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  • Supports: 7.0.3
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  • Updated Jul 25, 2016
  • Created Jul 24, 2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: 1.18

About KillingBlow_Enhanced


This AddOn shows an image and plays a sound when you get a killing blow. When in a battleground, only killing blows on players are recorded; but all killing blows are recorded outside of battlegrounds.

You can configure the AddOn by editing the options at the top of core.lua in a text editor. This lets you enable/disable the printing of your current KB total to the chat frame and choose whether the AddOn works everywhere or only in BGs.

You can also change the texture and the sound. The AddOn includes three textures: an Alliance crest, a Horde crest and a picture of the Horde/Alliance battleground flags.

The KB total is reset whenever you go through a loading screen (e.g. when you enter/leave a battleground).

Source Code

You can view the AddOn's source code on GitHub.


Thanks OligoFriends of Curse/WoWI for the original concept and the art/sound design.

Thanks to whitefreli for contributing the KillingBlow_HordeSword texture.

Thanks to nightcracker for ncKillingBlow, which showed me which event fires for killing blows.


  • Bump TOC version


  • Add KillingBlow_SkullShield by OligoFriends


  • Bump TOC version


  • Rewrite PvP detection code with FFA PvP support
    -- Based on BankNorris' code here
  • Change World PvP sessionType to "world" in SavedVariables
  • Add "ffa" sessionType for Free for All PvP
  • Unregister ADDON_LOADED after it fires for this AddOn
  • Add to keep track of people who helped with the AddOn


  • Avoid changing current map zone where possible. Map zone will still be changed when entering a new zone in Northrend as this is required to detect if the player is in Wintergrasp.
  • Update PvP zone status, start/end sessions and reset kill count when the player enters a new zone (ZONE_CHANGED_NEW_AREA) instead of when they enter a new instance/continent (PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD)


  • Add support for World PvP zones in PVP_ONLY mode


  • Add AddOn to AddOn Packager Proxy


  • New version to fix Git/CurseForge packager screw-up


  • Add KillingBlow_Death texture by OligoFriends


  • Add KillingBlow_HordeSword texture by whitefreli


  • Change player GUID check to reflect new GUID format
  • Now searches for the string "Player-" instead of using bitwise operations


  • Update to 6.0
  • Convert KillingBlow.mp3 to Ogg format (WoW doesn't play custom MP3s any more)
  • Bump TOC version
  • Register ADDON_LOADED properly
  • Save PvP killing blows to be exported to CSV


  • Change overkill check to >0 instead of >=0
  • It seems a recent patch may have changed the overkill argument of COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED to be 0 instead of -1 for non-killing blows


  • Add new Horde/Alliance texture by OligoFriends


  • Update TOC Interface tag to 5.4
  • Update comment in CLEU to reflect PVP_ONLY change
  • Change BG_ONLY option to PVP_ONLY (arenas + BGs)
  • Add UnitFactionGroup to globals listing


  • Possible fix for "bad argument #1 to 'band'"


  • Add separate KB textures for each faction
  • Alliance uses existing texture (renamed to KillingBlow_Alliance.tga Horde uses the new KillingBlow_Horde.tga (by OligoFriends)
  • Move the texture:SetTexture call to the first firing of PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD so UnitFactionGroup can return accurate results
  • Rename frame to KillingBlow_EnhancedFrame (was KillingBlowImageFrame, from the AddOn's old name)


  • Fix tools-used entry
  • Record KBs for units controlled by the player
  • Record KBs on _DAMAGE events with an overkill argument >= 0 in addition to PARTY_KILL
  • Suggested by Caellian because PARTY_KILL apparently doesn't fire correctly sometimes
  • Add globals list and tools-used entry for mikk's FindGlobals script
  • Re-encode core.lua as UTF-8 without BOM so luac will work
  • Add download info to
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