Gyro: Get Your Raid On!

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  • Updated Mar 29, 2017
  • Created Nov 12, 2007
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  • License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0
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About Gyro: Get Your Raid On!

Gyro lets you set up macros (lists of commands) to be run whenever you join or leave a raid, for convenience or laziness. You can, for example, enable raid UI mods only when you're actually in a raid, disabling them when you're done. It's easy to set up: put commands you want to be run whenever you join a raid in the GyroStartRaid macro, and the commands you want to be run whenever you leave a raid in the GyroEndRaid macro. (Gyro creates these macros for you automatically.) For example, if you want Hear Kitty to only operate when you're in a raid (not sure why, but whatever...), you could use these macros: GyroStartRaid: /hearkitty on GyroEndRaid: /hearkitty off More details are in the readme file that comes with Gyro.


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