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About ItemScore

Calculates scores based on user-defined scale sets and prints them in item tooltips. Also prints the difference between the item and the currently worn item.

This was originally intended as an alternative to Pawn which supported putting caps on stats (for the purposes of capping Hit, for example). With such caps being obsoleted, ItemScore is intended as a more low-level alternative to Pawn. Stat capping is still supported, but to my knowledge no longer

Capping example:

Setting the hit cap to 400 means that for an item with hit on it, any hit that will put the current total hit of the character over 400 will not be counted towards the score.

New features

Added the ability to export/import score sets from Pawn and AskMrRobot. Note that item caps are not currently exported or imported.

Added experimental feature to calculate the uptime and therefore score adjustments for trinket on use and proc effects. A default set of trinket clauses are included which should handle most level 100 trinkets.

Trinket calculations

All stat effects for trinket on use and proc effects are calculated based on the following formula:
statAdj = uptime% * statAffect

Stacking buff trinket effects are calculated based on the following:
statAdj = uptime% * (maxstacks / 2) * statAffectPerStack

Uptime calculations are very rough estimates and are based on the following:

  • For on use trinkets: uptime = duration / cooldown
  • For proc-based trinkets
    • on attack chance based: uptime = duration / (cooldown + (attackrate / chance%))
      • cooldown assumed to be 45 seconds if not included in trinket clause
      • attackrate assumed to be 1.5 (gcd)
    • procs per minute based: uptime = procsperminute * duration (in minutes)

These formulae are based on my own flimsy maths and are subject to improvement. Suggestions welcome.

Trinket uptime and stat effect can now optionally be shown in the item tooltips.


The configuration page can be found in Interface->Addons->ItemScore.

New score sets can be created by entering the name (make sure you hit enter!) and clicking new. The display tickbox indicates whether the score will be displayed in the tooltip. Precision indicates the amount of decimal points will be displayed - the default is 2 resulting in a number like 123.45.

The display text colour and format can be customised. The display text will print literally with the following exceptions:

%n = name of the item score set
%a = the score of the item
%d = the difference in score between the item and what is currently worn. For rings/trinkets/etc. two differences will be printed (+12.34/-56.78). Positive differences will be displayed in green, deficits in red.
%p = the percentage difference in score between the item and what is currently worn, as above.
%t = shows a * if score was adjusted from a trinket clause

The default text, "%n: %a (%d) [%p]". will display as "Score: 123.45 (-67.89/+12.34) [-20%/+5%]" where the absolute score of the item is 123.45, which is 67.89 (20%) less than a first ring/trinket, 12.34 (5%) more than the second ring/trinket.

The text below the display text and colour options shows an example string that will be displayed.

To define the score, expand the available stats option and select the stat you want to add a score for. Click add and the stat will appear in the stat scores part. If you click on it again, you can enter the score and cap for that stat.

Note: sockets are not currently calculated automatically; prismatic socket can be added to a score set and allocated a value.

Other stuff

Entering /itemscore will print the total scores of all worn items for all sets.

Please report any bugs by raising a ticket in CurseForge.

I receive notifications when tickets are raised; I do not for comments. Please use comments for general feedback.

r46 | starslayer2 | 2016-07-22 08:45:29 +0000 (Fri, 22 Jul 2016) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v1.5.45 (from /trunk:45)

Tagging as v1.5.45
r45 | starslayer2 | 2016-07-22 08:42:53 +0000 (Fri, 22 Jul 2016) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/ItemScore.toc
   M /trunk/config.lua
   M /trunk/libs/LibStatLogic-1.2/Locales/enUS.lua
   M /trunk/main.lua
   M /trunk/scoreSet.lua

- Update for 7.0.
- Add normalise option.

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