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About FantasyLoot


FantasyLoot is an item link modification tool that allows you to customize any item link.

6.2 Update

It works now but no UI for bonus IDs, gotta use the chat commands still

2.1 beta

ItemBonuses are useable, but only through chat commands, the most useful being /run FantasyLoot:ApplyBonuses("bonus1:bonus2:...:bonusN") to view bonuses that are on an item do /dump FantasyLoot.item This can help you discover bonusIDs on gear that currently drops to play with them FantasyLoot:Max() adds 4x Mythic bonuses to the current item, for fun

The interface allows easy modification of the item link's displayed:

  • Upgrade Level (Including a bonus upgrade type for 6 upgrade levels)
  • Enchant (By Enchant ID, no item restrictions)
  • Gems (Even if there are no sockets, up to 4 gems)

Features coming soon:

  • Modifiers (New in WoD, modifiers such as Mythic and Warforged are now part of the item link)

Deprecated features:

  • Reforge (No double stat restriction: e.g. allows a crit mastery item to be reforged from crit to mastery)


/fl or /fantasyloot
Opens main window
/fl [toggle|hide]
toggles or hides FantasyLoot
/fl [link]
sets the current item to [link] (Used to input items you are linked or are otherwise unable to drag onto the frame)
/fl [itemID]
sets the current item to the item identified by itemID

Gems are detected/socketed from a gem database that must be created on the first use. To do so, click on any of the gem sockets and click "Discover gems...". This may have to be repeated until all gems have been discovered (currently 12) as it sometimes fails to pick up gems that are not yet cached. Only gems and from WoD are scanned for. If you would like other gems to be scanned as well, please open a ticket with a suggestion on how an option might be implemented.

  • Better enchant choosing interface (possibly a way to save previous enchants?) please give suggestions on how to make the enchanting interface better
  • Custom gemIDs?

Will not be able to do raw link modification due to the way item link parts are stored

v2.1 | Mithorum | 7:49 PM 11/24/2015
  - New upgrade types and epic gems
  - Still no interface for bonus IDs yet, sorry
v2.0.1 | Mithorium | 2:55 AM 10/17/2014
  - Reverted a change that broke the enchant string display
v2.0 | Mithorium | 2:15 AM 10/17/2014
  - 2.0 alpha for WoD
  - ALPHA RELEASE - Marking as stable so everyone gets it
  - ToC to 6.0
  - Can now handle WoD item links
  - Modifiers (Mythic, Warforged, etc) are being parsed
  - Support for adding modifiers via interface
v1.3 | Mithorium | 2:15 PM 5/20/2014
  - Had to do silly things because blizzard decided the 5.4.8 upgrade levels would not be contiguous with the upgradeIDs from before
  - The frame can now be closed with the esc key
v1.2.1 | Mithorium | 6:13 PM 11/18/2013
  - Localization didn't get updated
v1.2 | Mithorium | 8:35 PM 10/31/2013
  - Reduced scope of gem scanner so it wouldn't pick up weird low stat gems that happen to have MoP icons
  - UpgradeIDs appear to differ by tier, added IDs for new tiers. For display purposes, this makes no difference at all.
  - It is now possible to use /fl <itemID> to get an item by its itemID.
  - ToC to 5.4
v1.1 | Mithorium | 12:36 PM 2013-03-13
  - Gem discovery updated to find new Legendary meta gems, which can be found under Legendary in the gem menu. No distinction is made between sha-touched and the new metas (sorry)
  - ToC bump for 5.2
v1.0 | Mithorium | 8:43 AM 2012-12-18
  - Feature complete!
  - Enchant name is displayed when inputting enchant ID
  - Moved all tooltip scanning to a seperate GameTooltip instance to increase performance and reliability

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