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About FriendsShare Resurrection

FriendsShare Resurrection is an AddOn that lets you keep the same friends list across characters, on a per server basis.

If you add or remove someone from your friends list and relog to an alt, that person will be added/removed from the alts friends list as well. Also, any entries on that alts list which isn't in the global list, will be added to the other characters whenever you log them in.

Basically, you never have to manually rebuild your friends list when creating alts, or worry about keeping them current on all your alts.

This all works seamlessly without any user intervention.

As an additional plus, if Blizzard decides to clean out the friends list, this Addon will automatically rebuild your friend list. This clean out happens sometimes during server maintenance. :-)

Known issue: If you try to add someone to your friends list and the server won't let you do it (say, if a Horde char tries to add an Alliance char to the list, or you misspell the name), that entry will still end up on the global list, and so you'll get the error message you got trying to add it, every time you log on. So, if this happens to you, do '/friendsshare rebuild' and the global list will be rebuilt from that char's list, and all invalid entries discarded.

This Addon was written originally by Oystein, all credit belongs to him.

Please check the main page on GitHub.

Version 28

  • Updated TOC for WoW 7.0.0

Version 27

Version 26

  • Updated TOC for WoW 6.0.0

Version 25

  • Fixed a bug where "friendsshare rebuild" would not work for ignores
    from a different realm.

Version 24

  • Fixed a bug where deleted characters would reappear on realms with a whitespace in their name.

Version 23

  • The ignore list is now synchronized over all realms
  • The friend list is synchronized within connected realms

Version 22

  • Replaced GetCVar("realmName") with GetRealmName() (thanks danidaf)
  • Updated TOC for WoW 5.4.0

Version 21

  • Updated TOC for WoW 5.3.0
  • Synchronize the friends list even if the ignore list cannot be loaded by WoW.
  • Stop retrying to synchronize after some time.
  • Only report 3 retries at most to cut down on spam.

Version 20

  • Updated TOC for WoW 5.2.0

Version 19

  • Updated for MoP.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause infinite add user spam.

Version 18

  • The sync is now delayed for 20 seconds after logging in.
  • If syncing fails it is run again indefinitely one every minute.

Version 17

  • Updated TOC for WoW 4.3.0

Version 16

  • Updated TOC for WoW 4.0.1
  • this is no longer defined

Version 15

  • #5 - Fixed a case where the character name was not correctly converted to lower case before writing to the database.
  • Updated TOC for WoW 3.3.5
  • Discontinued XML file.
  • Removed FriendsShare_ prefix on local variables

Version 14

Version 13

  • Does no longer remove empty notes on every login.
  • Player names in the console output are now correctly capitalized.

Version 12

  • Sync ignore list
  • Updated TOC for WoW 3.1.0

Version 11

  • Sync notes

Version 10

  • Updated TOC for WoW 3.0.2

Version 9

  • No longer tries to add itself to the friend list.

Version 8

  • Updated TOC for WoW 2.3.0

Version 7

  • Switched back to PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD in the hope that this
    solves the crash problems.

Version 6

  • Use the ADDON_LOADED event instead of PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD to see
    when we are ready to go. This event seams more appropriate.
  • Do not try to sync the friend list if it failed within the last
    5 seconds. This should hopefully save the sync failed SPAM loop.

Version 5

  • Updated TOC for WoW 2.0.3

Version 4

  • There was a problem when you target a player and add him to the

Version 3

  • Way better event handling (resolves the race condition during
    login which could crash the WoW client).
    Inspired by "Friend & Ignore Share v1.3, thanks Vimrasha.
  • Fixed the "gfind" Lua 5.1 syntax change problem.

Version 2 (based on 1.1 from Oystein)

  • Catch the case where the friend list is not yet loaded from the
    server. Try again later if the list was not ready the first time.
  • Mention which chars were added or removed from the friend list.
  • Delete first, then add new friends.
  • Lua 5.1 syntax change (had to use pairs())
  • added suffix FriendsShare_ to global variables
  • removed myAddOns code
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