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  • Updated Jul 19, 2016
  • Created Feb 27, 2008
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
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About FlightHUD


Since Blizzard removed GetUnitPitch() in 7.1, I no longer plan to maintain this addon. If Blizzards sees fit to put it, or some equivalent, back, then I'll revive it. Until then, this addon is dead.


Displays a fully configurable fighter jet style Heads Up Display (HUD) while flying, riding, or swimming.


Q: Can altitude/elevation be displayed?
A: No. Blizzard doesn't provide the ability for addons to get z-axis information.


  • Shows your current heading in degrees as text and as a graphic with cardinal points relative to the mimimap.
  • Shows the true pitch of your character. This is no longer a hack, as patch 3.0.2 added GetPlayerPitch(), an API call that returns a character's true pitch. Before patch 3.0.2, the camera pitch was used, and the pitch display was not accurate unless you always kept your camera behind your character.
  • Shows map coordinates.
  • Shows your true speed, horizontal speed, or both, as a percentage, where a normally running character is 100%, or as yards per second, or both.
  • Configurable transparency of the text and graphics.
  • Configurable transparency of the background.
  • Configurable size of the text.
  • Configurable size of the pitch graphic.
  • Configurable frame size.
  • Congigurable colors of all HUD elements.
  • Movable frame. Hold control while hovering the mouse over the frame and left click drag to move it. (First unlock the frame in the config with /fh or /flighthud or from the Interface -> Addons -> FlightHUD menu)
  • Waypoints. (Configurable Alt/Shift/Ctrl/Combination)-rightclick on the map to add a waypoint. Multiple waypoints are supported. Waypoints appear in the HUD and float as you pan. Each point shows the distance and bearing to the point, plus an ETA if you're moving.
  • Waypoints can now be made persistent and configured to show only in the zones they're created in or vice versa.
  • Waypoints can be deleted by right clicking on them in the world map or mimi map.
  • QuestHelper integration: See the default QuestHelper quest as a persistent waypoint. (Seems QuestHelper is no longer a thing)
  • Blizzard POI (Point of Interest) integration: (modifier)-click a POI on the map to set it, and subsequently unset it, as a waypoint. The modifier can be set in the config.
  • Automatic quest tracking waypoints in the HUD.
  • Arrival sound: Set a sound to be played upon arrival at a waypoint.
  • Keybind to toggle level flight. (Simply toggles pitchlimit from 0 to 88 and back. Still have to pitch up or down for pitch to be 0 once pitchlimit is 0)


  • Add an odometer.
  • Editable, movable waypoints.
  • Add an interface to manage waypoints. (Can't delete a POI waypoint when it no longer appears on the map)
  • HUD frame skins to make it look like a real fighter HUD.
  • Configurable locations of text and graphics within the parent frame. Perhaps at some point make them detachable.
  • Fix the waypoint adding text on the map. Seems this stopped working at some point.

Known bugs:

  • There's a bug in Astrolabe that causes an error when entering a garrison mine. While this bug shows as coming from FlightHUD, many other addons that use Astrolabe have open bugs showing the exact same trace.
  • There's been a pervasive bug that would completely hang the client. I've known about this bug for about 2 years now, but I've never been able to consistently reproduce it, and therefore, debugging has always been non-trivial. If you experience the game client completely hanging after zoning (a portal, a zone instance, teleporting directly to a dungeon, a summon), please report a bug. To get around the bug, disable the "Quest POI Integration" in "Waypoint Options" in the FlightHUD config. This option is now disabled by default.

Reporting bugs:

  • Please post bug reports here. While I monitor the comments on curse.com, it makes my life easier if bugs are reported in the wowace bug tracker.


  • NEW! This video showcases the new options menu and QuestHelper integration.
  • NEW! This video shows the same thing, but at the end I gank a horde.
  • Here's an older video

  • Bump TOC for 7.0, the Legion pre-patch.
  • Fix OptionalDeps ('HereBeDragons' to 'HereBeDragons-1.0') <John Wellesz> (Archarodim)

  • Remove some debug code, which unfortunately caused an error when packaged.

  • Fix a packaging issue. (Was really an issue on my part where I presumed too much)

  • Replace Astrolabe with HereBeDragons.
  • Fix some world and minimap icon bugs: hover anchoring and show conditions.

  • Bump TOC for 6.2. Sorry this took so long. I took a break from the game but now I'm back. (and, which I had to nuke because the Astrolabe fork was broken)

  • Update Astrolabe to use James Whitehead's (Author of TomTom) "official" fork (Props to MMOSimca for his hard work getting this done!). Fixes a problem that has affected any addon that uses Astrolabe since 6.0. Addresses bug in this comment.

  • Edited description.

  • Bump TOC for 6.1.
  • Updated description.

  • Fix bug that was double zooming the map on right click. (Bug ticket #50)

  • Updated about.

  • Bump TOC to 5.4.0.

  • Bump TOC to 5.3.0.

  • Bump TOC to 5.2.0.
  • Start a new versioning scheme. Use the TOC version and append an internal version.
  • Add support for a level flying keybind. (Got the idea from the LevelFlight addon).
  • Default QuestPOI support to off, as this is still causing the client hang.


  • Bump TOC for patch 5.1.


  • After some extensive trial and error, and a really good bug report, I'm again hoping that this last round of changes fixes the client hang once and for all.
  • Restore the TOC optional deps which broke the no-lib version. Thanks again, Archarodim! (Bug ticket #47)
  • Change the description to reflect the client hang issue as well as the TODO.


  • TOC bump for patch 5.0.4.
  • Re-embed Astrolabe now that the repository is back and it's been updated. I'm also told that Astrolabe's use of SetMap* and my handling of WORLD_MAP_UPDATED may have been the cause of the client hangs that have been reported for...years. So yeah, crossing my fingers and hoping this is finally resolved!
  • Many thanks to Esamynn for his continued support of Astrolabe!


  • Hard embed Astrolabe for now until I have time to switch its functions to LibMapData, as Astrolabe is a dead project.


  • Use the new Astrolabe svn URL. Had to bump the version to force a new package, as the previous failed, since the svn server for Astrolabe is down.


  • Remove PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event and replace it with ZONE_CHANGED and friends. Hoping this fixes the race condition that I can't debug.



  • Add the ability to change the colors of UI elements that are graphics.
  • Fix some of the formatting in the config UI.


  • Bump TOC for patch 4.3.


  • Bump TOC for patch 4.2.


  • Bump TOC for patch 4.1.
  • Change the POI Icon to reflect the status of the quest it's tracking.
  • Added the ability to hide the current quest POI when the watch frame is collapsed.
  • Renamed the "sticky" option to "permanent".
  • Made many boolean options truly boolean.
  • Removed the hard coded 6500 yard distance maximum for waypoints in the HUD.
  • Added waypoint versioning so old waypoints can be moved out of the way when the format changes.
  • Added waypoint options to:
  • Display a waypoint continent-wide.
  • Display a waypoint only in the current zone.
  • Display a waypoint continent-wife, but not when you're in the same zone.
  • Filter waypoints by character (Until now all waypoints were seen by all characters.)
  • Selectively Show or hide the waypoint bearing, distance, and ETA texts.
  • Update a FAQ to the addon's description to denote that altitude cannot be added to the addon. Hopefully this will stop people from asking for this.
  • If you use waypoints, which I doubt you do since they've been pretty broken for a while, prepare for them being even more broken for now.


  • Fix the C Stack Overflow bug. Thanks Archarodim! (Bug ticket #39)
  • Make the sound delay tracker be global, not per waypoint. This was causing the sound to play multiple times.
  • Fix the display of permanent waypoints so that they only show up in the zone you're in.
  • Unfortunately, due to the changes in the game, all saved waypoints will have to be wiped and re-created. Sorry!
  • koKR and zhTW updated. Thanks chkid and zhTw!


  • Fix problem where waypoints placed on the map were not showing up.
  • Fix bug where pitch images were not being set when HUD transparency was changed.
  • Fix problem with OnUpdate (both!) running on every update. Hopefully this will fix some performance problems.
  • Add a config to adjust the event checking poller frequency.


  • Fix a bug where two quest waypoints were showing up at the same time in the HUD.


  • Make the option to enable the Blizzard Quest POI integration work. Renamed it so it didn't use the term World Map, as that's not used any more.
  • Nuke the POI click code. I'd like that to still be an option, but it'll be difficult to find a place for it.
  • Fix the setting of the default arrival sound. Set it to "PVP flag taken" sound.
  • Properly set the default waypoint arrival notification sound.
  • Reset the default location of the HUD to conform to what I use. This allows me to wipe the config while developing.


  • Implement auto-tracking of Blizzard quest POIs. Many thanks to James N. Whitehead II, author of TomTom and many other fine addons, for creating the code which I ultimately used as a basis for this new feature.
  • Rework all Astrolabe code to conform to Cataclysm changes. Use map and floor instead of c and z.
  • Make it so MODIFIER_STATE_CHANGED isn't tracked when the HUD is locked.
  • Begin work on better debugging.
  • Move some code around so it's more logically organized.
  • Changed the default waypoing arrival sound to the raid warning sound.
  • Added a config option to set the interval for the arrival notification.


  • Fix call to removed function in FlightHUDCOnfig.lua


  • Updated for Cataclysm (Well, not really)
  • Changed the "flight detection" code, since many of the flying mount spell IDs were changed or removed, plus now many mounts that were formerly just flying mounts now function as ground mounts.
  • Broke the ability to work when on a vehicle. Hoping to fix this soon.


  • Added some code to check for spell IDs that have been removed, which will prevent Lua errors if spell IDs should ever be removed in the future.
  • Removed all the "special mount" spell IDs that no longer exist since 4.0.3a.
  • Added pitch precision configuration variable.


  • Removed the code that would check pitch from a vehicle when entiering one, as it seems this is unnecessary now.


  • I really thought curse did lint checks on Lua files...Fix a typo.


  • Fixed celestial Steed. Problem is, it has the same issue as the Headless Horseman's mount, where it shows when using it as a ground mount as well.


  • Added a default sound file for the "destination arrival". (Bug ticket #36).


  • Add Headless Horseman's 310 mount spell.


  • Updated TOC for patch 4.0.1


  • Make the pitch display wrap around. It doesn't work for negative pitch yet.
  • Add the new X-53 Touring Rocket to the FlyingMounts database.


  • Fix transient waypoints so they don't show up on the minimap.


  • Ok, so I dry coded the 0.9.17 fix too. Hopefully this fix will plug the hole.


  • Fix the fix from 0.9.16. Logic was broken. That's what I get for dry-coding.


  • Fix an issue where where QuestHelper might create the first waypoint and the waypoints data structure may not have been initialized. (Bug ticket #25)



  • Fixed a bug where checking swimming would cause a lua error. (Bug ticket #24)


  • Remove some leftover debug code.


  • Fix a bug where the Headless Horseman's mount would be true for both flying and ground mount in any invocation of the mount.
  • Fix bug where minimap and worldmap icons stopped appearing.
  • Fix bug where minimap and worldmap icons still had enter/leave/click events despite being set to now show.
  • Add support for "arrival" sound.
  • Add more granularity for the HUD scale.
  • Add Celestial Steed mount to the flying mounts database. (Bug ticket #23)


  • Fix bug where the WorldMapButton_OnClick event was not set properly, breaking other addons like TomTom.


  • Make it release. Should have done this a long time ago.


  • Added a new flying mount to the FlyingMounts db file.


  • Remove some debug code that was never meant to be shown.


  • Filter UNIT_AURA for only player events. I suspect this is what was causing lag in 25 man raids.
  • Create a data structure to contain the buffs we check for in UNIT_AURA.
  • Make it so that swimming detection is only on if it's enabled.
  • Add a configuration option and slash command to disable the addon.


  • Updated deDE locale. (Thanks, Hans Franke!)
  • Added Dragonmaw Nether Drake. (Bug ticket #8)
  • Added Reindeer and Flying Reindeer.
  • Merged code changes to TomTom that I borrowed (r235).
  • Added the ability to use Blizzard Quest POI's from the map as waypoints.


  • Added deDE locale. (Thanks, Hans Franke!)


  • Updated the FlyingMounts.lua file from the latest list on wowhead.com.


  • Fixed logout bug. (Bug ticket #19)
  • koKR locale updated. (Thanks, chkid!)


  • Fix the saving of sticky waypoints.
  • Fix Zone Only waypoints.


  • Fix issue where sticky waypoints were being removed upon "arriving".
  • Make "zone only" checkbox default to unchecked.


  • Added persistent waypoints!
  • Added a button under /fh -> reset to remove all sticky waypoints.
  • Added a button under /fh -> reset to remove all non-sticky waypoints.
  • Added the ability to delete individual waypoints.
  • Changed ETA text display to only occur within a specific arc when you're facing the point. This arc is configurable.


  • Fixed the pitch text indicator. Seems it was always wrong, or got reverted at some point.

0.8.11 0.8.10

  • Added support for Hallow's End seasonal brooms.
  • Changed how some mounts are detected. Made it better, I hope.


  • Updated the FlyingMounts.lua file from the latest list on wowhead.com.


  • Updated the FlyingMounts.lua file from the latest list on wowhead.com.


  • Fixed a bug where the wrong index was returned from AddWaypoint.


  • Fixed bug with toggling the QuestHelper integration config option.


  • Fixed issue where QuestHelper wasn't detected at AddOn startup, causing the waypoint not to show up even if the QuestHelper config option was selected.


  • koKR locale update.


  • Fix more plurals


  • QuestHelper integration: Toggle the QuestHelper option in the config under Waypoints to make the default QuestHelper quest show up as a persistent waypoint in the HUD.
  • Change locale stuff to account for plurals (removed hard coded "s" in the code)


  • Fix TomTom breakage again. (Bug ticket #13)
  • Add configurable option for map click modifier, also making the map text reflect which modifier is current.
  • Add option to set the distance before a non-sticky waypoint is removed.


  • Fix ETA display so it doesn't move up and down. Also make bogus ETA while standing still not be present.


  • Implement a better map click hook since the new one seems to break TomTom. (Bug ticket #12) Thanks cpw11!


  • Fix missing AceHook-3.0 dependency.


  • koKR locale added. Thanks chkid!


  • Fixed bug where shift-right clicking the map didn't bring up the "Add Waypoint" dialog.


  • Updated for WoW 3.1.
  • Use the new GetPlayerFacing().


  • Made the HUD toggle more intelligent. If the HUD is not being displayed, toggling forces it on. If it's being displayed, it forces it off. Thing is, once toggled, it'll in the toggled regardless of any event. Toggling it again resets it back to normal.


  • Added HUD toggle key bind ability. Edit it in the default key bindings menu (Bug ticket #7).


  • Fix regression where the frame could not be clicked through (Bug ticket #10).



  • Fix Headless Horseman's spellid...again.
  • Fix LibAboutPanel's repository in .pkgmeta.


  • Fix missing LibAboutPanel entry in OptionalDeps in the .toc file.


  • Added support for swimming.
  • Fixed problem with horizontal speed code that might have been introduced with a recent patch.
  • Fix bug with OnUpdate elapsed timer.
  • Changed the scale on the waypoint distances to make them bigger by default.
  • Added a LibAboutPanel to the Blizz options dialog.


  • Fixed Headless Horseman's mount spellid, again.


  • Add Headless Horseman's mount spellid.


  • Add support for druid flight forms. (Not well tested. Please report if it works or not)
  • Changed the default config to match what I use, which seems more sane than the previous default.
  • Tagged as the new release version.


  • Fixed layering issue with images.


  • Fix bug where the "Add Waypoint" dialog appeared under the map if you didn't use a map mod.
  • Added an "about" section to the config.


  • Fixed a bug where horizontal speed was not shown.


  • Fix a typo.


  • Removed some debug code left in by mistake.


  • Waypoint system implemented! It's rough, and hasn't been integrated with any other addons, such as QuestHelper, but that's planned.
  • Config options broken down into separate sections.
  • Optimized update handler means much less CPU time spend doing things it never should have done in the first place
  • Shows the frame when you mount, as opposed to showing it when taking off from a flying mount for the "only flying" show event.
  • Added the ability to toggle to compass image.


  • Renamed it to alpha to prevent people from downloading it and thinking it was the same as the release version. I want it packaged so I can have testers readily test it.
  • Restored horizontal speed.
  • Added a preference to pick true speed, horizontal speed, or both.


  • Added support for GetUnitPitch(), an API call that provides true player pitch!
  • Added support for GetUnitSpeed(), which returns true speed, as opposed to horizontal speed.
  • Added preference for displaying speed as a percentage or yards per second.


  • Fixed slash commands.


  • Added a simple waypoint implementation and interface. It's crude, but it works well enough to demonstrate my intentions. It's currently hard coded to use shift-right click on the map. It doesn't span zones yet though.


  • Fixed slash commands.


  • Updated TOC file, making it compatible with World of Warcraft 3.0.2


  • Added config option to lock the position of the HUD frame.
  • Added config option to reset the position of the HUD frame.
  • Added config option to reset the entire HUD frame.

0.5.1 (curse.com seems to have eaten this update at some point)

  • Added zhTW localization (Thanks s8095324!)


  • Uses the Ace3 framework.
  • Options now appear in the new Blizzard Addons option interface.


  • Updated TOC file, making it compatible with World of Warcraft 2.4.0.
  • Added zhCN localization (Done by someone else, and I've not tested it).


  • Added ground speed indicator. This is only horizontal speed in terms of percentages, where a character running in a straight line on level ground is 100%, so if you're flying straight up or down, your horizontal ground speed will be zero. Much of the code was borrowed from FuBar_SpeedFu.
  • Make pitch graphic scale only go up to 20, as anything more looks odd.
  • Add GPL v2 file and GPL header to the main (only, actually) lua file.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the HUD to not display unless the refresh rate was 0.
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