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  • Supports: 6.0.2
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  • Updated Oct 21, 2014
  • Created Dec 19, 2009
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About I Hear You All


I Hear You Real ID plays a sound when you receive a Real ID message. This is a light weight addon and no configuration is necessary, just install and forget about it. This addon is useful if you are constantly losing important messages in the often massively spammed general and trade chats, or if you are in battle and don't want to miss any messages.


There are several addons in the I Hear You family. You can pick and choose which combination of sounds you want played. Here is the list:


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October 21, 2014
Added support for Instances
October 16, 2014
Changed sound format to be compatible with 6.0.2
October 14, 2014
Updated for 6.0.2
March 17, 2013
Updated for 5.2.0
January 04, 2013
Updated for 5.1.0
Thanks to Vaelyss for finding a few bugs.
September 05, 2012
Updated for 5.0.4
December 1, 2011
Updated for 4.3
June 29, 2011
Updated for 4.2
May 16, 2011
Updated for 4.1
Thanks to Luschie for code improvement
10-14-10: Version 2.0
Compatible with 4.0.1
Completely rewrote addon - Thanks go to Phanx and Dridzt for their help
Version 1.0
  First Release

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