Homing Digeon

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  • Updated Aug 21, 2016
  • Created Feb 12, 2011
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About Homing Digeon

Tired of having to flip back and forth between the World Map and the Flight Map to find archaeology digs!?!

Homing Digeon provides a simple overlay to the Flight Map highlighting active dig sites and their closest flight points. With the lack of free-flight in Warlords of Draenor, Homing Digeon is invaluable for quick and efficient archaeological excavations!

As of v1.7, Homing Digeon has been updated to work with World of Warcraft client version 7.0.

Thanks to karlww on #wowuidev IRC for the name.

2016-08-21  Geoff Brock  <mischivin@gmail.com>

[6d7704314d84] [v1.7.0-Release]
* HomingDigeon.lua HomingDigeon.toc

Updated to work with Legion, however this is untested with Broken Isle.


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