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About Extended Social UI

Extended Social UI expands the size of the Social pane, reducing clutter and increasing visibility of certain elements.

- Redesigned /who tab - Adds separate columns for guild, zone and race, with the guild and zone columns wider than before to show more of the name.
- Friend notes displayed right on friends list (no need to read tooltips)
- The expanded Raid tab also allows for full visibility of raid member names without longer names being cut off.

- Fixed lua errors caused by Battle.net-related interface changes in patch 6.2.4.
- Battle.net friends playing as the opposite faction are now marked in red instead of with an asterisk.
- To reduce clutter, a few files have been moved to a different folder and a few other files and folders have been removed. WHen upgrading from an older version it is recommended to delete the existing folder first.

- Interface version updated for patch 6.0.

- Interface version updated for patch 5.4.
- RealID/BattleTag friends' entries on the friends list now show their character's level/race/class/realm on the right side of the list (when that person is online and playing WoW).

- Interface version updated for patch 5.3.

- Removed excess formatting from addon title in the addons list.
- Implemented fixes so that Extended Social UI will work properly in combination with the Friend Groups addon.
- The note icon is now hidden when there is no note to be shown.

- Fixed the menu from right-clicking players in the /who list.

- Fixed lua errors on startup and an issue preventing the addon from loading properly.

- Interface version updated for patch 5.2.
- Fixed the alignment of the scrollbar on the Ignore tab.
- Friends' names can now extend across the whole width of the friends list.
- Notes are now displayed right on the friends list below the status/location text.

- Initial release.

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