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About HandyNotes: Legion Treasures

A HandyNotes plugin to show the Legion treasure items on your map. (That means it requires HandyNotes, so go install it as well.)

This includes:

  • Items found in one-off chests that're mysteriously glowing purple.
  • Items dropped by rare mobs.

Important note: Every zone has its own type of randomly-appearing treasure chest. These are genuinely random -- they're not always up, and they can repeat. As such, I don't include any of them. Only one-off chests are in this addon.

Items that you've already collected and mobs you've already killed won't be displayed. This uses the "flag" quests that the game relies on to keep track of the items. Sometimes these glitch; generally if they do so, you also won't have gotten achievement-credit / the item, so you'll likely still be interested in the item.

You can right-click on any treasure node and hide it, if you just don't want to see that one. If you have TomTom installed, you can also add a waypoint for that node.

To edit the settings, visit the HandyNotes config panel, expand the "Plugins" section, and click on "Legion". You can then choose which treasures to show, and whether to show ones you've already found.

Want to help?

If you'd like to submit corrections, please go into the settings as mentioned above and turn on "show quest ids". Then let me know the quest id for the node you want to correct, which will now appear in its tooltip.

If you'd like to submit a new node, you have two options:

  1. Tell me where it is. I'll go find it eventually and track down the more obscure details I need to add it.
  2. Gather these details yourself and send them to me:
    • Zone and coordinates.
    • What it gives you. This is mostly "a random gray, some order resources, and an artifact power item".
    • The quest id associated with it. This is the tricky one. The easiest way to get it is to install QuestsChanged before you open the treasure, then open the treasure and check it to see what quest was triggered.


Changed in v11

  • TOC for 7.2
  • Added the Wand of Simulated Life in Dalaran
  • Added post-Snowblind battle treasure in Highmountain
  • Darkpens treasures were mixed up
  • Watchman's Rock chest in Stormheim explained better

Changed in v10

  • Don't show minimap icons if you have the treasure map buff for that zone active.
  • Missing items in Val'sharah and Azsuna.
  • Missing rare in Azsuna: The Muscle.

Changed in v9

  • TOC for 7.1.
  • Include Emerald Winds, even though it's not technically a treasure.
  • Some helpful notes clarifying positions.
  • Missing Suramar treasure.

Changed in v8

  • Added more treasures to Suramar.
  • More entrances in Highmountain, also finally all the parts of the slow fall toy.
  • Fixed some treasures in Val'sharah, and noted some places where phasing requirements exist.
  • Fixed the Temple of Fal'adora marker on the Suramar surface so it won't vanish until you've gotten both the treasures below it.

Changed in v7

  • Tweaked the rare icon size.
  • Highmountain got a number of cave entrances marked.
  • Added more notes / fixes. (Thanks to: LaoTseu, Victaliaa. Ssateneth, DKong27)

Changed in v6

  • Added rares to all zones, because I got tired of people complaining and it's not like I don't have the dataset available from SilverDragon.
  • Added more Highmountain grapple points.
  • Made grapple point icon more visible.

Changed in v5

  • Show item previews in an attached tooltip rather than squeezing them into the main tooltip.
  • Change the item-icon setting default to false, and have it affect achievement icons and currency icons as well. Makes for a more legible map, on the whole.
  • Given their rarity in this expansion, give nodes with an actual item a special icon.
  • Separate nodes added for cave entrances / grapple points leading to treasures.
  • Fixes in Stormheim.

Changed in v4

  • Fixes to treasures in Azsuna, Val'sharah, and Stormheim.
  • Debug option for bug reporters: "show quest id".

Changed in v3

  • Lots of new treasures in: Stormheim, Suramar
  • A few missing treasures in: Azsuna, Highmountain, Val'sharah
  • Fixed Demon Hunter starting vault treasures to only display on the correct floors.

Changed in v2

  • Fix the default icons, since Blizzard changed ObjectIconsAtlas around.

Changed in v1

  • Initial dataset: limited coverage of all Legion zones.
  • Special handling for artifact-power as a fake currency, rather than just adding in a random power item.

Changed in v0.1

  • Initial framework for display.
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