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About Extended Vendor UI

Extended Vendor UI extends the vendor interface, increasing the number of items visible per page, making it a little easier to find the items you're looking for. It also adds search and filtering functionality, and a button to quickly vendor all unwanted junk items.

Features list:
- Width of the vendor interface (and number of items visible per page) doubled.
- Item names on both merchant and buyback tabs are colored according to the item's quality.
- Search box to quickly find items by name.
- Filter options to dim out/hide unusable items, already-known recipes, and equipment of sub-optimal armor types (e.g. leather for plate wearers)
- Button to quickly vendor various types of unwanted items (configurable):

  • Poor (grey) quality items
  • Common (white) quality weapons and armor
  • Equipment that your class can never wear due to lack of proficiency (e.g. plate items or 2-handed axes for cloth wearers) or class restrictions (only affects BoP items)
  • Equipment that is not the optimal armor type for your class (e.g. leather for plate wearers) - (only affects BoP items)
  • Bind-on-Pickup recipes that the character already knows


  • Interface version updated for patch 7.0.
  • Fixed an issue where the quick vendor feature would not detect items with special tags on them (Heroic, Warforged, etc)
  • In order to alleviate instances of mass vendor transactions causing "Object is busy" errors and not completing, transactions involving more than 4 stacks of items will now be broken up and sold in smaller groups over multiple 'ticks'. An accompanying popup dialog showing the progress of the transaction will appear for the duration of the transaction. Transactions of 4 or less items will function as before.
  • Potentially fixed the cause of "Script ran too long" lua errors that would occur when opening a vendor window while in combat.
  • Fixed quick vendor and filtering functionality related to low-level armor type changes introduced in 7.0.
  • Added the checkboxes for the quick vendor settings (as seen in the main interface configuration area) to the configuration dialog containing the blacklist/whitelist options.
  • Changing quick vendor settings now immediately updates the state of the quick vendor button as needed, instead of having to close and reopen the vendor window if already open.


  • Interface version updated for patch 6.0.
  • Separated out the "Hide Filtered" option of the Filter menu. This option is now the first option on the menu, with a spacer before all other options.
  • Fixed a lua error on startup that would prevent the addon (and vendor windows) from loading and functioning properly (6.x only)


  • Interface version updated for patch 5.4.
  • Fixed an uncommon lua error when opening a vendor window.
  • Added a filter option to filter recipe items already in the player's bags.
  • Added an option to the configuration panel to rescale the vendor interface.


  • Fixed lua errors that would occur when attempting to select items in any of the 3 item lists on the Quick-Vendor configuration window.
  • Fixed a lua error that would occur when first opening the Quick-Vendor configuration window.
  • The item lists now update properly when the Quick-Vendor configuration window is first opened.


  • Added an option to hide the Quick-Vendor button, for those that choose to use alternative addons for vendoring junk items.
  • Added functionality for whitelisting items to always be picked up by the Quick-Vendor feature. There are separate whitelists for each individual character, as well as an account-wide whitelist.
  • Added a new interface which allows the user to customize the Quick-Vendor blacklist and whitelists. This interface is accessed through the Filter menu on the vendor interface.


  • Interface version updated for patch 5.3.


  • Removed excess formatting from the addon title in the addons list.
  • Added text to the main vendor frame indicating how many items are hidden from the list by filtering.
  • [Festival Dress] and [Dress Shoes] added to the default quick-vendor blacklist.
  • Added new filter options to filter items by equipment slot. The slot filters are organized into categories (Armor, Accessories, Weapons and Off Hand), and can be set to show all slots within that category, or by individual slots. The slot filter is reset upon closing the vendor window.


  • Interface version updated for patch 5.2.
  • Added a new option to allow the mouse wheel to be used to scroll through merchant pages. This option is on by default, but can be turned off in the configuration panel.


  • Interface version updated for patch 5.1.
  • Tradeskill recipes already known by the player will be properly filtered again.
  • The quick-vendor feature can now detect bind-on-pickup shields for classes that cannot use them. (When the "unusable equipment" option is turned on)


  • The quick-vendor feature will no longer improperly flag mail armor (when playing a hunter or shaman) or plate armor (when playing a warrior or paladin) as sub-optimal if the character is below level 40.


  • Fixed a lua error that would sometimes occur when using the quick-vendor button.


  • Fixed the error that occurs when opening the vendor interface with a caged battle pet in the character's bags.


  • Recoded the quick-vendor blacklisting system; now uses item IDs instead of item names to better accomodate other locales without needing to localize item names. The new design should also make it easier to implement the user-defined blacklist interface (coming soon)
  • The following items have been added to the quick-vendor blacklist:
    • Lucky Fishing Hat
    • Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat
    • Vile Fumigator's Mask
    • Bloodsail Admiral's Hat
    • Hallowed Helm
    • Don Carlos' Famous Hat
    • Haliscan Brimmed Hat
    • Safety Goggles
    • Goblin Mining Helmet
    • Crown of the Fire Festival


  • The quick-vendor feature will no longer attempt to vendor Death Knight class gear as class-restricted even while playing a Death Knight.


  • The quick-vendor feature will no longer attempt to vendor wands as unusable weapons when playing a Priest or Warlock.
  • The quick-vendor feature will no longer attempt to vendor miscellaneous weapons (no weapon type) as unusable weapons. (e.g. The Fire Extinguisher)


  • Attempted possible fix for glyph UI taint/blocked action issues.


  • Fixed a bug that caused wands to be improperly caught by the quick-vendor feature when playing a class that can use wands.


  • Live release of the Mists of Pandaria version. Version information updated and finalized.


  • Shirts, tabards, white quality jewelry (rings and necks), Tuxedo Jacket, Tuxedo Pants, and Black Tuxedo Pants should no longer be caught by the quick-vendor feature.


  • The Usable Items and Optimal Armor filters no longer affect the Darkmoon Faire replica items.
  • Added a new option to filter out tradeskill recipes already known by the player.
  • Added a configuration panel to the Interface Options with an option to enable the loading message that appears in the chat frame on startup. This option defaults to OFF.
  • The option to never hide suboptimal armor items when filtered has been removed from the filter menu and moved to the configuration panel.
  • Added several new options to the quick-vendor feature; these options can be changed in the configuration panel and are OFF by default:
    • Can now quick-vendor white (common) quality weapons and armor
    • Can now quick-vendor recipes that are already known (BoP only)
    • Can now quick-vendor equipment and other items that can only be used by another class (BoP only)
    • Can now quick-vendor armor and weapons that the character can never use (due to lack of proficiency) (BoP only)
  • Quick-vendor confirmation prompt updated:
    • Background is darker and more opaque
    • List of items that are to be sold uses a smaller font
    • Added a new column which shows why each item is going to be vendored (poor quality, class-restricted, etc.)
    • Item list is now sorted by vendor price
    • Can now be closed by pressing the Escape key.
  • Added About page to the configuration panel
  • White quality fishing poles and miscellaneous weapon items (weapons with no set type, such as the Blacksmith Hammer and Diamond-Tipped Cane) will no longer be caught by the quick-vendor feature.
  • The item [Kobold Excavation Pick] will no longer be caught by the quick-vendor feature.


  • Fixed a lua error when opening a vendor after using the search box in a different vendor.
  • Fixed static popup taint issues which would sometimes cause blocked function errors when replacing glyphs.
  • The "Optimal Armor" filter has been reworked:
    • The "Optimal Armor" menu item is now a submenu, containing "Filter Suboptimal Items" and "Never Hide" options.
    • The "Filter Suboptimal Items" option works as the original "Optimal Armor" option did; items of suboptimal armor type for your class will be filtered. However, items filtered by this option will now be affected by the "Hide Filtered" option and be completely hidden when it is turned on.
    • The "Never Hide" option overrides the "Hide Filtered" option for suboptimal armor items if you wish for them to remain visible in the list when "Hide Filtered" is on.


  • Slightly modified the design of the popup for confirming to sell junk items. Now shows how much money each item is worth.
  • Added options to filter items by quality. Items can be filtered either by minimum quality (only hides items below the specified quality) or by specific quality (hides items below and above specified quality).
  • Added an option to completely remove filtered items from the merchant display instead of fading them out. This option is saved across all characters.
  • Added an option to fade out armor items that are not of the optimal armor type for the player's class. This filter is ignored by the "Hide Filtered" option and ignores heirloom items.
  • The filter for usable items now ignores heirloom items, allowing any heirloom item to be purchased whether or not it's usable by the current character.
  • Moved all filtering options to a dropdown menu, accessible via a new button next to the search box.
  • The color for Honor, Conquest and Justice Points has been changed to white, and are treated as Common (white) quality by the new quality filters.


  • Fixed lua error when viewing vendors that sell Honor, Justice or Conquest points.
  • Names for Honor, Justice and Conquest points now appear on vendors as the original gold color.


  • Total money earned from mass-selling gray items is now displayed in both confirmation messages.
  • The chat frame confirmation message for mass-selling gray items has been fixed to use the localization table.
  • The junk selling feature will now ignore items that have no sell price and cannot be sold to vendors.


  • Localization table added with a few strings.
  • Names of items in the merchant and buyback tabs now display with the item's quality color.
  • Added an option to quickly sell all grey (poor) quality items in the player's bags. This option appears as a bag icon at the top left corner of the merchant frame. When used, a confirmation popup is first displayed showing the names of items to be sold, and sold items will also be listed in the chat frame afterward.
  • Added an option to always fade out items that cannot be used by the current character. This option is saved across all characters.
  • Items can no longer be purchased when dimmed out via the usability or search filters. To purchase these items, you must first either turn off the "Usable Items" filter or clear the search box to undim the item.
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