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  • Supports: 7.0.3
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  • Updated Oct 21, 2016
  • Created Nov 15, 2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: KeyBind 2.2

About KeyBinder

Update in 1.5: - new mouse interface to change mouse binds - new controls for scale and layout selection - new layout create allowing you to change the keyboard layout. KeyBind: I started playing WoW again and couldn't remember what any of my keys did. I wanted a simple way to quickly see which keys were already bound, and what to, so I made this. Keybind shows your keyboard, and what each button on your key is bound to. It allows you to drag and drop spells onto keys, and bind macro's to keys. How to use: Type /kb or /keybind to access the virtual keyboard. Hover over the keys to see what they are bound to. Click on the keys to unbind them or to set them to a different spell/macro: Click on the modifiers (shift/ctrl/alt) to toggle them on and off, to change the keyboard to show modified keybinds. Keys are coloured according to binding type: green - spell blue - macro purple - interface KBEdit: New in 1.5 is a layout editor called "KBEdit" this is a separate addon and can be deleted if you do not wish to use it. to access, type /kbedit. a dropdown allows you to select keybind layouts, or layouts you have made yourself. Keys can be duplicated by alt-shift dragging, resized by dragging the edges, and fine tune positioned by using the scrollwheel and shift-scrollwheel. Keys are deleted by dragging them off the keyboard. Layouts can be shared by clicking "Export" and copying the output. This can then be dropped into "Layouts.lua" in KeyBind.

- fixed player macros not displaying due to new increased general macro limit

- removed some excess debugging output
Split up files to making updating more manageable
Updated API calls to Legion

1.55: updated toc

1.51: Fixed an error on switching to a custom board.
 mouse GUI, layout editor, action bar spell support.

1.1 added binding to items, as well as UI bindings

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