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About GearRenter


WoW addon that assists in renting PVP gear. This is useful because an item can drop in RBGs, Ashran, or the Coliseum that you already have. If you have it rented out, you can just sell it back.

How to use

  1. Open up the conquest or honor vendor (for whichever gear you have rented).
  2. Click the new icon to the right of the merchant window (or type the command "/rebuy")
  3. Watch as it sells, buys, and then equips your gear.


  1. If you buy a 3500 cost honor weapon, note that unless you have 500 or less honor, or 1250 or greater honor, you will not be able to rent it. The reason is there is a 4000 honor cap. For example, if you have 600 honor, then there is no way to sell the 3500 piece because it will go over the cap. At 1250 or greater we can buy a temporary piece so the 3500 weapon can be purchased.
  2. This will not sell gear that has enchants on it.

Who made it?

I go by a lot of WoW names, but you might know me as creamcup, mixup, dotup.

v1.1.7 / 2016/01/14

 * provide an error when there aren't enough bag slots to rent

v1.1.6 / 2015/12/29

 * uped version
 * fixed a bug where if you had two of the same item (like two weapons), it would rent one but not the other
 * fixed bug where progress would be off if you were on the honor vendor that didn't have all of your gear

v1.1.5 / 2015/12/22

 * fixed bug where it errored that selling was impossible pertaining to conquest gear
 * added debugging window to help debug gear renter

v1.1.4 / 2015/12/17

 * fixed a bug where it wasn't purchasing the max honor gear to prevent capping

v1.1.3 / 2015/12/16

 * updated version
 * removed a function that isn't used. caused an error
 * forgot to update other version in toc
 * updated readme

v1.1.2 / 2015/12/15

 * uped version since curseforge won't let me upload same file twice

v1.1.1 / 2015/12/15

 * display an error if we cannot possibly buy/sell an item

v1.1.0 / 2015/12/15

 * updated version to v1.1.0
 * fixed a potential bug where it may sell an item in your bags that is enchanted
 * added feature to prevent honor capping no matter how much honor you have
 * restructured nested buying loop to a 1 depth loop
 * added ability to buy gear before equipping it so you don't cap out
 * attempted to do item gear sets with gearrenter.

v1.04 / 2015/02/06

 * fixed an issue with the timer not updating if you changed zones
 * fixed tiemr lock error if timer is not enabled

v1.03 / 2015/02/04

 * updated toc version
 * fixed lua error on disabling timer

v1.02 / 2015/02/03

 * added new timer bar that tracks both honor and conquest time

v1.01 / 2015/01/31

 * changed the icon to be more fitting

v1.0 / 2015/01/23

 * added ability to sell all conquest/honor gear to a generic vendor. it will pop up a dialog box to confirm

v0.14 / 2015/01/23

 * fixed the timer not always working when in an instance or loading the game on a fresh start

v0.13 / 2015/01/22

 * added green border around unlocked frames; fixed a bug where frames were bigger than they appeared; frames position should now save better

v0.12 / 2015/01/22

 * fixed the timer not showing on login

v0.11 / 2015/01/22

 * removed statemachine
 * updated toc version
 * fixed progress bar not saving position. added timer
 * changed progress lock/unlock button to a checkbox
 * fixed issue with progress bar being movable when it was locked

v0.10 / 2015/01/20

 * removed scripts directory

v0.9 / 2015/01/20

 * made renting faster and hopefully really fixed the queue bugging sometimes
 * changed delay to 0.2 seconds, to make it sell/buy/equip quicker

v0.8 / 2015/01/18

 * added changelog and pkgmeta

v0.7 / 2015/01/17

 * updated version
 * added config options to lock/unlock/reset progress bar
 * moved progress bar to top middle, where it's better seen
 * added itemcount/itemtotal in progress bar

v0.6 / 2015/01/16

 * updated version
 * simplified the queue
 * updated version
 * added alerts and fixed hiding addon when disabled
 * fixed reliability issues with equipping gear

v0.3 / 2015/01/15

 * updated toc version
 * updated readme
 * added button to merchant window and progress bar. changed queue code

v0.2 / 2015/01/14

 * fixed issue with it not correclty buying items that had the same name

v0.1 / 2015/01/14

 * fixed formatting. added delay so buying gear may be more consistent
 * first commit

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