Iskar Assist (Raid Assist)

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 7.0.3
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  • Updated Jul 22, 2016
  • Created May 19, 2015
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 (LGPLv2.1)
  • Newest File: r94
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About Iskar Assist (Raid Assist)

What it does:
- Creates a unit frame of your raid group ordered by groups or alphabetical (can be changed on options panel).
- Left click: pass the Eye of Anzu for the person (no extra macro needed, just click).
- Right Click: cast a dispel spell depending on your class.
- An icon is shown on the player who is holding the Eye.
- Debuffs on players are shown on the left side.
- A Flash animation is played on the player who received the Eye.

Slash Commands:
/iskar: open the main window.
/iskar users: show who is using this addon on your raid group.
/iskar resetpos: reset the position of the main frame.
/iskar options: open the options panel.

Bug Report:
You may curse the Curse Ticket System to report an issue with the addon:


2016-07-22  Tercio  <Tercio>

[b4ae0b8df71b] [tip]
* Libs/DF/fw.lua Libs/DF/normal_bar.lua plugins/cooldowns.lua

- cooldown plugin update.

* IskarAssist.lua plugins/boards.lua plugins/meters.lua

- sync between repos. something went wrong last time.

* plugins/boards.lua plugins/meters.lua


2016-07-20  Tercio  <Tercio>

* Libs/DF/fw.lua Libs/LibGroupInSpecT-1.1/LibGroupInSpecT-1.1.lua

- framework and library update.

2016-07-19  Tercio  <Tercio>

* IskarAssist.lua

- wakeup packpager.

* IskarAssist.lua Libs/DF/fw.lua Libs/DF/normal_bar.lua plugins/addonscheck.lua plugins/aurachecker.lua

- framework update.

* IskarAssist.lua IskarAssist.toc Libs/DF/button.lua Libs/DF/cooltip.lua Libs/DF/dropdown.lua Libs/DF/fw.lua Libs/DF/label.lua Libs/DF/load.xml Libs/DF/normal_bar.lua Libs/DF/panel.lua Libs/DF/picture.lua Libs/DF/slider.lua Libs/DF/split_bar.lua Libs/DF/textentry.lua Libs/LibGroupInSpecT-1.1/LibGroupInSpecT-1.1.lua plugins/notes.lua

- 7.0.3 update.
- Major framework update.

2016-07-12  Tercio  <Tercio>

* API.lua IskarAssist.lua Libs/DF/button.xml Libs/DF/dropdown.xml Libs/DF/fw.lua Loot.lua OptionsAnchor.lua OptionsPanel.lua RaidAssist.lua media/plus.tga media/save.tga plugins/aurabank.lua plugins/cooldowns.lua plugins/invite.lua plugins/notes.lua plugins/raidgroups.lua plugins/raidschedule.lua

- framework update.
- sync changes from the raid assist project.

2016-07-04  Tercio  <Tercio>

* API.lua IskarAssist.lua Loot.lua OptionsAnchor.lua OptionsPanel.lua RaidAssist.lua Templates.lua plugins/aurabank.lua

- few updates on the new project.

2016-06-28  Tercio  <Tercio>

* IskarAssist.lua IskarAssist.toc plugins/addonscheck.lua plugins/attendance.lua plugins/aurabank.lua plugins/aurachecker.lua plugins/battleres.lua plugins/bislist.lua plugins/cooldowns.lua plugins/invite.lua plugins/meters.lua plugins/notes.lua plugins/playercheck.lua plugins/raidbislist.lua plugins/raidgroups.lua plugins/raidschedule.lua

- updates and fixes.

2016-06-16  Tercio  <Tercio>

* plugins/readycheck.lua plugins/toolbar.lua

- testing two more plugins for the raid leader assist project.

2016-06-13  Tercio  <Tercio>

* API.lua plugins/addonscheck.lua

tagging release

2016-05-16  Tercio  <Tercio>

* IskarAssist.lua plugins/addonscheck.lua

- fixed a background color on addon check plugin.

2016-05-09  Tercio  <Tercio>

* IskarAssist.lua IskarAssist.toc plugins/addonscheck.lua

- Updates for the Legion assist project.

2016-05-06  Tercio  <Tercio>

* IskarAssist.lua IskarAssist.toc media/world_markers_icons.tga plugins/toolbar.lua

- uploading new pluing to test purposes.

2016-04-23  Tercio  <Tercio>

* API.lua IskarAssist.lua IskarAssist.toc plugins/bislist.lua plugins/cooldowns.lua plugins/raidbislist.lua plugins/raidgroups.lua plugins/readycheck.lua

- fixes.

2016-04-14  Tercio  <Tercio>

* IskarAssist.lua plugins/attendance.lua plugins/playercheck.lua

- updates on the assist project.

2016-04-11  Tercio  <Tercio>

* IskarAssist.lua plugins/cooldowns.lua

- more tweaks on cooldowns plugins.

2016-04-07  Tercio  <Tercio>

* IskarAssist.lua

- small fix.

* plugins/notes.lua

- small fix.

* API.lua IskarAssist.lua plugins/notes.lua

- small fixes.

2016-03-31  Tercio  <Tercio>

* IskarAssist.toc indent.lua plugins/cooldowns.lua plugins/notes.lua

- few changes on the notepad plugin for the new project.

2016-03-30  Tercio  <Tercio>

* API.lua IskarAssist.lua plugins/playercheck.lua

- playercheck plugin updated.

2016-03-27  Tercio  <Tercio>

* IskarAssist.lua plugins/notes.lua

- Version ++
- few improvements on the notepad plugin.

2016-03-25  Tercio  <Tercio>

* IskarAssist.lua

- Raid assignments plugin got fixed.
- Attendance plugin also got fixed.

* IskarAssist.lua OptionsPanel.lua plugins/attendance.lua plugins/bislist.lua plugins/boards.lua plugins/cooldowns.lua plugins/meters.lua plugins/notes.lua plugins/playercheck.lua plugins/raidbislist.lua

- Raid assignments plugin got fixed.
- Attendance plugin also got fixed.

2016-03-11  Tercioo  <Tercioo>

* IskarAssist.lua OptionsPanel.lua Templates.lua plugins/bislist.lua plugins/playercheck.lua plugins/raidbislist.lua plugins/raidschedule.lua

- more update for iskar/raid assist

2016-03-10  Tercioo  <Tercioo>

* plugins/raidbislist.lua

- fixed more bugs on the latest update.

* IskarAssist.lua

- player check disabled.

* OptionsPanel.lua Templates.lua

-trying to weakup the packpager, 2nd attempt.

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