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About Extended Vendor UI

Extended Vendor UI extends the vendor interface, increasing the number of items visible per page, making it a little easier to find the items you're looking for. It also adds search and filtering functionality, and a button to quickly vendor all unwanted junk items.

Features list:
- Width of the vendor interface (and number of items visible per page) doubled.
- Item names on both merchant and buyback tabs are colored according to the item's quality.
- Search box to quickly find items by name.
- Filter options to dim out/hide unusable items, already-known recipes, and equipment of sub-optimal armor types (e.g. leather for plate wearers)
- Button to quickly vendor various types of unwanted items (configurable):

  • Poor (grey) quality items
  • Common (white) quality weapons and armor
  • Equipment that your class can never wear due to lack of proficiency (e.g. plate items or 2-handed axes for cloth wearers) or class restrictions (only affects BoP items)
  • Equipment that is not the optimal armor type for your class (e.g. leather for plate wearers) - (only affects BoP items)
  • Bind-on-Pickup recipes that the character already knows


  • [MAJOR] Fixed an issue that would cause loading screens to hang.
  • Fixed an issue preventing two-handed weapons from appearing when the "All" and "Two-Handed" weapon slot filters are selected.


  • Interface version updated for patch 7.2.5.
  • Fixed a lua error that occurs with vendors that sell currency or other non-standard items.
  • Added new appearance-related filtering options:
    • Option to only show transmogrifiable armor slots (chest, shirt, tabard, etc.) and weapons
    • Option to hide items for which the player has already collected the appearance (only hides an item if the appearance is collected from that item; shared appearances collected from alternate sources will not hide an uncollected item)
  • The quick vendor confirmation dialog now shows a maximum of 50 items, and indicates how many items are omitted if the list exceeds the limit. The quick vendor functionality remains unchanged.
  • The merchant frame now refreshes whenever the player purchases an item.
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