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About Grouparmory Companion


Grouparmory Companion is an in-game companion app for the website In short, the in-game addon generates a URL which you copy/paste into your browser. This URL gives you an "at-a-glance" overview of your/opposing raid based on your current location :

(i) In a Battleground or Arena, it will show the match-up between your and the opposing team (ii) Everywhere else, it will show an overview of your party/raid

Grouparmory ?!? is a website created by yours truly which provides an "at-a-glance" overview of your/opposing raid. It's still under heavy development, so expect to see many changes shortly, but it is (almost) fully functional.

Click here to play around with Grouparmory - it's fairly interactive, so make sure to move your mouse around and click on stuff!


The addon can be activated via :

(i) The command line : /grouparmory --or-- /ga

Command Line

(ii) A keybind which you can set in the default keybinding menu (Grouparmory Companion -> Show Grouparmory URL)


You get a URL in a popup window which you can then copy-paste into your browser



Coming Soon™

Known Issues

Coming Soon™


Coming Soon™


  • 1.0.0 : Initial Release. Yay!

tag 1.0.2
aDd1kTeD2Ka0s <>
2015-04-13 00:07:14 +0530


    - Updated ToC
    - Changed MAX_CHARACTERS_PER_SIDE to 40


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