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  • Updated Oct 1, 2016
  • Created Sep 27, 2016
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About Keystone Expander

KeystoneExpander, replaces text in [Mythic Keystone] links, showing information without having to see the tooltip

Example: a depleted Black Rook Hold Keystone, Mythic Level 7 with Bolstering & Skittish modifiers will show as [Keystone: Black Rook Hold+7/Bolstering/Skittish] in gray text.

The interface options for the addon has a checkbox for showing modifiers in the link text, on by default.


  • Change from Beta to Release
  • Change saved variables to be per-account instead of per character
  • Added sanity checks for modifier IDs to avoid broken itemstring errors
  • Change show modifier option to be off by default

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