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About FarmIt

Actively monitor how much you have of any currency or item (including what's in your bank) with custom farming objectives.  Receive notifications as you progress, and hear the familiar "quest completed" sound when you reach your goal amount. FarmIt is a "set it and forget it" farming tool.  Be creative and play around with different bar setups... there are many ways FarmIt can make your life a little easier!  FOR EXAMPLE: 

--- Skinning ---

1)  Place a [Raw Beast Hide Scraps] on the item tracking bar, then Ctrl-Click the slot and set the farming objective to 10.  You will be alerted when you have enough scraps to combine into a [Raw Beast Hide] and can do so by right-clicking directly on the item tracking slot.

2)  Put a [Raw Beast Hide] in the next slot and set the objective to 25 so you can farm enough materials for your leatherworking dailies.

3)  Enjoy not having to think about the farming process anymore.

--- Currency Tracking ---

1)  Go to the "Currency" tab of your character window.  Click on the currency you are farming, check the box next to "Show on Backpack" and close your character window.  A currency tracking bar will appear at the top of the screen.

2)  On FarmIt's currency bar, right-click the desired currency and set the objective to the cost of what you want to buy.  So if you are saving up to upgrade your garrison to level 3, set a Garrison Supplies goal of 2000 and FarmIt will keep you posted on your progress.


FarmIt is your personal quest tracker.

Current item count is displayed in the bottom-right corner of each slot, and your goal amount in the top-left corner.  Optionally, you will be notified each time you loot an item that you are tracking.  When you reach your farming objective for a given item, the goal amount turns green and you will receive an "objective completed" notification.  You can hide some or all parts of FarmIt and your farming items will still be monitored. Item counts can include your current bank inventory without needing to visit the bank!

Bar orientation can be switched between vertical and horizontal.  The direction the bar "grows" (up, down, left, right) can also be changed, and bar length can be adjusted.  Bar visibility can be toggled individually, or all at once.

You can save a set of items from any FarmIt bar as a "farming template" for use again later.  FarmIt includes some built-in templates for each of the standard gathering professions.



The FarmIt user guide can be found online at:

Complete command-line documentation can be found at:


FarmIt has evolved a lot over the years through great feedback from its users!  Please submit feature requests or bug reports as tickets on CurseForge:


Designed and developed by CHiLLZ (Somnifer of Icecrown).  Copyright 2006-2016, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

  FarmIt - Change Log

* TOC update for the LEGION expansion and 7.1 content patch. (WoW 70100)


* Updated for the 6.2 content patch. (WoW 60200)

* Fix: Setting the grow direction of a bar should no longer cause a Lua error.

* Fix: Squashed a bug where removing (deleting) a bar could cause the wrong bar number to be shown
  in the bar anchor tooltip.

* Changed the uptime check to 10 seconds, down from 30. This means that FarmIt won't wait as long
  after logging in to start responding to event triggers.

* Max number of buttons per bar increased to 100. This limit exists only to contain the mess that
  a simple command typo could create.


* Updated command documentation with new "tooltip" command.

* Fix: Corrected a typo in the command line feedback of the tooltip command.


* Revised some of the tooltip text in an effort to conserve screen space.

* New Feature: FarmIt's tooltips can now be turned on/off at any time. The tooltips are separated
  into three categories: bar anchors, item buttons, and the currency bar. To toggle display of the
  tooltip for a given part of FarmIt, the new command is: /farmit tooltip bar|button|currency
  For example, to enable/disable tooltips on all bar *anchors* you would type: /farmit tooltip bar


* Currency tracking now allows up to 7 digit objectives.

* Fix: The currency bar now updates immediately upon checking/unchecking a "Show on Backpack" box
  in the Currency tab of your character window.


* Fix: Right-clicking a bar anchor now correctly takes you to the FarmIt help window,
  Shift-Right-click the anchor to see the full list of configuration commands.

* Fix: Increased precision of stack count in item tooltips.

* Enhancement: Item slots now accept farming objectives up to 9 digits long. If you are seriously
  farming for a billion of something, go outside and get some sunshine... right now. Really.
  Up to 4 digit goal numbers will show up on the button before being shortened. The exact goal
  amount is always displayed in the button tooltip.

* Enhancement: The bar anchor tooltip now displays more of it's settings.

* I added some better help prompts to the bar and slot tooltips, to make it easier for new users to
  jump in and start using FarmIt right away.

* Updated LibGLHF to version 1.3

* As always, please let me know if you encounter any lua errors. Send me a ticket on CurseForge at:


* Updated documentation: Revised addon description, and moved the user guide into it's own file.
  The latest version of the user guide can be found online at:
  Complete command-line documentation can be found at:

* Updated LibGLHF to version 1.1.


* Updated for the 6.1 content patch. (WoW 60100)

* Startup output cleanup.

* Added bar number to text feedback when locking/unlocking individual bar position.

* Fix: Global position locking and unlocking now properly updates the individual lock state of all
  existing bars to reflect the current global lock state.

* Added wildcard search to DB find method.


* TOC update for the Warloards of Draenor expansion. (WoW 60300)
  I haven't had any errors running FarmIt2 in WoD so far, if you encounter any problems please
  submit a ticket on CurseForge:

* Increased max number of bars allowed, from 12 to 24.

* FarmIt3 is under active development and will hopefully be in open beta soon!


* Updated for the 5.1 content patch. (WoW 50100)

* Currency tooltips have been improved. The "Currency" section of FarmIt's in-game help has also
  been updated.

* Cleaned up some of the currency tracking code a bit and fixed a couple minor bugs.

* New Feature: Localization support. FarmIt related information in item tooltips has been translated
  into 9 languages. Please submit translation feedback as a ticket on CurseForge:


* Fix: Sanity check on the "previous version number" saved variable, added to FI_Init().

* Code cleanup: Generic Lua "helper" functions I've written while developing FarmIt have been moved
  into a separate file 'Libs\LibGLHF.lua'.


* Updated for the 5.0.5 patch: Mists of Pandaria. (WoW 50001)


* Fix: Corrected a bug in the "currency update" event trigger.


* Fix: The missing FI_SV_CONFIG error being caused by FI_DB.rebuild() on first run for new installs
  has been resolved. (Thanks for the error logs!) Sorry I missed actually nailing this one, it only
  occurs if you are running FarmIt for the first time on that machine so it wasn't happening to me.

* Enhancement: If you enter a bogus item id using the manual item entry method (ctrl+right-click),
  that slot's tooltip now indicates the result of the server query more clearly.

* Enhancement: The 'currency' command now has more options, please see the in game "Commands" help.


* New Feature: Manual item input! You can now set an item button to any item, even if you don't
  actually have it. (Yay, we can finally cross this one off the feature request list. hehe)
  Ctrl+Right-Click any slot on an item bar and type any numeric item ID you want. This works great
  with any addon that shows you the numeric "Item ID" of items.
  NOTE: I have written an item tooltip addon called "iTip" which adds these Item ID's to all item
  tooltips! iTip is available for download at:

* New: A bunch more built-in item bar templates have been added, thanks to community input on
  CurseForge. (Nice work tednik!) Let me know if you spot anything that needs fixing/updating.

* Removed: The numbers attached to the bottom of the backpack for showing currency goals have been
  replaced by the new Currency Bar, which can be positoned anywhere on the screen.

* Enhancement: Finally wrote a function to handle new/missing config vars properly. From now on, new
  config values will get added to the player's saved variables without affecting other types of data.

* Fix: Corrected the "missing FI_SV_CONFIG" login error people have been reporting. Config variables
  will now be initialized properly (see above) when updating from an older version of FarmIt, or
  during a new install.

* Fix: Loading an item template on a bar with existing items now empties the target bar first,
  instead of partially overwriting it.

* Misc code cleanup.

* Confession: Regrettably, I rushed the last couple builds of FarmIt, and consequently they have not
  been up to my normal standards for quality control. I apologize about the errors people have been
  experiencing, and I want to thank everyone for your patience while I got caught up on testing. This
  build looks good on my end, so hopefully it works well for everyone else now too.  -CHiLLZ


* Enhancement: The Currency HUD has been upgraded to be more of a full-featured FarmIt bar.
  To move the currency bar: Shift-Click anywhere on the Currency HUD and drag it.

* Enhancement: You can now set farming objectives using the currency bar. To set a goal amount:
  Right-Click a currency on the currency HUD, and type an objective amount into the edit box that
  appears below. The objective will then appear at the bottom of the currency tooltips.

* Fix: Reverted the extra "missing config" detection implemented in v2.22 Sorry, it actually caused
  more problems than it solved.

* Fix: Added some missing variables to the function that applies visual style rules to the bars. Also,
  changing the style using the "/farmit style" command now includes a UI reload.

* Fix: Corrected some errors in the "minimal" visual style.


* New Feature: FarmIt now provides a "Currencies HUD", making it more convenient to actively monitor
  the currencies you are tracking on your backpack. This HUD (Heads Up Display) frame lets you see
  how many points you have at a glance, without having to open your backpack and look. To turn this
  frame on/off at any time, just type:  /farmit currency hud

* Fix: Some users were getting Lua errors caused by missing config values. This is usually caused by
  WoW lagging during the loading screen and failing to actually load saved variables. I added a check
  that will do a silent config rebuild if necessary, instead of the user having to.

* Fix: Attempting to load a user created template no longer generates a Lua error.

* Fix: Item counts should now update properly when going from a positive number to zero.

* Fix: Corrected some broken code in the rebuild command.


* Enhancement: Shift-clicking the anchor area of a bar will now lock/unlock it for moving. The current
  state of a bar's lock setting is now shown in it's tooltip.

* Fix: Corrected a bug introduced v2.2, where moving an item to a different slot made a copy of it
  instead of moving it.

* Fix: Individual bars should now stay hidden like they are supposed to.

* Code cleanup.


* Updated for the 4.3 content patch. (WoW 40300)

* New Feature: FarmIt now tracks reward currencies! When you use WoW's built-in "Show on Backpack" feature,
  FarmIt will automatically begin tracking your "watched" currencies. To set a currency farming goal, simply
  right-click on the currency amount shown at the bottom of your backpack. Once a currency goal has been set,
  the objective amount will appear at the bottom of your backpack, right beneath the corresponding currency.
  Currency objective indicators follow the same color scheme as regular item objectives.

* New Feature: All notifications have been standardized and are managed through the new "alerts" command.
  Available options are:  chat, screen, sound. For example, typing "/farmit alerts screen" will toggle
  on-screen notifications on/off. To see the current state of all alerts settings, simply type "/farmit alerts"
  with no option specified.

* Enhancement: Progress messages now include both the running total, and a color coded incremental amount.

* Enhancement: The color of some item icons was making the buttons difficult to read at times, so
  FarmIt's item tooltips now contain all the information displayed on the actual item slot. Also,
  the way some things are displayed on the item buttons has been improved. If you set a button to
  include your bank inventory, the item count no longer turns yellow; instead a
  four-point gold border shows up on the corners of the button to indicate "bank = true".

* Enhancement: While I was implementing the new currency tracking feature, the code related to objective
  progress tracking has undergone significant optimization. Also, the objective amount on item
  buttons starts out gold colored (instead of red) to more closely match the behavior of WoW quest tracking.
  Objective amounts still turn green when the goal has been reached.

* Enchancement: You no longer have to specify a bar number when removing a group. You still can, but
  it is no longer required. If no bar number is specified, FarmIt will remove the last bar that was
  created (the highest number). This allows for easier use of macros to add and remove bars, etc.

* Enhancement: Visual themes are now more useful/integrated than before. If you feel like making your
  own skin for FarmIt, you now have a greater degree of control. Look in "FarmIt2_Style.lua" for
  example "skins". See the "style" command description for more information on how to apply your style.

* Enhancment: To show a list of all available bar ID's, you can now type:  /farmit group list
  This is particularly useful when you have mutiple bars and some of them have been hidden individually.

* Fix: The output of "/farmit tpl list" has been cleaned up, and will no longer cause a lua error if
  there are no user created bar templates.

* Fix: User templates are no longer wiped out when performing a "/farmit reset". (Sorry about that!)

* Fix: Added a check to prevent causing a Lua error by attempting to toggle a bar that doesn't exist.

* Fix: Updated documentation, replacing references to {bar#} with simply {#} to avoid confusion
  regarding proper command syntax. Refer to the in-game documentation itself for further explanation.


* Enhancement: Now checks to see if my item tooltip addon "iTip" is running and lets iTip handle
  adding extra item related information to FarmIt's item tooltips.


* Updated for the 4.2 content patch. (WoW 40200)

* Fix: Corrected a visual glitch caused by swapping places between two items, when one of them has
  an objective. The objective indicator on the button with no objective now gets cleared properly.


* Some minor bug fixes and code optimization/cleanup.


* Fix: Added a check to the objective completion code to make sure anytime the quantity is greater
  than the objective, the objective is always flagged as complete in the database.


* Enhancement: The "objective abandoned" message now responds differently depending on whether the
  objective has been completed.

* Fix: Added a check to prevent FarmIt from incorrectly telling you it is "using" an item if you
  don't currently have that item in your inventory, or if the item has no "use" action.

* Fix: Fixed a bug that was causing item counts to not get updated under some circumstances.

* Fix: Corrected an error in the item count routine regarding the comparison of the old quantity
  and the new quantity. This was preventing other features (such as on-screen notifications) from
  being triggered.

* Fix: Objective success notifications now trigger correctly upon item count being equal to the
  objective amount.

* Fix: Moving an item to a slot that was already occupied was causing both buttons to contain the
  selected item (instead of trading places). The item being moved no longer commandeers both

* Fix: The inclusion of Blizzard's secure button templates (for "use item" functionality) appears
  to be preventing item buttons from being hidden/shown while in combat. Consequently, If you use
  the quick-size buttons during combat, the change will be applied once you are out of combat.

* Fix: FarmIt now remembers custom alpha settings like it should.


* Updated for the 4.1 content patch. (WoW 40100)

* Placed an announcement in the config panel regarding feedback on the v2.13 "missing icons" fix.

* Enhancement: Added a command alias. Now either "/farmit options" or "/farmit config" both work.


* New: Skinning templates added!

* Fix: Missing item icons... still! (What the flux?!)
  First of all let me say- the way FarmIt loads the item icons is simple, uses the WoW API as it
  should, and works 100% of the time in my testing. Yes, I know... famous last words, heh.
  But seriously, the problem lies with the Blizzard functions that are supposed to return the image
  path, randomly failing to return *anything*. This seems to happen most during the initial login
  process. As far as I can tell, this is most likely caused by one (or both) of the following
    1) The user has a large number of addons enabled, so "player entering world" time (which is
    historically notorious for being painfully laggy anyway) chokes and causes that first pass
    of item icon queries to "time out".
    2) As WoW players, we all know some servers are more reliable than others. Client/server issues
    are a part of life in networked gaming, and if condition #1 is present, excessive server lag
    will only make things worse. In fact- due to those kinds of circumstancial factors, I
    purposely test my code on 2 different servers.
  Hmm, this is really long for a change log entry, lol. Anyway, here's the bottom line:
  Rather than make sweeping changes to the way FarmIt works just because the WoW API isn't doing its
  job reliably, I added some simple logic to police for missing item icons and attempt to restore
  them while you are playing. This code was inserted into the function that is responsible for
  updating the item counts every time your inventory changes, so this should go a long way toward
  helping those who are experiencing this problem regularly.

* Enhancement: Since the update function had some work added to it, I went back over it and made
  sure it is being smart about only doing what it needs to do each time it runs.

* Some code cleanup and a few minor bug fixes.


* New Feature: Right-Click performs "use" action on actual inventory item.
  Since the last update was (imo) the first really stable build of FarmIt2, I finally felt like I
  had time to do some R&D. So I went straight to work on what has easily been the most popular
  outstanding feature request: Right-Click "uses" the actual item. Many people (including myself)
  have wanted this feature for a long time, so I am VERY happy to add it to the list of handy
  things that FarmIt helps us do!
* Enhancement: Added "Button ID" to tooltips to correlate with the "bank = true/false" messages.


* Fix: Resolved an issue where adding a new bar was causing the objective numbers on existing bars
  to turn white.

* Enhancement: New command- '/farmit alpha {#} {bar#}'
  Adjusts the opacity of the whole addon, or a single bar if bar number is included.


* This build has looked pretty solid in testing, so I am going to go ahead and graduate FarmIt2
  from beta status so more people will receive the update. Please post any high priority fixes and
  enhancements so I can finish the GUI config panel.
  Post general feedback at:
  Submit bugs and feature requests on CurseForge:

* Re-factor: Finally sat down and wrote a data abstraction layer. It's not all-inclusive, but it's
  a good start. This greatly enhances the stability of the current feature set, and paves the way
  for data dependent features such as saved item sets, session statistics, etc.

* New Feature: Farming Templates (Saved Item Sets)
  Now you can save all the items on a FarmIt bar as a "farming template" to easily use again later.
  Templates can be loaded onto any FarmIt bar; if there is a difference in size between the amount
  of items in the template, and the size of the bar- the bar slots will automatically adjust to
  accommodate the template. For details on template related commands, please refer to the "Commands"
  page of FarmIt's in-game help (under '/farmit tpl').
  Note: I plan to provide pre-made templates for all relevant professions. This release has built-in
  templates for mining and herbalism. I will add more in future updates.

* New Feature: Button tooltips have been significantly improved. Item buttons now display the
  standard game tooltip for an item, including monetary values inserted by addons like Auctioneer,
  Enchantrix, Auctionator, etc.

* New Feature: The help and configuration windows have been consolidated into one central control
  panel located in the built-in game settings area:  Game Menu > Interface > Addons > FarmIt

* Enhancement: Progress notifications now reflect their associated objective, if set.

* Fix: This update should resolve the "missing item icons" issue. (Thanks Cheezel)

* Fix: Adding and removing bars is now working as intended.

* Fix: Moving an item from one bar to another works properly now.

* Deprecated: The item names that sit out beside the buttons have been removed.

* Lots of code cleanup along the way.


v2.0 beta
* Updated for the 4.0 content patch, and the Cataclysm expansion. (WoW v4.0.3a

* FarmIt2 is a complete rewrite from the ground up. Things may look pretty similar to the naked eye,
  but many, many hours have been put into laying a new foundation for FarmIt2. Knowing that I would
  be rewriting most of the code from scratch, I made a concerted effort to employ the latest WoW API
  and Lua code standards.

* NOTE: All configuration is done through the command line in this release. Type '/farmit' for help.
  A graphical options panel will follow in a 2.x update. While rewriting the entire mod, trying to
  do a brand new configuration window at the same time would have slowed down development
  drastically and I really wanted to get this 2.0 beta release out there for people to start using
  and get some feedback on it.

* New Feature: Yes folks, it's true... *multiple item bars* has finally arrived! /dance
  Each item bar or "button group" is numbered. Many of FarmIt's features are now per-group settings
  via the bar number. To try out this new functionality, use:
    /farmit group add
  When removing a group, include the bar number:
    /farmit group remove 2

* New Feature: FarmIt now has two visual styles to choose from:
    "default" - Traditional style that matches the stock WoW interface.
    "minimal" - A minimalistic look that goes better with addons like Bartender.
  I've had requests for ButtonFacade compatibility, which I honestly haven't had the time to tackle.
  A choice of skins should be better than nothing for now, and I will probably revisit this later.

* Item count routines are now up to 12 times faster than before.

* Many other internal improvements in the way FarmIt does what it does, too numerous to list.


* Updated for the 3.0 content patch and the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. (WoW v3.0.3)

* New Feature: The options panel now offers the ability to display on-screen progress messages
  which notify you each time you loot an item that is being tracked.


* Fixed bar anchor and tooltip offering an unavailable feature.

* Cleaned up a display issue with having the help window and options panel open at the same time.


* Updated for 2.4.0 WoW patch.

* New Feature: FarmIt now has an options panel for easier customization!

* Due to the new options interface, the text commands have been simplified.
  To see the current list of commands, type: /farmit

* Saved variable data structure and related functions have been significantly improved.

* Minimum number of slots changed to zero.

* New Option: Mod position may now be locked/unlocked to prevent accidentally moving it.

* New Option: You can now adjust the scale of the item slots. (50-150%)

* New Option: Spacing between the slots can now be adjusted.

* New Option: Transparency of item slot elements are now adjustable.


* Updated for 2.3.0 WoW patch.

* New Feature: You can now click on a slot to pickup an item and move it to another slot.
  The entire slot will glow yellow when selected (picked up). Just click the destination slot to move it.
  If the destination slot already has an item in it, they will trade places.

* New Feature: When you reach your farming objective for a given slot, you will now receive an
  on-screen notification just like the Blizzard quest objective notification.

* Moving an item into an already occupied slot will now cause the items to trade places
  instead of overwriting the destination slot.

* Moved help information from chat message to its own popup window.

* Various fixes and optimizations from version 1.4 beta testing.

v1.4 beta
* Improved Feature: FarmIt is now able to include your bank inventory without needing to be at the bank!
  Shift-click an item slot to toggle between local count (bags) and the combined total (bags + bank).
  This feature can be enabled/disabled individually for each item slot.
  The item count will turn yellow to indicate when bank search is enabled for that item slot.

* New Feature: You can now change the bar orientation!
  Ctrl-click the base of the bar to toggle between vertical and horizontal orientation.
  When in horizontal mode, the item text labels are automatically hidden.
  Item text is automatically re-enabled when you switch back to vertical mode.
  The alignment of which direction the slots grow out can be changed via the the same method used to
  set the alignment of the item text labels. (Shift-click the base of the bar)

* New Feature: Set farming objectives for each item you are tracking.
  Ctrl-click an item slot to enter a target quantity for that item.
  Current item counts are displayed in the top-left corner of each slot now, and your objective in the bottom-right corner.
  The objective indicator turns green when your target quantity has been met.

* Optimized item count method via Blizzard API.


* New Feature: FarmIt now searches the keyring.
* New Feature: FarmIt will now search your bank space if you are at the bank.


* Bugfix: Mod was still failing to stay hidden after a player logs off/on.


* New Feature: You can now customize how many item slots there are. (Up to 12)
* Major XML changes-- now uses dynamic frame creation.
* Item slots retain what item they were tracking, regardless of how many slots are visible.
* Many Lua code improvements.


* Fixed a bug where the mod was failing to stay hidden after a player logs off/on.


* New Feature: Slash command interface.
  FarmIt now supports the following slash commands:
    /farmit help   --  Shows a help message.
    /farmit reset  --  Resets the mod to default settings.
    /farmit        --  Hide/Show the entire mod.

* Mouse interactivity has been simplified due to the new slash commands.
* Fixed a bug that was causing the new item slots not to update their counts.
* Improved the mod "reset" function.
* Fixed a minor xml issue.


* Updated for 2.1.0 WoW patch.
* New Feature: Shift-Click now toggles display of item text.
* New Feature: Ctrl-click now toggles item text alignment between the left/right side of the mod.
* Alt-click now resets the mod.
* By popular demand, increased the number of item slots.


* Got rid of the little drag anchor at the bottom and made the mod border draggable instead.


* First official release to the public!


v0.5 beta
* New Feature: Now saves (per character) what items you were tracking.
* Ctrl-click on the drag anchor area now resets the mod.
* Improved itemID matching.
* Sound feedback on click events.


v0.4 beta
* Fixed a "partial match" bug in the search/count method.
* Added manual "refresh" function to click-zone at bottom of mod.
* Automatic re-count now triggers correctly when looting.


v0.4 alpha
* First working version.

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