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  • Created Jun 20, 2013
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About GemPlus

Before we begin let me ask you a question, see how many people can answer this within 10 seconds without google...okay, "What's the name of the gem which gives +80 PvP Power and +160 Mastery?" or, "What stats does a Effulgent Wild Jade give?".

Well actualy the gem is "Effulgent Wild Jade", which gives "+80 PvP Power and +160 Mastery", but what on earth does the word "Effulgent" get anything to do with the concepts of "PvP Power and Mastery", God knows. Maybe Blizzard folk know, maybe even they don't. Now let's imagine this:

  • Jimslayer: Hey bro cut a gem for me, I want haste and spirit on it.
  • You: Hi jimmy, no prob. gimme a sec...
  • Jimslayer: Man your sleeping? what took ya so long?
  • You: Uh, I couldn't find that in my skill list, what color is it?
  • Jimslayer: Your a jeweller, you tell me.
  • You: Never crafted that before, just hard to find the recipe...
  • Jimslayer: Man you suck.

Similar story happens on auction house, the auction list only displays those obscure names, to check gem stats you have to hover you mouse on each gems and check their tooltips out, so bloody inconvenient.

Now lets end this, GemPlus, a tiny addon which provides great convenience on gem searching, works for both auction house and jewelcrafting UIs. It adds a small button on left side of the searching editbox, click it and a drop down menu shows up, it contains all well-sorted gem stats, you can simply select a gem in the menu by its stats, the addon will automatically translate it into the original non-human-readable name and put it into the searching editbox, and we are done.

Don't worry about your locale, this addon support all languages.

1.11 - Minor fixes for third-party addon supports. 1.10 - Updated for WOW 6.02. 1.04 - Updatefor 5.04. 1.03 - Optimizes sorting and AH searching method. 1.01 - First release.


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