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About JSHB 4 - Formerly JS' Hunter Bar

Hi all,

I wanted let you know that for the pre-patch and Legion I have moved my efforts into a new Add-On called ClassMods which is based off JSHB, changes to modules and the way classes work with the Add-On lead to my decision to create ClassMods.

I'd like to thank _JS_ for letting me maintain JSHB over the past couple (few?) years, it has been an interesting journey putting my scripting skill to use on an Add-On.

- Kaelyth

All credit to _JS_ for creating a beloved add-on that has become so ingrained for many Hunters out there, unfortunately _JS_ has moved on from World of Warcraft and has been kind enough to allow me to continue with JSHB.

There is a new forum for support of JSHB, please visit http://jshbclassmods.proboards.com for bug reports, feature requests or just to say hi.
Follow me on Twitter @KaelythWoW for updates about JSHB

- Kaelyth @ Dath'Remar
- Original Creator _JS_ (XJS on US-Greymane)

JSHB is in need of translators and people to review translations.
If you can be of any assistance in translating to other languages, please go to the link below.
Link: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/js-hunter-focus-bar/localization/

JSHB is extremely configurable. There are so many different ways of changing the look and feel of the addon that the possibilities are almost limitless.


  • Profiles for multiple configuration for different environments (PvE, PvP, etc.).
  • Extensive in-game options for those that like intricate configuration.
  • Support for LibSharedMedia3.
  • Tons of options that are Load on Demand to keep JSHB small in memory when actually in use. Reloading UI will free options from memory.
  • Add your own custom alerts for buff, debuff or cast of a given spell. (Think mini-power auras).
  • Target Dispel module that will inform you when a mob is under a dispel-able effect.

Announcements - Configurable for various situations and chat channels.
Includes Interrupt and Dispel announcements for classes that can. Some classes have specific announcements E.G Hunter's Misdirection, Binding Shot and Rogue's Tricks of the Trade.

Indicators - Configurable to display only in combat or if missing.

  • Full per class description to come.

Crowd Control timers- Enable or disable the display of timers for your CC

  • Full per class description to come.

Resource Bar - Visually configurable with out of combat/mounted/dead overrides.

  • Bar smoothing to alleviate the "blocky" fill in of your Resource Bar if you like looks and not responsiveness.
  • Display "tick marks" indicating spell costs. You can configure up to five custom marks for specific classes.
  • Resource Bar can change colors based on configurable high and low warnings.
  • Optional auto-shot/swing bar and timer.
  • Display target's current health percentage.
  • Icons that show stacking or proc based personal buffs.

Health Bar - Visually configurable with out of combat/mounted/dead overrides.

  • Bar smoothing to alleviate the "blocky" fill in of your Health Bar if you like looks and not responsiveness.
  • Health Bar can change colors based on configurable low warnings.
  • Display pet health percentage.

Target Bar - Visually configurable with out of combat/mounted/dead overrides.

  • Bar smoothing to alleviate the "blocky" fill in of your Target Bar if you like looks and not responsiveness.
  • Target Bar can change colors based on configurable low warnings (for Kill Shot or Execute etc.)

Timer Bars - Upto 3 configurable timer bars with "Out of Combat", "Mounted" and "Dead" overrides.

  • Add your own custom timers.
  • Stationary or priority icons for spell and item cooldowns, durations and internal cooldowns.
  • You can track the cooldown of any item, as well as the duration of a debuff on your target.
  • Logarithmic moving bars for durations.

Kaelyth @ Dath'Remar - Oceanic - Alliance

Feel free to log in if you ever need to let me know about an issue or need help with something.

- Support site http://jshbclassmods.proboards.com
- JSHB4 was created by _JS_ and currently maintained by Kaelyth_Dath since Warlords of Draenor.
- Follow me on Twitter @kaelythWoW and Twtich /kaelythwow

- Druid: Fixed an issue that was trying to set the maximum value of the resource bar before that game had a value to use.

- Druid: Fixed an issue when changing back to a caster form and the resource bar stopped animating.

- Druid: Added an option for Moonkin to track Mana (default) or Eclipse.

- Hunter: Urgent fix for a typo that made it into 5.1.5 where the ResourceBar module was not being called correctly.
- Death Knight: Fixed the cost of Frost Strike as a tick mark when in Frost Presence.

- Druid: Fixed an issue with the stacks bar not displaying after a spec change.

- Added resource percentage option for Mistweaver Monks.
- Refined high, normal and low resource text colours based on high and low warning options.
- Added an option for your primary resource to be the default resource bar colour.
- TESTING - Hunter bars have the option to be vertical, requires adjustment of height + width settings for each bar.

- Fixed the logic that was supposed to not apply the Mounted Alpha Override when using the Nagrand Garrison outpost mounts.
- Added an option to display resource as a percentage.
- Shaman: Added Totem Indicator Module
- Shaman: Added Shield Indicator

- Death Knight: Added a "Presence Indicator" module.
- Warrior: Added a "Stance Indicator" module.
- Added options to display abbreviated numbers on the HealthBar and TargetBar modules.

- Minor update, changing to "release" after a weeks testing.
- Updated translations.
- Target Bar: Added the option to show target's health percentage.

- Added "Target Bar" module, currently displays target's health with the option for class colour and low health threshold for various uses like Kill Shot, Execute and Shadow Word: Death etc.
- Warlock: Resource Bar now switches between Mana and Demonic Fury for Demonology Warlocks when using Metamorphosis.
- Health Bar has an option to display your pets health percentage.
- Hunter: Removed Aspect of the Fox module.

- Merged all class support into JSHB

- Added logic not to apply the "Mounted" alpha override to the "Telaari Talbuk", "Frostwolf War Wolf" or "Rune of Binding Earth"
- Fixed typo with paths to fonts

- Added Health Bar Module.
- Fixed ticks marks not affected by TotH not showing during TotH.

- More bug fixes from removing the custom sharedmedia code.

- Added a missing exception catch when calling CreateFontString with a bad value from SavedVariables.

- Added Binding Shot Announce Module.
- Removed custom Sharedmedia code that was causing a few media issues, sounds, fonts etc.

- Updated for Patch 6.1
- Fixed sound issues with Alerts and the Tranq Shot module

- Fixed the spellCost function that was producing an error when using Bestial Wrath, this also fixed tick mark placement for spells effected by Thrill of the Hunt and Bombardment.

- Fixed an oversight with Focusing Shot prediction where Focusing Shot has a different Spell ID when it replaces Cobra Shot or Steady Shot

- Fixed an issue where a portion of code was not exiting correctly which caused the script to run too long and manifested as micro pauses in the game
- Removed the automatic trigger for reconfiguring the Timer Bars which was causing the bar to "flash" in some cases

- Fixed an issue where Focusing Shot base focus value was not being changed when first selected as a talent

- Added Focusing Shot focus prediction
- Fixed a legacy error when adding new tick marks
- Fixed the target low health colour for Marksmanship Hunters with the Enhanced Kill Shot perk

- Fixed an error introduced when Crowd Control options were added in 4.34.5

- Fixed Bestial Wrath error calculating focus costs
- Added logic to change the target low health colour to 35% for Marksmanship Hunters
- Added logic to change the duration of Freezing Trap to 90 seconds for Survival Hunters

- Fixed Misdirection Click to Cast - for real this time ;)

- Fixed an error that was blocking incoming whispers from anyone
- Fixed the announce modules from displaying outgoing whispers (message author argument changed to "playername - realmname")

- Fixed options not saving

- Fixed a bug where Misdirection Click to Cast was not loading after enabling it then reloading
- Fixed a Dire Beast default timer being flagged as Survival only
- Fixed A Murder of Crows duration (was previously hard coded due to a workaround by _JS_)

- Added JSMD functionality, configuration can be found in the Misdirection Options.
- Fixed "Only if Known" option for spells on the Timer bars
- Fixed a logic error that would only announce Aspect of the Fox once  
- Fixed Tranquilizing Shot announcement order

- Updated Locale files with new phrases (requires translators)
- Fixed a bug with Indicator frames being removed on Reconfigure
- Fixed tick marks with hard coded spell costs due to GetSpellInfo() no longer returning spell costs
- Focus Bar tick marks have the option to use spell icons (Contribution by Metriss)

- Fixed a bug where the Sniper Training module would not load correctly when a player logged into the game as Marksmanship

- Update for Patch 6.0.2
- Removed hunter's mark module
- Added sniper training module
- Added aspect of the fox announce module
- Changed aspect indicator module as Hunter's no longer have an aspect bar
- Changed misdirection announce module to reflect changes to Misdirection
- Changed crowd control module to reflect changes to Freezing Trap
- Changed energybar module;
    - Stacks: Lock n Load proc spell ID change for Survival
    - Stacks: Removed Ready, Set, Aim... Fire! proc for Marksmanship
    - Focus prediction: Removed Steady Focus bonus now that it works differently (todo: add in new prediction logic for Steady Focus)
- Changed mainspell focus cost to hard coded values due to GetSpellInfo() no longer returing spell cost.


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