon first only checked if the name of the object that died was equal to your character name, now it also checks if the object that died was a player and not a NPC).
[v5.26b] Fixed a bug created in v5.26.
[v5.26] Fixed a bug with the volume slider, apparently it didn't round in some cases, giving strange bugs like a volume of 2.9966335296631 instead of 3.
[v5.25] Fixed a bug when Killshot should display an error message (when trying to play sound file that can't be played or found).
[v5.24] Fixed a dumb copy paste bug.
[v5.23] Fixed the channel bugs (I think, haven't tested it yet).
[v5.22] Fixed an error (it errored because blizzard removed the io functionality from their lua).
[v5.21] Removed the "Add me to friends" button.
[v5.20] Updated for WoW 5.0.4.
[v5.19] Fixed a mistake from v5.17, since there is no 100% sound option, only Master/SFX/Music/Ambience.
[v5.18] Fixed the bug (which was just a stupid mistake really).
[v5.17] Added an option to choose which volume type Killshot sounds uses (100%, SFX or Master).
[v5.16] Added a check to make sure GetMaxBattlefieldID() returns a number.
[v5.15] Changed MAX_BATTLEFIELD_QUEUES to GetMaxBattlefieldID(), I hope this fixed the error you would get in WoW 4.3.
[v5.14] You can now make a list of chat lines in Killshot, and choose a chance %. It will say a random line and say it in say chat (/s), the chance is used to sometimes say something, and sometimes don't say anything, else it might become spammy.
[v5.13] Fixed some bugs with the "Test Death/Multikill/Execute Sound" buttons. I also added 2 sliders in the Warning Messages tab, to choose howmuch spam the warnings should give in the chatlog.
[v5.12] Fixed some small bugs, and changed the 'Show New Killshot Variables' default from [true] to [false].
[v5.11] Added an option to enable/disable the "killshot var = nil, changed it to ..." messages, I also changed those messages.
[v5.10] Added options to change the "Update Killshot" and "Download Killshot_Sounds" messages, you can also increase/decrease their cooldown.
[v5.09c] Made more small changes, it might fix some nil errors.
[v5.09b] Made a small change, it might fix some nil errors.
[v5.09] Fixed the sharing-bug!!! (I had to register Killshot's prefix, else WoW blocked my addon messages)
[v5.08d] Added a file_exists check at the PlaySound function, this might causes less lag when Killshot is trying to play a sound-file that doesn't exist. It also might fixed some sound bugs.
[v5.08c] Fixed some bugs from v5.08b.
[v5.08b] Fixed and improved some things from v5.08. Maybe this fixed the sharing bug.
[v5.08] Added more debug options, and improved the ones made in v5.07, also, I registered Killshot's prefix, maybe this fixed the share-data bug.
[v5.07] Added debug options.
[v5.06] Fixed some small bugs in the enable/disable ''streak data modification' code, that might fixed the not-sharing issue that some people had.
[v5.05] Fixed a small bug made in v5.04.
[v5.04] Fixed a bug that was long unnoticed until now, non-random PvE kill sounds will now work as intended.
[v5.03] The soundfiles are now in another map, if you download an update now it won't replace your (custom) soundfiles. Download Killshot_Sounds, the addon where all Killshot's soundfiles are placed. Killshot_Sounds link:
[v5.02] Removed the pet kills tracking because it gave to many false kills / bugs.
[v5.01] Fixed some bugs from v5.00.
[v5.00] Added a function, pet kills should work now too! (although it might not work sometimes, but most of the time it does).

[v4.06] Added a new option (/ksfu), it will flip people off in /say chat, useful for when someone ninja'ed your kill away.
[v4.05] Fixed some bugs and added some options:
- Fixed: The 'You're using an old Killshot version'-message didn't show up, turns out I had to put a > instead of a < in a number comparisment.
- Fixed: I fixed the execute sound bug, it didn't work with players from another realm because UnitName won't show the realm anymore, so I removed the realm from the destName too.
- Added: I added a new function to Killshot, it summons a random non-combat pet on kill or multikill. Also added 2 options to toggle it for kill and multikill. These settings got a new tab, called 'Random Pet Settings'. (PS: summoning a random pet uses a global cooldown, this PS is also shown in Killshot ingame).
- Added: I added a Friend button to receive Killshot broadcasts (about bugs/updates/etc) in the 'About' tab.
[v4.04] Added 2 options:
- Option added to disable streak data manipulation (example: when you make a kill, and this is turned off, your current streak, total kills, average killingstreak, multikill streak, max multikillstreak, etc will remain the same).
- Made copies of all sound files and increased or decreased the volume (-9 dB, -4.5 dB, +4,5 dB, +9 dB) and made a slider to change the sound volume of Killshot.
[v4.03] Fixed a bug which you got when receiving a multi-kill (playername of the multi-kill sender wasn't send),
[v4.02] I made 4 (small) changes:
- Fixed out-of-date 'status'.
- Increased time between received messages from 2 to 3.
- When you kill or die in arena, you won't see (bg) behind (arena) anymore.
- The kill/multikill/death function has been changed, it will now 'operate' in this order: sound, share, text (combat&chat), emote. You probably won't notice this unless you have some client-side lag (low FPS).
[v4.01] Updated for WoW 4.2.
[v4.00.g] Corrected the fix made in v4.00.f.
[v4.00.f] Fixed a bug which prevented you from hearing kill-sounds from other people.
[v4.00.e] Fixed a bug where you would sometimes hear the execute sound when you onehit your target.
[v4.00.d] Fixed many bugs that together fixed 1 big bug, sharing data now works! (the delimiter can only be 1 character long... also had solo instead of ks['solo'] a couple times...).
[v4.00.c] Fixed a bug that you would only hear the execute sound when you've dealt damage yourself (now you'll hear it when anyone deals damage on your target and the targets health drops below % hp).
[v4.00.b] Fixed a bug that you would get when you would login on a second character.
[v4.00] The reason why this took so long is because I had to change the entire way how to addon sends and receives messages in order to do things that weren't possible with the old method. Also I had to change the way each variable saves, because apparently it has a maximum variables it could save, so I had to put them all in 2 big arrays. Because of these big changes there may be some bugs I haven't found yet. Please report those bugs if you find any of them. Here is the list with the changes:
- Changed the way Killshot sends and receives data.
- Changed the way Killshot saves data (all your saved data will be reset).
- You can now choose up to 100 random streak messages, and I can increase the number of maximum messages with only 1 button.
- You can change the colors from the Combat Text and Chat Texts from Kills, Multikills and Deaths.
- You can choose to play another sound for the Multikill-, Death- and Execute-sound.
- All audio-files are ordened in maps, each map is a soundpack (except sp0, which is for other audio-files).
- You can edit the % HP you want to hear the Execute sound (this saves per character).
- You can now hide the Chat Text and Emote Text for all Kill, Multikill and Death messages.
- You can enable/disable Deaths made in WorldPvP, WorldPvE, BG/Arena, Dungeon/Raids.
- Killshot can now play a random emote when you kill someone, you can add and delete emotes yourself from the emote-list.

[v3.09] Finally found and fixed the bug that kept players from sharing multikills. PS: This is just a small bugfix, this is not the big update I'm working on. When the big update is done it will be v4.00.
[v3.08.b] Fixed the 'Finish Him' sound options, you can now turn it on and off.
[v3.08] You can now edit up to 10 different streak messages, each time it will pick a random from those 10. Another thing I added is that when an enemy Player or hostile NPC is below 20% hp, it will play a sound file (sp0/sp0-2.mp3). I also moved the sound files in folders, so it's more organized. However, this does mean that older versions won't work with v3.08.
[v3.07] Updated the addon for 4.1.
[v3.06.b] Changed some words in the menu.
[v3.06] Fixed the bug that new variables won't get set to the default value.
[v3.05] Some bugfixes, and some extra options:
- Added an option to take a screenshot when you break your highest (multi-kill) streak.
- Fixed a bug where you would only see " got pwned by TEST_VICTIM!" instead of "Trollox got pwned by TEST_VICTIM!".
- Cleaned up the variable loading code, wich also fixed 2 bugs that new users had.
[v3.04] Added a function to take a screenshot on a kill/multi-kill/death. Also added some options that weren't toggable first.
[v3.03] Small bugfix.
[v3.02] Added an option to turn the white chat messages off.
[v3.01] Fixed a bug that the name of the killed enemy would be 'kshot' (GetName should be getName).
[v3.00] Many changes, I made a list:
- Killingsteak and highest multistreak now saves per character.
- Realm-names won't be shown anymore.
- Total multikills will also be saved and shown now.
- Streak will not longer be resetted on login when reset-on-zone-change is true.
- Multikill data can now be announced.
- Options to toggle show-streak-on-login and show-streak-on-zone-change.
- Fixed a grammar bug (has been sended -> has been sent).
- Version responses won't be shown multiple times from the same player anymore.
- When you get killed by an npc, (NPC) will be behind the killer's name.
- When you kill or die in an arena or bg, (Arena) or (BG) will be behind the enemy's name.
- Killshot won't send messages to your guild/raid if you are not in a guild/raid (finaly, no more 'you are not in a raid/guild'-spam).
- Fixed the reset-streak-on-zone-change (before this update, it didn't work).

[v2.10] Bug fix for multi-kills.
[v2.09] Changed the max time between kills to make it a multi-kill from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. Also, I made some options for the multi-kill event. Also, everyone's highest-multi-streak has been resetted, else it would be unfair. :P
[v2.08] Fixed a bug made in v2.07, and Killshot finally does something with multi-kills! It saves the highest multi-streak, and gives a message+sound on multi-kill! PS: You make a multi-kill if there is less than 30 seconds between your current kill, and your last kill!
[v2.07] The test function (red button in settings tab) will now make a random streak number, and give you a test with that streak. Also, there is an option to turn PvP and PvE on/off, PvE kills only play a sound, and it won't modify your streak-data, and it won't share with other players. PvE also got an option to play random sounds, each sound got the same chance to be played.
[v2.06] Finally fixed the bug that other people won't hear a sound when you made a kill.
[v2.05] You can now turn your death messages/sounds on and off, and also death messages/sounds from other Killshot users. You now also got an option to reset your streak on login, and when you login (and reset-streak-on-login is turned off) it will announce your streak (if it is higher than 0).
[v2.04] Fixed the sharing data bug, also, your streak will remain the same after relogging.
[v2.03] Fixed the bug that the kill-event wouldn't be called by a kill. Also, you and other Killshot users will now get a message when you are killed, and it also shows by who you are killed! (Getting revenge ain't that hard now! :P)
[v2.02] Fixed a small bug when someone asks you or a version reply.
[v2.01] Fixed some small bugs, nummered the texture packs in the drop-down menu in the options, and other people will hear your soundpack sounds instead of their own soundpack sounds! You can send or request data from all 3 options at once! (Guild, Party/Raid, BG) Changed the anti-spam to 4 streak-announces per 60 sec.
[v2.00] Made a window with everything in it! Typ /ks, /kshot or /killshot to open it! Also, I removed the chat commands. I don't think anyone will use them anymore, post a message if you think I'm wrong.

[v1.20] Edited the info displayed by the when you type /kshot. Added an anti-spam function to the streak data announces (max 6 announces per 60 sec).
[v1.19] /kshot test works again, but other people won't see it now, and it won't raise your killingstreak. I removed the /kshot zone function, because it's kinda useless. Now it will announce your killingstreak (to you only, and only when it is higher than 0) everytime you enter another zone. The streak functions (/kshot streak, streakavg, streakmax) also got an announce function, if you place a A behind the command (example: /kshot streakA), it will announce the data to other Killshot users too, without the A it will only notify you.
[v1.18] Added a function to enable/disable Solo Mode (/kshot solo). Solo Mode disables all incoming and outgoing killingblow messages.
[v1.17] Made Killshot 4.0.1 compatible.
[v1.16] Fixed some bugs from v1.15.
[v1.15] Added a couple functies to show your streak (/kshot streak), your highest streak (/kshot streakmax) and your average streak (/kshot streakavg). Also a function to delete all your data from your streaks (/kshot streakdeleteall).
[v1.14] Fixed the versions from v1.13, now it will also work on incoming messages from other players.
[v1.13] Added a function to enable/disable the emotes (/kshot emote).
[v1.12] Added 2 new soundpacks, and a function to reset everything back to the default (/kshot resetall).
[v1.11] Added a function to enable/disable the sounds (/kshot sound), and a function to enable/disable the text splash messages (/kshot text).
[v1.10] Quick up-to-date update.
[v1.09] Killshot now saved and loads your preferences.
[v1.08] Finaly fixed the bug from v1.07.
[v1.07] Added another soundpack, with a function to switch between the soundpacks (/kshot soundpack).
[v1.06] The older versions were 'Out of Date' (at the addonlist in the characters screen).
[v1.05] Added a toggle 'Reset Killshot streak on zone change' (/kshot zone, it is [on] by default).
[v1.04] Added a 'Reset Killshot streak' function (/kshot reset).
[v1.03] The older versions were 'Out of Date' (at the addonlist in the characters screen).
[v1.02] Also shows version of killshot when u check raid, guild or bg, instead of only showing the date of the version.
[v1.01] Killshot is born! (I don't know why, but I didn't start at 1.00 for some reason).

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