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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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Support development! **

About GrimUI

What is this? - This is a full replacement for the default Blizzard user interface(UI). The general idea came from a UI known as MazzleUI. The GrimUI core itself controls your unit frames, artwork, some action buttons and a whole lot more! Best of all, it does this with out you spending hours on placing frames. It looks and functions much like MazzleUI did, it is also similar to nUI if you are familiar with that. GrimUI out of the box should require no setup itself. Macaroon handles the main action buttons and is included. GrimUI will setup a default Macaroon layout. Check out GrimUI on Facebook GrimUI Fan Page

How do I use it? - First you must download this file. Then back up your current Interface and WTF folders in your World of Warcraft directory, in case you decide to revert back. It is best to delete your current WTF and any AddOns in the AddOn folder however GrimUI should install and function with other AddOn's just fine. Place the the files in the zip file you downloaded into the Interface/AddOns folder.

When you first enter the game on a fresh install the chat frames may appear funny, or its possible sometimes for errors to pop on fresh installs if your say under attack when you log in or in a party or raid. If your chat frames or other frames are out of place Right-Click the GrimUI button on the right side of the screen to access the various reset buttons in the GrimUI options panel. The options panel can also be accessed through the normal Blizzard AddOn Options.

GrimUI should now be setup! Other AddOns that are included with the GrimUI for your convenience may require additional setup.

Will it work for me? - This UI was designed on a wide screen in a 1920 x 1200 resolution. It was also designed to self adjust for any resolution. I have tested it at other resolutions and they seem to work fine. If you have any problems please post them in the bug section.

Please post bug reports here - GrimUI Bug Reports

Will it work in the future? - You can update most AddOns included in the package either here or at Curse without losing your settings. The GrimUI interface will continue to be updated and grow as long as their is sufficient interest from the community AND motivation for its coders ;) Any help testing, or coding would be greatly appreciated. Donations are even more appreciated! See donation button at the top or bottom of this page!

Would you like to see something added to the GrimUI? Or changed? Or maybe even removed?

Post feature requests here - GrimUI Feature Request

NOTE/UPDATE: Version 4.0.01 Has many variable changes, a fresh install is recommended!! If you experience errors please try removing the file.

PartyFrames are now movable as well as most other frames!!!! Ctrl-LeftClick just above your name or a party members name to grab a hold of the frame and move it. To reset the frames click the rest button in the GrimUI options panel.

You can attempt to use the WTF's from previous versions of the interface, but note this does not always work and can cause other problems.
Directions for using previous WTF files can be found here - [B]Dealing with WTF's**

Want a look we don't provide? Create a skin and submit it, it could be in the next release! - GrimUI Skin Templates

AddOn's Included - Special code support, only the best included!

  • Macaroon - Macro based action bar replacement. [WoWI] [Curse]

    • AddOn's Supported - Special code support for this list.

  • Clique - Advanced click functions including spell binding. All GrimUI unit frames are registered with Clique. [WoWI] [Curse]
  • Baggins - Inventory AddOn with sorting ability's. [Curse]

    AddOn's Recommended - What I use, feel free to use anything you like!

  • AdvancedTradeSkillWindow - Makes the crafting window a whole lot better.
  • AutoBar - Best for handling consumables.
  • Capping - PVP timers of all sorts! Other features as well, primarily PVP.
  • DeadlyBossMods - Raid information!
  • ElkBuffBars - Customizable player buff/debuff frames.
  • GupPet - Random mount and pet button, also includes CollectEmAll.
  • JebusMail - Mailbox enhancements.
  • MikScrollingBattleText - Awesome scrolling combat text.
  • Omen - Threat meter.
  • Recount - Does a lot of stuff, damage meter!
  • SmartBuff - Buff reminders and other buff options.
  • Talented - Better talent and glyph frames with duel spec options.
  • XLoot - Improved loot frame.
  • XLootGroup - Improved roll frames.
    No changes have been made to the code of ANY AddOn included in this package. Full credit for those AddOns and all AddOns listed here go to their prospective authors

Where did it come from? - The original design layout gos to Mazzle. A big THANKS to everyone here at WOWI and to all the folks who have been helping me as of late with coding. Special thanks to Vrul for the clock button code, mine was garbage his was superb! To Emelio for the blizzard move frames code. Special THANKS to Cargor and Vrul! Without them this wouldn't be happening.

Update 70000 Ready for Legion

------ - Update - - ------ No longer needed the options for the world map because the world map was fixed on blizz's end and no longer taints.

Load On Demand Behavior was adjusted for the Development tools to stop them from loading everytime. They should no only load when you have selected to have them load.

Threat was added to target window. Its just a big number in the name section right now. Next version ill have cleaned that up. For now make sure it works and actually lets you know when your going to steal aggro.

Action bars may not look all that great when you have the take over action bar up because there was some issues and have not fixed it all the way but its playable.

A few minor things fixed or removed.

- Update - - Fixed bugs caused by UI changes in 6.0.2+ expect more updates soon.

- Update - -

-All the fix's for 4.3 and then some

- Update - -

-Debuffs actually work.

-Party frames will delay when reloading in combat to prevent taint.

-Other stuffs.

------ Update ------ TOC Updated.

Buffs and Debuffs added to party and player pet frames.

Player Health Bar is now Color able.

Some clean up and other modifications.

------ Update ------ TOC updated.

More Huntard fix's.

Keyring junk removed.

MenuBar fixed to show Journal and Raid buttons, may remove raid button as its redundant with the social button.

------ Update ------ Fixed Hunter problem.

Updated TOC for 4.1

------ Update ------ Fixed reload in party and raid bug.

Minimap has more options including alpha and scale settings.

Fixed some other small bugs.

------ Update ------ Added Blow Up Minimap or "Not So Minimap".

Minimap now movable.

Minimap art hide-able.

Info log now has hot point to show/hide.

Minimap shape can be changed.

------ Update ------ Guild Invite added to drop down menus.

A few code clean ups.

------ Update ------ Combo point frame fixed.

Add friend button added to drop down menus.

File structure changed up to show required file load order for easier development.

---- Update ---- Numerous updates.

InGame Help System added.

---- Update ---- Backpack problems are fixed, they should no longer appear off screen.

PartyFrame health and mana updated for six digit figures.

PartyFrame H: and M: removed and text color coded to make room.

Funny space or lack there of issues with raid icons on tooltips fixed.

Role assignment icons added to party frames tank/healer/dps

A few other fixs and changes.

---- Update ---- Updated Ace 3 Lib's for 4.0.6 to fix options panel issues.

---- Update ---- Added tapped notification via greyed bars.

Added some more event hooks to update mana and health of all bars at times it should of been but wasnt.

Fixed Health heal prediction bar.

---- Update ---- Fixed target frame buttons.

Adjusted some stuff...

---- Update ---- Hud is in.

Target Frame updated, looks much nicer.

Lots of stuff... Im tired you figure it out bahahaha.

---- Update ---- -Backpack items not updating when moved fixed!

-Class coloring added to numerous things.

-New Tooltip options.

-Note: Viewport works now, it appears that bliz fixed the viewport water bug. You can now use the viewport without turning the water detail down.

---- Update ---- -Added clock 12/24 hour modes.

-More tweaks to the inspect stuff, still not working like it should. :( blizz throttle sucks.

-Fixed Money ToolTip showing characters money info from all realms. Now only shows current realm.

-Fixed Heroic/non-Heroic flag disappearing sometimes.

-MoveFrames now shows the frames currently in the list and you just click on them to remove them.

---- Update ---- -Added mouse over tooltip to MiniMap as well as more onclick functions.

-Framemover now has /cmds - /gaddmove and /gremmove

-FrameMover add and remove also found in GUI.

-Some more stuff for the HUD added.

---- Update ---- -Fixed Heroic or not icon.

-Fixed LFG Eye button.

-Prep for localization.

---- Update ---- -Fixed PaladinPoweBar for GrimUI.

-Hotfix for Druid alternate ManaBar.

-Fix for Druid Eclipse Bar

---- Update ---- -Fixed bug with options frame logo art always showing.

-Macaroon hook in so GrimUI will now setup a default Macaroon layout.

-GrimUI now controls UiScale on fresh install. User control is returned after.

-Fixed a bug with the TargetFrame Inspect button.

-Bags will now open above GrimUI skin when not using a bag addon to control your bags.

-Art Skin transparency now adjustable.

-3D models are in for party frames!!!

-Dashboard now has Speed frame.

-Certain dashboard frames can be shown/hidden.

---- Update ---- -Increased Min/Max value for the main Skins width.

-New GrimUI config frame logo art.

-New GrimUI main button art.

-Social MicroButton is no more!

-Guild MicroButton is NO more!

-Quest MicroButton IS NO MORE!!!

-Social,Guild and Quest MicroButtons have been made part of the GrimUI dashboard!

-Social and Guild dashboard frames have enhanced tooltips!

---- Update ---- -Fixed setpoint issue caused by skin sizing options.

---- Update ---- -Added the option for setting the width of the main Art Skin.

---- Update ---- -ToolTip position overlapping player frame on certain resolutions has been fixed.

-Bag button has been set to open and close all bags as you would think - note position problem persists.

-Fixed pet name not updating color change for in/out of combat.

---- Update ---- -Hunter pet happiness and name update fixed.

-Issue with Clique and GrimUI dropdown menus has been fixed.

-Numerous frames move-ability has been turned back on.

-Target 3D model not switching if new target was out of range fixed.

---- Update ---- -Hunter status bars fixed to reflect focus properly.

-Hunter pet happiness has been added to pet frame.

-View port toggle now in options to alleviate the water graphic glitch.

-WatchFrame now toggle-able.

---- Update ---- -Warlock shard frame added/fixed

-Player, players pet and target 3d models in.

-TOC update for 4x

-Development tools added.

-Target buffs/debuffs added to target frame.

-MicroBar fixed for new guild button.

-Reputation bar added.

-Numerous other changes for 4.x patch.

---- Update 3.3.91 ---- -Party Frames fixed thanks to Vrul

-ChatFrames fixed for 3.3.5

-No longer modeler at lest for now.

-Ace is used for the options settings options now load on demand.

-To many changes to list this is a major update.

---- Update 3.3.82 ------

-Frame moving is back in! FOR ALL FRAMES well most of them. GrimUI party and player frames for sure.

-Mail and Quest info added to GUI DashBoard.

-Some major code cleanup!

---- Update 3.3.81 ------

-Added a 4th digit to version numbers to allow for more updates.

-All taint issues fixed for the moment.

-CombatLog Show/Hide hot point button added.

-GrimUI DashBoard implemented. Will be adding a lot to this in the near feature.

-UI scale slider should make everything in the GrimUI scale accordingly so one could increase the size.

-Minimap WorldMap toggle fixed, will not cause taint, you just can not see quest objectives while in combat.

-WorldMapBlobFrame taint for all AddOns fixed. This is a global fix, it will how ever prevent quest objectives from being viewed in combat no mater what. It was designed to fix the WorldMapBlobFrame problem for all AddOns.

-Whole ton of other stuff added and removed, the package has been shrunk extremely. Check it out for yourself.

Update 3.3.7 Party Frames for small resolutions are in!!!!!!! Try them out! Lots of taint issues fixed, context menu now usable in combat. Bag bar can be toggled separate of the MicroMenu, both of which toggle in combat now. Bag button and bag count added to dash board, currently only supports Baggins.

Update 3.3.6 XP Bar fixed. Party Frames show in Arena. Party frames should show/hide in raids accordingly now.

Update 3.3.5 Fixed target frames for reals this time! Fixed Clique inclusions. Minor changes to layout position and sizes. Party frames should show up after raid now.

Update 3.3.4 Fixed party target frames to display proper target info. Fixed party leader icon showing all the time. Party should now hide in raid if you have the hide party interface in raid option checked. Bug with it not showing back up after raid. /reload for now. Other misc fix's.

Update 3.3.3 !! MASSIVE UPDATE !! Unit frames are now part of GrimUI. Buffs currently missing, no party pet frames yet, no focus frame. Major changes to the layout of the unit frames. The old Discord style has been changed up a lot. New functions added like click the xp bar to toggle between showing total or left xp. Mana bars will now display a units power regardless of type of power. Power bars will shade brownish instead of the mana purpleish. Life bars are now Greenish. Context Menu now part of GrimUI, based on Geist code. Macaroon is no longer necessary. ANY action bar mod should work with GrimUI now. Clique support for some of the unitframes is in. Will have it for alll frames soon. Clique support is for 3 primary frames, health bars, mana bars and portrait or 3d model frames. Resolution selector is in, this will chose the best resolution for you and then pick out a layout accordingly. GrimUI Button supports right click for direct access to GrimUI Options.

Layout 2 is not in yet, sorry to those of you with small screens, im working on it. Layout 1 supports the following resolutions -

1280 x 720 1280 x 768 1280 x 800 1360 x 768 1440 x 900 1600 x 900 1600 x 1024 This one is funny, send me screen shots of overlapping please. 1680 x 1050 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1200 Native resolution

Update 3.3.2 Major enhancements to the frame moving including position saving. Some slash commands added type /grimui for more info. Chat frames will now save when you adjust or move them. Chat Reset button added to GrimUI options panel. Right click chat window options implemented for the combat and info logs, tabs now hidden for good. Noob123's Black Metal skin added to the skin package. More general code clean up.

Update 3.3.1 Fixed LFD enter/exit button, the eye is now visible when you are in queue or in an instance. Fixed instance difficulty flag, now appears near the eye. Added target icon key bindings. Cleaned up and rearranged some code.

Update 3.3.0 TOC updated to 30300. MicroBar updated for new LFD button.

Update 3.2.7 Numerous AddOn's removed from the compilation for now. Chat linked items hover tip now part of GrimUI's core. Highlight on boarders of the paper doll frame now part of GrimUI's core. Bug with Alliance Skin fixed, skinning functions properly now. Micro Bar has had a layout change in preparation for a major layout change.

Update 3.2.6 SetCvar uiScale on FirstLoad implemented. Skinning functions implemented, added Alliance skin. Chat setup errors fixed.

Update 3.2.5 Setup Modules implemented by Cargor. First install variables and notifications. Reload button on first install. Minimap settings embedded. More AddOn change up's. File structure changed up.

Update 3.2.4 Removed more unnecessary AddOns. Chat setup implemented. WTF's removed. Microbar implemented.

Update 3.2.3 Changed out somethings...

Update 3.2.2 Target cave Icons completed. Target notes embedded, click able note icon added to target cave. Context menu button embedded in UI. No need for macro placement. GrimUI skinned tooltips via TipTac. GrimUI sharedmedia embedded into UI. No need to have a sharedmedia folder to access GrimUI graphics. A lot of XML changed to LUA.

Update 3.2.1 Blizzard movable frames now embedded into GrimUICore. Fubar replaced with Broker display. Numerous AddOns changed out.

Update 3.2.0 Updated for patch 3.2. Majority of AddOns updated to current versions.

Update 3.1.6 Fixed panels not hiding when pressing the hide interface hot key. Made the view port controlled by GrimUI, removed CBH_Viewport Fixed minor and unnoticeable XML errors.

Update 3.1.5 Removed KgPanels, Artwork is now part of the GrimUIcore. Added and removed various AddOns. Made Font folder in main directory unnecessary. Added Follow, Trade, Inspect and Whisper buttons to the target frame.

Update 3.1.4 Removed uClock and 3rd floating Fubar bar. Added GrimUIclock. Added in combat red tint to the skull graphics. Adjusted some parts of the layout. Removed and added other misc. AddOns. See new AddOn list screen shot.

Update 3.1.3 Added GrimUIcore to the UI. Right now it is only a bag/menu bar toggle. General layout clean up. DiscordUnitFrames updated with new settings. Removed MoveAnything Fixed TrinketMenu onload state.

Update 3.1.2 Removed DiscordFrameModifier Removed other unused or unneeded AddOns. Changed DiscordUnitFrames so Default layout would load GrimUI layout for ease of install. Cleaned up more unused junk files. Made adjustments to unit frame settings to clean the look up a bit. Updated some AddOns.

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