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  • Updated May 21, 2016
  • Created Jun 17, 2014
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  • License: Public Domain
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About HonorGold

This addon will expend your honor points on Brutal Gladiator's Mutilators and will automatically sell them when the regret times has expired and you click on any vendor. 3990 honor (38 daggers) will net you 610 gold 80 silver and 44 copper.

Buying: All you need to do is to interact with one of the NPC's that sell them: Stone Guard Zarg in Orgrimmar, Lieutenant Jackspring in Stormwind, Trapjaw Rix in Dalaran or even Blazzek the Biter in Tanaris. The addon will automatically buy the daggers.

Selling: Any Brutal Gladiator's Mutilators in your bags with expired regret time (2 hours) will automatically be sold when you interact with any vendor. Type /honorgold regret to sell all daggers that are on the regret time at once (which will refund your honor points).

Bank: Type /honorgold deposit while the bank interface is open to deposit all daggers with regret time not expired in the bank.
All daggers that are in the bank and which regret time have expired will automatically be withdraw to your bags.
Type /honorgold withdraw while the bank interface is open to withdraw all daggers (despite their regret have expired) from the bank.
Type /honorgold autodeposit enable/disable daggers with regret time being automatically deposited in the bank.

Type /honorgold to disable/enable the addon independently on each character (the default is enabled). The last status is saved between logins.

Type /honorgold help to see available sub-commands.

Added /honorgold help
Daggers with longer regret time are deposited first, removed last
toc file update.
Fixed an issue because regret time information not been available for existing daggers after a fresh login.
General code clean-up. Added commands to transfer daggers to/from bank.
Fixed an issue with not expending all honor points at once.
New npc id calculation. Fixed an issue low level toons.
Added a message informing the gold earned when selling daggers.
First release.

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