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  • Updated Mar 14, 2017
  • Created Sep 19, 2010
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About Galvin's UnitBars

Galvin's UnitBars is a resource tracking addon. Tracks things like mana, combo points, chi, etc.

5.24 release

  • ComboBar has been recoded. Bar and Background settings will have to be redone
  • New power bar types added Astral Power, Maelstrom, Insanity, Fury, and Pain
  • Bars removed Shadow, Maelstrom, Ember, Demonic, Anticipation
  • Arcane bar for arcane mages added
  • Predicted power (Player Power only) will auto detect any spell that returns a resource with a cast time
  • Predicted cost (Power bars only) Similar to predicted power. except it shows how much resource will be spent
  • All bars have an alpha setting. Found under Other options for each bar. This changes transparency
  • Font size can be much larger. Found under text settings then font
  • Rune bars animation should be stutter free
  • Menu Sync setting should save after reloading ui
  • Region added to the rune bar. This is on by default
  • Region also added to reset options for each bar
  • Predicted Value renamed to Predicted Health for health bars and Predicted Power for power bars. Trigger options type "(predicted...)" is for Predicted health or Power and "cost" is for Predicted Cost
  • Copy and Paste had some improvements
  • Each trigger "Type" has its own icon
  • Unit Level and Unit Scaled Level added under Text, Value Name "Level"
  • Level added for triggers, Unit Level and Scaled Level
  • Anchor point can be changed for any bar. Found under "other" settings
  • Bar Fill FPS found under General -> Main -> Layout. Changes the FPS of smooth fill and timer bars
  • Animation rewritten. Animation Type settings found under Main -> Animation
  • Animation Type Bar setting found under Other settings for each bar. If you want the bar to use its own animation type.
  • Animation Type setting under Layout for each bar changes the way the bar objects hide and show
  • Not Active option added to aura triggers. You'll find it in each aura option
  • Smooth fill settings will have to be redone. Now have Smooth Fill Max Time and Smooth Fill Speed
  • Animation Triggers Bar Offset, Texture Scale, Text Font Size, and Text Font Offset
  • Smooth fill max time Sets the maximum time a smooth fill can take. Found next to smooth fill speed

Please post any feedback in the comments section below.

Libsharedmedia 3.0 supported

Some features. Too many to list

  • Priority flag system. Each bar has a status flag to tell when to hide, show, etc.
  • Textures 'GUB Bright Bar', 'GUB Dark Bar', and 'GUB Square Border' can be used with any mod that has libsharedmedia.
  • All bars can be fully customized to how you want them to look.
  • All bars can be rotated. For health and power bars fill direction can be changed to match the rotation.
  • All bars have frame strata. If you want a bar to appear above another add ons UI. This should help.
  • Trigger system for more advanced options.
  • Alignment tool allows bars to be lined up for perfection. Right click a bar when bars are not locked to activate the tool.
  • Test Mode. Make changes to bars without having to use combat to do it.

  • A lot of bars have borders these can be hidden. For example: In the shard bar when in box mode. There should be an option called 'background'.
    In there you will see a pulldown called border. Select 'none' and the bar will have no visible border. You can do the same to bars that are not in box mode as well.

Text settings

Align and Swap tool video

Triggers video.

r284 | galvin | 2017-03-14 12:49:34 -0500 (Tue, 14 Mar 2017) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/GalvinUnitBars.toc

Fixed TOC for game version, should be fixed this time.


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